Summerhouse Pillows, Pattern, and Kit Available Now!

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Mmmm, reading. I remember it. I'm hoping to even do it again someday. Not today, since my goal is to do three things: 1) Finish adding eight new ready-made Summerhouse Pillows (sold out now — thank you!!!) to my web shop. 2) Finalize and make available a downloadable PDF pattern for these pillows. And 3) Start taking pre-orders for small-patch pillow kits, starting tomorrow and for about the next week or so. When I have everything ready to go, I will make links available, right here in this paragraph, so check back here tomorrow morning, Thursday, July 2, at 9 a.m. PST. All available now! Thanks!

Let me tell you about the kits real quick. I (with Andy's help, as always) will be putting together kits for you to make your own small-patch Summerhouse Pillows (the one on the right in the photo above). The kits will include everything you need to make the 16" (41cm) square pillow cover: 64 pre-cut assorted calico patches; interfacing; coordinating solid-color cotton backing fabric; piping trim; as well as a printed copy of the step-by-step fully illustrated pattern. I will also have feather-and-down pillow inserts (covered with a 100% cotton cover) available, too — you will have an option to include this pillow with your kit when you purchase it. These natural pillows are really nice, but they are quite bulky and heavy, so the shipping cost to include the pillow will be adjusted accordingly. But then you won't have to go out and try to find one on your own, so I'll leave that to you to decide if you need it.

The fabric patches you'll receive for the pillow cover will be very close to the pillow pictured, but please understand that they will not match exactly, since I'll be including several squares of various Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabrics from my own stash, special extras here and there, and, depending on what part of the fabric the patch is cut from, certain patches cut from the same cloth may look different. But all of the kits will of course be designed by me, your faithful servant, and so will look like closely related cousins of each other, if not identical twins. Andy and I will be cutting all of the patches ourselves, as well, so though we strive for speed and perfection (in this case, if no other, at least), please understand that human hands, a rotary cutter, and elbow grease are the engines that drive our machine here, so it will take us a few weeks to get everything together, based on however many orders come in in the next week (we'll stop taking orders after about a week, and then that will be it for these kits).

What else do I need to tell you. Oh yeah. A warning: Making these pillows is addictive. Spend time now with your family and friends, shop for groceries, clean the house, get a tan, have your Fourth of July, etc. Whatever you need to do. Because once you start making pillows we won't be seeing you for quite a while. You'll be sewing. And since, as I recently learned, a whopping 84.6% of you Posie Gets Cozy readers know how to sew, that means most of you. But no worries. We'll wait.

(And, as promised, more of my thoughts on sewing as soon as I get this pillow stuff on-line. I was completely overwhelmed by your responses, and it's truly taken me a while to absorb it all. But somewhere in my summerbrain there are thoughts.)


Those are simply beautiful. All of summer rolled up into a pillow. Good luck with your project.

Jan Olson says: July 01, 2009 at 08:16 AM


I have been patiently waiting for this post and the kits and I will continue to be patient as I understand how much work is involved. My Grandma created beautiful quilts with leftover scraps of fabric. She really had an eye for putting together just the right fabric and colors. She always had a quilt in process in her spare bedroom at our family farm. I am so blessed to have inherited many of those precious quilts along with some of her quilting skills. I have not quilted in a long time so I am excited for the kit to give me a jumpstart back in to the quilting world. Thank you for all your hard work ( Andy too ) and I will continue to be patient as the kits will be so worth it :) Love your blog! Jan

Lovely summerpillows ;)

I wish I had the time! Summer is here and you know we only get it for about 60 days! :) Make sure you and Andy enjoy the sunshine...maybe the cutting should be by the light of the moon....

I agree--they are beautiful. Unfortunately, I'm feeling the same way as you--too little time to read and relax because of all that pesky work ;)

I am so glad to see your link to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle! My husband and I were so inspired by it we moved from Sacramento, CA to the Appalachian Mts of NC to be able to grow our own food!

kathleen says: July 01, 2009 at 09:10 AM

Wait Wait I'm still making the Jane Market Bags and have several planned, now I'm going to be behind. Just kidding, am looking forward to the project.

I have been stalking your website waiting for the post of the new pillows! I wish now that I would have bought two instead of just one. Buying the other half (Tom) a hammock for his birthday-sooo need another. Yes, I am selfish when it comes to pillows-I'll share a quilt, but not my lovely pillows. P.S. Love" Liberty of London". Also love "Kaffe Fassett" fabrics. Thanks for sharing your talents!

What a beautiful pillows

LOL! I have three CASES of pillowforms I bought wholesale a few years back when I first started my current business. I may never get through them all, but at least I feel safe in the knowledge that I can craft to my heart's content and keep my children in cushioned comfort for years to come.

Lisa Gallup says: July 01, 2009 at 10:40 AM

I'm soooo freakin' excited!!! I can't wait to you have the kits and/or the patterns available!!

That's so great that Andy is into helping with the kits! My Andy has a lot of special skills, but he stays out of my sewing room! (His choice-not mine!).

Cannot wait for the kits. I am going to throw caution to the expensive shipping costs and treat myself, thank you sweetie x

Susan M. says: July 01, 2009 at 11:43 AM

Why don't you take your great idea and make a book about sewing? Have you ever read the KnitLit books? I think there's another series about quilting. But no one as far as I know has compiled a book of sewing stories. Do it and I'll be the first in line to buy it!
PS I hate to tell you...but some of your lazy readers never sent in their sewing look on the bright side, you could have a lot more to read!

Dear Alicia,
May I just say again the photographic masterpiece of your blog is often the banner. It's the cropping. Few others would have seen how best to reveal the little world of kitty in the sunshine in the back garden.Brilliant. One of my favorites is the raincoat and dog leash on those pegs in the mudroom off the front hall (see? I have it all pictured in a particular house!).
Hope you have them saved somewhere.
Happy 4th of July, hunny!
Annie in New Hampshire
PS... would love to see Andy hijack the blog and tell us all just how wham-bang proud he is of you.

I was coming over to make a suggestion about putting all those sewing stories into a little book, and I see Susan M. has the same idea! I have no clue how you can manage to read all of them, but more power to you! The pillows are lovely, as always, and remind me of my early patchwork days in the 70's. You do have a knack for bringing out the memories! Thank you for that (I have begun a list of all the clothes I can remember making for myself starting in junior high, it is both amusing and scary).

This is going to be the longest night ever! I can't wait for this kit to be available...tomorrow! Yeah tomorrow!

Beautiful pillows! I can't wait to buy the pattern...I'll be checking tomorrow evening to see if they are available yet. I have a feeling so will everyone else too!

sigh... im more into the painting projects... i WISH i got as excited or were proficient enough to make your pillows, because they are oh so damn cute.

my my my, how I love the eye candy that is your website...the pillows are out of this world!

What a great blog you have!! And those pillows are just too adorable!!

I will be back to be inspired by your creativity!!


I usually don't buy kits-I like to use the ideas as inspiration though.

However I just love that pillow so much that I might just have too.

I'm currently moving to a new city for my first big girl job and big girl apartment. That pillow could inspire my entire living room. :-)

Pillows are addicting huh? I'm on Jane bag number 7 and I can see nothing but cool pattern combinations every where I look! After this I'll have to start sending them to friends! I used to read and make I am a BAG maker! They are lovely, but I think I'll leave the pillows to you gals! I have to attend detox for the bags first!

Beautiful pillows!
You have the most relaxing blog. :)

I love these pillows.... can't wait until later on today.

Scarier than be totally crazed about sewing the pillows is that, well... it is July 4th tomorrow... seems like summer is half over...but that only lead to Fall sewing and crafts : )

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