My Favorite Colors

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The Rainier cherries are in at the farmer's market, and they are so beautiful. Those rose-tinged, blushing golden globes were just calling to be made into another clafoutis.


It has been hot, hot, hot here in Portland for the past several days, and looking to get even hotter, with no relief in sight until the weekend, and, even then, it's only going down into the high eighties. Aggggh. I can't stand it. I feel so guilty for having air conditioning, which I crank. We only use it for about a week each year, but it is one of those things I must thank the previous owner of this house for installing.


I think these colors are so pretty — pool blue, Ranier cherry, and vanilla custard. Some of my favorites.


All baked up. Cherry-Colored Funk. Reminds me of when I used to name all of my short-stories after the titles of Cocteau Twins' songs. (And that fabric on the table is from the Ginger Blossom collection by the amazing Sandi Henderson.)


I'm making a quilt today, and calling it Olallieberry Ice Cream. I moved the sewing machine so it is directly in front of the air-conditioning vent.


Laura A. says: July 28, 2009 at 09:27 AM

The clafouti looks delightful and I bet it tastes even better. Why do I get the feeling you've got the AC cranked in memory of those hot summers in Illinois?
I have to say I feel the same about my AC. I only use it about one week a year, usually the first in July. Didn't need it this year as Ontario has been blessedly cool.

What is it about story naming? I named my thesis after an REM song! And oh! To bake, to sew in this heat. We picked a terrible time to melt the AC cord while using the toaster oven. Can't wait to see the quilt!

You are so talented...sigh. Cooking, quilting, sewing, photography, writing, decorating, creating in general...You mentioned your short stories. You DO write so well and did do an MFA--any plans to ever publish your creative writing? I'd love to read it.

the cocteau twins are my absolute favorite.... and their songs have always inspired me. and i must say, your 'cherry-colored funk' looks wonderful! :)

Those cherries are gorgeous; Rainier cherries are my favorite and lucky for me, in season right now so the price is reasonable!! YUM!! Your dish looks amazing - enjoy!! :-)

The colors in your cherry photographs remind me of the adorable (and embroidered) skirt you were wearing, at your reading at Powells for your book opening. Any chance the skirt will be in your upcoming book? Hope, hope...

My fruitarian children thought I made an amateur's mistake when I came home with these pale cousins, but they were singing and dizzy with love when they tried them!

I was flipping through a crocheting book at the library the other day - Vintage Crochet - and was very pleasantly surprised to find your patterns in it! I've followed your blog for a few years, and I'm sure I knew at one time that you were in that book, but I didn't know it when I pulled the book off the shelf. Made me feel that it really is a small world.

Beautiful pictures, as always.
I must say, this looks like a very taste treat.

Oh, I love cherry clafoutis! One of my favorites, and this one looks divine. I also adore that fabric. What a wonderful post.

That looks delicious! I live in Louisville, Kentucky and our AC has been cranked around the clock since the last part of May. I envy you. I could be spending all this electricity money on fabric or something fun if I only had to use the AC one week per year!

I have been in Portland when it was hot, 100 degrees hot. I'm from Idaho, but went to school in Arizona. It's hot here in the summer, it's hot in Arizona almost year round. I've also lived in the heat and humidity of the midwest. But that time I spent in Portland when it was 100 was the most miserable time I've ever spent in the heat. You have my empathy and as for that air conditioner, turn it up!

Oh and the cherry clafoutis looks yummy and I think I need to go to the fruit stand now!

Oh my. What luscious photos. I live for Rainier season. We live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, above the Santa Clara Valley, a.k.a. Silicon Valley. It's original name was Valley of Heart's Delight because of the rich agricultural bounty. C.J. Olson Cherries has been there since 1899.

As for AC, we just had it put in after 22 years in our home and it's making summer bearable for this San Francisco (read: fog lover) native.

I love your blog so much. I have been reading it for a couple of years now. :) Thanks for always sharing such beautiful photos. They always remind me to look for beauty in the little things.

Those ARE beautiful colors, the same as your studio!

Isn't it nice to be consistent.

Enjoy the clafouti!

So beautiful! Those are my absolute favorite colors, too and I am eating the Rainer cherries by the bowlful lately!!

Love that bowl; it's just gorgeous. The AC is a requirement here; wish it wasn't but there you go.

I'm new to your blog and I love it! You're very inspiring :) Gorgeous cherries!

Too bad I just finished plowing through a bag of rainiers cos that recipe looks tasty. But they're quite nice all alone as an afternoon snack as well. Like little pieces of candy with the added bonus of something to spit. Cos spitting's fun, of course.

Beautiful colors, a yummy cherry dessert, and your sewing machine in the perfect position on a HOT summer day - what more could anyone ask? Sounds wonderful.

The "Other" Alicia :) says: July 28, 2009 at 12:11 PM

I absolutely love that first shot! Beautiful!!!

what is it about air-conditioning that makes a girl want to quilt?! i'm having the same jones. it's like warm mayonaise outside (tell me you don't miss that grody midwest summer... wait, i know you do, it's referenced in yr artist statement) and i want to make blankets? wtf is that about? i'm gonna go tear up some strips and throw 'em in a brown paper bag ala denyse until my baby-alarm says ALRIGHT THAT IS ENOUGH PICK ME UP NOW. PLEASE.

I had never even heard of a clafouti before your blog! Now I've got to try one!

Oh lucky you with your a/c :) It is really warm in Seattle this week too, and we have no a/c. Dreaming of working on a couple quilts, but don't think that is going to happen in the heat :)

Don't feel guilty for your 1-week AC use. I live on the gulf coast and we run ours 9+ moths of the year, day and night. I would love to only have to use it a little bit!

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