Daffodil Drama

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Daffodils, from Saturday morning's downtown farmer's market.









(Taken while lying on the sofa, and that's my little fake fireplace in the background, 'cause there was a bit of a chill in the air by the time I took these in late afternoon.)


Those are gorgeous!

I love the different colors! The pinks are my favorite.


Such pretty posies!!!!!! :D (wink wink)

I've yet to see one of those in the flesh (in the leaves? in the stem? whatever) but I love how they look.

These are so lovely! I just visited Portland and was happy to see all the daffodils!

Glorious. Those peach ones are delicious.

We are having ANOTHER snow storm...thanks for the beauties. Do you love your little fireplace? I'll be getting one for our teeny studio this fall.

Daffodils mean spring! I was so happy after all the recent dreary days we've had - that there was beautiful sunshine for the Daffodil Parade here on Saturday...

Which means the Tulip Festival is not far off...love spring.

Gorgeous pictures! The colors are wonderful, but so are the shots you chose!
Thank you spring!

Gorgeous flowers...nice selection! And for lying down while taking the photos...they turned out great!

Love that peachy hue in the daffodils. Looks so lovely to be indoors on a chilly morning. All your photos are giving me the itch to travel. Love your blog as always Alcia & hope you're well!

p.s. Love your fat quarters selection too!

xo Mary Jo

SO pretty. After all the snow we got last night, I needed to see some pretty flowers!

I think I could look at daffodils all day - sunshine in flower form

I love daffodils tightly stuffed into vases! After having to draw daffodils ALL the time at primary school I got utterly bored of them but my love is growing!

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These daffodils are so lovely. Thanks Alicia for always having the most vivid and wonderful photo's on your blog.

How pretty!

I didn't know daffodils came in peach. :) Seriously!

Like many others commenting on this post....I've NEVER seen peachy daffodils.


Daffadil Drama, indeed! Very nice.

OOps! Daffodil. Sorry about that.

I need to find some of those peachy/pink ones to plant in my yard!

Our local Trader Joe's is selling Daffodils for about 13 cents each. I bought 100 and spread them out in every room. Instant sunshine for $13.00!

So beautiful!


Some of my favorites!
My bird kit came and I can't wait to get started!

mmm, love the peachy middles on those.

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