Paulson Place

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Home of the world's laziest pets.







Paws. Mwah!


I love lazy pets! Mine are much too active and no fun for snuggling.

I work from home now and I'm shockedby how much Dog sleeps! Like alllllday.

Ginger&Pickle says: February 16, 2009 at 11:30 AM

who can blame them!?!

I don't know - looks like Clover Meadow is working awfully hard to make it convenient for Andy to give her some attention...

Your signed bookplates arrived in the mail Saturday--thankyou thankyou!

--Vicki K.

oh, that is just the best! Our cats are still decidedly
kittenish and like to run around like they are on fire! One fine day I am sure they will enjoy a warm lap, but until then...

oh my stars. lazy bones.

Aren't all pets lazy? haha I think my sister's dog sleeps 23 hours a day.

Looks like heaven...oh to be a lazy dog and kitty! Love the quilt!

So cute! Now how to Andy's legs not fall asleep?!

Those aren't lazy pets! They are working very hard at keeping Andy's legs warm AND he has the added benefit of keeping his fingers limber by massaging Clover Meadow. It's a stressful job, but someone has to do it...

Seems like it's a perfect way to spend your day when you are a pet. A very pampered one at that!

Hello !
I really like your blog and your work! Thought I'd show you what I make too!

Have a MAGNIFICENT week!


Sometimes I wish I were a dog or a cat!

i misread that as "world's largest pets", whoops! :)

don't I just want to kiss one of those big doggie paws!?!!!?!!?!!!

The scene is very similar here....

It's a wonderful life at the Paulson Place, miss Clover is such a big baby....hehe !

looks totally familiar!

Love that Clover girl; I could just eat her up!

Mary Ann/Ca says: February 16, 2009 at 01:57 PM

We have a 60 lb bulldog who so wishes he was a lap dog like Clover. he will sit next to the chair and softly whine at you until you reach down and massage those jowls and scratch behind the ears. Like Andy,it so relaxing to have a pet under opposed to foot!

This blog could also be titled: Paulson Place - Home of the Coziest Pets.

My dog Sukey would like to enroll in Camp Paulson this summer. :)

Love the pics and the quilt is gorgeous!

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