Friendly Bird Kits Now Available!

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Sorry it's taken me so long to get these ready! The kits are now available for pre-order! They contain almost everything you need to make FOUR Friendly Birds — you can see more details on the web site (click the link above). As I mention there, we will be taking pre-orders for these kits through this week and the weekend, and then ordering supplies after we see how many kits we need, so everything will ship around the first week in April. And yes, I do ship overseas, no problem. :-) Thank you!

Here are some photos of birdies past to inspire you:









so adorable!! Yay, SPRING!!!!

Sweet sweet! These are adorable!

I loooove birds, I spent yesterday feeding very hungry seagulls! These seem a little more shy and less demanding for sure...

So Cute!
Looking forward to the kit!
Yippee! ♥

The most adorable birds ever!

Holy Cow they're cute!

Well, there's no way I could resist that! I just ordered mine.

Maybe I should paint my halloween crows a pastel colour.

I appreciate the new look. I can read your blog list now without the ribbon.

So sweet. They really are lovely!

I love how they're not just birds, but friendly birds. They do look very friendly indeed!

Love the flowers. Where did you find those?

They look so sweet and chatty. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Those birdies are quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love them!


Absolutely Darling!


I am a little behind everyone else. I just wanted to say that I bought your book today and I love it. I love all how each project has it's own personal story. I am very excited to start on the projects. Thanks for writing such a lovely book.

Seems so appropriate that this is coming up for sale just days after I finally finished the last of my Santa Lucia dolls. Ha ha ha! Um, yeah, I am SLOW. Nevertheless, hit me again!

oh my goodness they are so adorable!

hope you are having a beautiful tuesday afternoon...

so, so darling! Oh boy am I ready for Spring!

I love your little birdies! they are so cheerful. thats just what we need at this time of year to take our minds off of winter.
have a great week!

Very pretty birdies!

I just nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award:

Keep up the great work!


okay, getting pissed. it wont let me use my debit card to pay for it!! i'm not sure if it's because my old paypal account was hacked into using this card number & money was stolen, etc, but Claire Ashworth wants a kit!!!! mark me down!
i would call my mom and get her card number but her and dad have been in bed for like 3 hours now. hopefully i can still get it tomorrow.

Hi Alicia,
I was wondering the size of your sweet birds?
I hand carve birds and think these would look so cute together.
Going to pre order now:)

Just preordered the little birds and I am so excited to get the kit. Spring is my favorite time of year and birds and springtime just go together.

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