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Now, you know, don't you, that the actual name of this blog is "Posie Gets Cozy: Chicken Tikka Masala, Rice Pudding, and Me," right? I thought you were aware, but I just wanted to make sure. So, then:


I am determined, determined, to get this  dish right, and I really think I am there. And by "right" I only mean "the way it tastes at India Grill when I order it," because I can't afford to go out to dinner anymore, ever again. Last time I made it I used a different recipe and method, but this time I went back to the original recipe I used to make it the first time I tried (and again, please please please don't put the enormous amount of salt they call for in either the marinade or the sauce — 1/2 teaspoon in each turns out to be plenty). If you love Indian food, I really think you'll love this classic, made at home. If you're not sure about Indian food, seriously, try this. Maybe only use half of a jalapeno pepper instead of the whole thing if you're nervous, but just try it. You'll like it. Andy also made naan and it was perfect — we substituted a bit of whole-wheat pastry flour, and oh, delish. (The recipe calls for it to be grilled, but he did it on an electric pancake griddle, and it was fine — I'm sure you could do it in a dry nonstick frying pan, as well?) I wish I had more process photos for you, but it's just too dark out too early now. We were very content, and watched our Keen Eddie DVDs while we ate it. (Who loved this show? Wasn't it cool? Naturally it was so cool it was quickly cancelled, drat.)

Also, on a side note, Typepad? Your new platform, or whatever you call it? It's making my photos look junky and pixelated when they're resized.Why did you change it. I had it all worked out. Now I might change the format of my blog, which will make all the old posts look insane, but I think I'm going to have to, because I can't get these pictures to resize nicely when they're in place, and sizing them at 100% at 365 pixels (the width of this column) is just too small, and they still don't look right. Anyway, I just had to say that. I kept hearing people complain about this and I never knew what they were talking about. Now I know, so I'm adding my complaint to the pile, for what it's worth.

Can I bribe you with kheer (Indian rice pudding) to change it back?


Alicia's Kheer

4 c. milk
1/2 cup basmati rice
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon ground cardamom

(This isn't really a traditional kheer, it's just made with what I happened to have on hand, and I like it.)

Rinse well and then soak basmati rice in cold water for a half an hour. Combine milk, rice, condensed milk, and sugar in a medium, heavy-bottomed saucepot, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until milk is reduced by half and pudding is thick. Add cardamom, stir, and let cool to room temperature before serving.


Your blog is beautiful. Are they changing the format? To bad I thought that it was perfect the way it was. Thanks for the recipes.

I loooove Tikka Masala! I've been meaning to start cooking Indian food, something I've never done before, because I could really eat it all..the..time. Thanks for sharing the recipe, and the photos are beautiful (and by the way I have the same problem with sizing). Thanks!

I tried (and really enjoyed) that recipe. Thanks for the link to the naan, and for the pudding recipe. We love Indian food at my house!

Yum - I can't wait to try the masala! is the best

Mmmm. Kheer. I'm totally going to follow suit next week with this Indian food thing. My partner in crime has been making homemade tortillas - not too unlike naan, I suppose.

It would be fun to have a cultural theme for each week: Thai food week, Indian food week, Mexican food week, Korean food week. Yummm...

I love that marsala. I've been making it since you first posted about it, and yep, it's perfect.

And yep, way too salty if eager Indain-food-makers don't carefully heed your advice.

Oh you are my best friend today! I have been looking for an easy rice pudding with NO RAISINS in it for a couple of weeks now, with no luck. Thank you! I will probably make this today or tomorrow...

Oh my! I have had a craving for "something" comforting lately. I think you're rice pudding is what I've had in mind, but didn't realize it. Thanks for posting the recipe!

My mouth is watering! I can't wait for lunch any longer (even though it will not be as good as this!)

Oh boy, why did I have to see that when I was already so hungry! I will definately have to try both. One question though ~ what kind of "grill" does the naan call for? And can I use a frying pan? Thanks!

Heston Blumenthal did a show on creating the perfect chicken tikka masala, it involved creating your own tandoor(ish) involving a coal bbq and some bricks, you should track it down as it's quite cool.

The Chicken Tikka Masala is my fave Indian dish. I've thought about trying to cook it, but haven't braved an attempt yet. Yours looks just like the one I get! Perhaps I should give the recipe you linked to a go? :)

loved, loved, LOVED Keen Eddie! didn't hurt that mark valley is a babe. it goes up there with Arrested Development. great shows that don't stand a chance...well AD was on for almost 3 seasons, but... i wish someone could explain to me why the Bachelor/ette is in it's gazillionth season and who authorized momma's boys? not to mention the biggest loser and Dr. Phil.

Definitely tempted by the kheer...I don't know how typepad wouldn't be ;)

You are so funny, Miss Alicia. I am in a similar same boat with the 'no more dinners out' - after reviewing last year's expenditures! Yikes! I even took a crazy pledge to not buy myself ANY clothes this year. I do, however, have one anthropologie gift ctf. from Xmas and one from Saks! But after that no more 'til 2010. :o)

Loved Keen Eddie! I thought I was the only one.

That looks so yummy, I will have to try the recipe !!!!

Yeah, photos look funny now on Typepad as well. Oh bother!

Your dinner looks delish.

i've made naan in a dry nonstick pan and it works fine. but i can only do one at a time, so the skillet is probably better.

your rice pudding looks amazing! wondering if coconut milk would work...?

Oh, you have set a little curry itch off! Maybe a little homemade naan to go with it - so delicious :)

Here is another recipe for an Indian inspired dessert - KULFI (cardamom and pistachio ice milk - super easy and yummy)

Kulfi - makes about 1 quart

2 1/2 c. whole milk
1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
2 T. vodka
1/4 tsp. ground cardamom
1/8 tsp. salt
3 T. chopped unsalted pistachio nuts

Blend all ingredients EXCEPT pistachios in a blender until well combined and emulsified, about 10 seconds. Pour into a 1-quart airtight plastic container. Press plastic wrap flush to the surface of the mixture, secure container lid and freeze until mostly frozen, but stirrable, 4- hours.
Stir in choppeed pistachios, cover again with plastic and lid, continue to freeze until solid, 4-5 hours longeer or up to 1 week. Let mixture sit at room temperature for a few minutes until softened, then scoop into individual bowls and serve.

Another idea is to stir 1/2 tsp. cardamom, 1 T. rosewater (or to taste) and 2-4 T. chopped pistachios into your favorite rice pudding recipe :)

What is it about winter that seems to make any type of hot pudding so appealing? Rice pudding, Bread pudding, even a clafoutis.

ooo thanks!! can't wait to try these recipes. i LOVE indian rice pudding. and naan. and curry. Mmm.

Yes! I am having that problem with Typepad too, and didn't even really know it till you said it. I thought the pixelation was something I was doing wrong. Sheesh.

That looks amazing - I LOVE Indian food. My husband is on a constant mission to create the perfect Indian dish, but we still haven't quite achieved the perfect combination of spices that tastes like what our favourite Indian restaurant makes. Thanks for posting the link! I am going to have to try that delicious looking rice pudding, too. Cardamom <3

My grandma (Mexican) always adds a little lime zest to her rice pudding. It makes for a very aromatic variation when you want to eat it everyday but don't want it to taste the same!

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