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Oh, Monday! I'm glad it's you! Yes, I really am saying that.

My cold GOT ME. Majorly. I'd felt one coming on in November and I socked it right in the nose, and it left immediately. Triumph! But it just went off to plan its next attack, and got me back last week, and still. But I am so anxious to get back to work, and quit all this fooling around, that I am determined to sock myself into my studio today, which looks like holy hell. But so do I, so, good. I have a bunch of email and regular mail I need to attend to, so if you're waiting to hear back from me, I swear, this afternoon, I plan to make a better effort than I have lately. I've been useless.

This time of year is like some kind of no-man's-land. So strange. I think it happens every January, that feeling that you're revving your engines, ready to go, and still — nope. Spinning wheels in mud, somehow. I wonder what that is. I'm sure it's completely natural? It feels organic, and inevitable. Sort of like compost. Good for something we'll only appreciate later: strawberries, peppers, marigolds, parsley, carrots. Now, just muddyish.


I am so glad I am not the only one that feels that way about January. "Spinning wheels in mud" - that is it exactly. Thanks for sharing that.


hope you are fully mended soon. take care.

Oh, feel better soon!

Glad you feel better... I am down in my back for a couple of day now.. I am looking forward to the feel when you notice it is now in the past.
Have a great day..
Just A Gal...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with the weird January feeling. I have several projects in mind, but I seem to not be able to settle on one!!!
Take care and get better!

Hmmm....I wonder what's going on in that embroidery hoop of yours. I bet it's going to be good. Feel better.

yummmmmmmm. i love those thread colors.

i personally love this time of year. it finally gets cold here (in north carolina) and there's no bustling to be done. there's lots of dvd's to catch up on and knitting and next christmas gifts to think about. love it love it love it. plus, there's that little matter of a new first family coming to us next week! it all makes me want to sing "wouldn't it be loverly?" over and over again!

Get well. Being sick is no fun at all.

I hope your cold takes a hike soon. Thanks for describing so well the feeling I have been having. I have the time, supplies, & ideas - just lacking the focus. Maybe it is the foggy days? Take care and heal. Cheers.

Yick! So sorry that sneaky cold got you. Here's to feeling tons and loads better soon!

Love the way you described January. I've had pneumonia for (going on) four weeks, and just stumbled out to the compost heap this morning to dump in piles and piles of soppy herbal bags. Yep, totally with you on the whole January thing. This time of year does equal compost. But won't we be loving this come June?

Feel better! -Brin

I totally agree about January and February being a no man's land. After the hard work and excitement of fall harvests and then winter holidays, plus a good cleaning out for a fresh new year start -- we all need a little quiet hibernation to recharge before the exuberance of spring.

I'm thankful we've only had to deal with one major cold at our house...there was a year when we stayed home from October to May with one kid or another being sick!

I'm a new follower of your blog, but am so happy to have found you! I live in Northwest WA and have been feeling just what you described about these winter days. At least the snow was pretty to look at. Mud is just messy. Unless you have a good bright pair of rubber boots, then it might be worthwhile. I wrote about my solution to the mid-winter blahs on my blog, too.

I can't wait to get my hands on your book, and in the meantime, I'm working feverishly on the tiramisu blanket pattern you so kindly shared. Can't wait to show you the finished product!

Thank you for providing a bright and cheery place to visit even when the rest of my world is grey and rainy.


What are you making? :) I'm sorry that you are still down with that cold. Mine lasted exactly 17 days. Maybe I shouldn't tell you that.
Perhaps a giveaway would make you feel better. I'm having one on my blog to celebrate my 100th post! I'd love for you to come take a peek.

Man, my birthday is in January and i still don't like it much. I'm with you. Sadly, I always say if it's cold, it should be snowing, or I have no use for it. I now live in Tennessee and it NEVER seems to really snow here. ugh..

Know just what you mean. If I don't purposely schedule things in January I would just become a lump. I have to force myself to move forward and reward myself with all kinds of little tricks and treats to keep going. Here in Montana it will be a LONG time until spring yet.

Spinning wheels on ice and in snow and sleet and the gray residual slush that will be with us until April. How's that for a picture of winter in Ohio? Temps below zero later this week, so worries about the critters outside, and shorter walks for the arthritic pup and no walks at all for the two grandbabies for sometime to come. Daily worries about teens driving on the road and husbands with long commutes. It's not a state of mind, it's a meteorological insult. I know others have it worse where they live, but to be stuck in January is a bleak thing.

Gosh yes! I feel muddyish too.

Hope your cold gets the heck out of Dodge.

You are so right about Januarys. There's the weird lull after all the holidays, like, "now what?" the anticipation of something to come, but not quite knowing what it will turn into. hope you feel better and get your energy back.

I love your description of January. I have felt the same way and didn't realize it was such a universal feeling!

Love the pic. Hope you can kick this cold soon!

And here I was thinking I was the only one feeling that way! I'm trying to jump start my year by starting a new quilt. I've found the pattern and the fabrics, now if only I could find the energy to lift the rotary cutter...

Yeah, that's me too...

Feel better soon.

Your description is perfect! I am looking around my house just wanting to do---what? All the normal grunge just seems grungier-I just need sunshine!!!

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