Cold meds that look like candy.

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I'm hoping I don't run out . . .


. . . cuzzat wubby bad.

[Blows nose.]


Snuggle up and snooze. Big hugs coming from Boise.

awww.. hope you feel better soon!

Dang germs... what are they good for? Hope you're up and running soon. Nice cold meds, by the way...

Hope you feel better soon! Lemon and ginger tea, a comfy sofa and "You've got Mail" on DVD always helps me to a swift recovery!

Timing seems good for a post on home-made chicken soup... but maybe SeƱor Ex-CHiP will have to make it for you this time, seeing that you're under the weather and all.

Q: Is your elevated body temperature causing the usual "Dog-grafted-onto-you-at-any-given-opportunity Syndrome?"

Oooh, feel better! Pretty picture.

Feel better soon!

Wow, that's pretty good to post even when you're feeling crummy...
You take care now, ya hear?

Sending sunshine, Barb

I hope not too!!
Feel better.
Cari B.

I didn't know cold meds could look so pretty.

Get well soon!

oh no.

thank goodness
for decor matching medicine!


{{ is that Airbourne? }}

Poor little lamb...I prescribe more Lollygagging stat!

If I could, I would make you my homemade chicken noodle soup. Feel better soon. ~Kelly

Be better soon, Ms Alicia. Sick is so no fun. Your photo is the cheeriest, though!

poor darling, feel better!

Sending healthy thoughts your way Alicia!

Yeah... me too.

I hope you feel better soon. It's the pits to be sick after your birthday... so sorry!!!

i hope you feel better soon! (pushes cup o chamomile tea your way)

There must be a mistake - you've been given refreshers instead of cold medicine (do you get refreshers in the states?)

Hope you get well soon - stay warm and lots of honey and lemon :)

Karen Dodson says: January 09, 2009 at 06:17 PM

Awww! Feel better soon, Alicia!!!

That's actually a Science Fair project at our school this year - having some children (safely) pick out which brightly colored tablets are candy or medicine!

Feel better soon.

Hope you feel better soon, sweetie! Have a warm and cozy weekend.

So sorry you are sick...feel better soon!

hehe. i hope so too, for you. building colorful towers also makes time go by.

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