My Christmas-Movie Screenplay Plans

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I've almost convinced Andy to write a Christmas-movie screenplay with me. Not an awesome movie like Elf, or Prancer, or The Family Man. But a made-for-TV one (what's not awesome about these!) like Boyfriend for Christmas (pictured above), Christmas Do-Over, or Holiday in Handcuffs. I've told him that it's easy: All we need to do is pick out and incorporate about ten of these Christmas-movie must-contains and we'll be set:

A character named Holly, Mary, Merry, Chris, Kris, Christy, Kristin, Nick, Nicholas, Rudolpha, Carol, Noel, Noelle, or some diminutive of Ebeneezer.

A widow.

A widower.

An orphan.

A soldier, sailor, or marine.

A homeless person who is, it is suspected, actually Santa/God/an angel.

A soup kitchen.

A workaholic corporate suit who schedules meetings on Christmas Eve and has clearly forgotten the reason for the season.

A cottage industry/family business in danger of being put out of business by big-box store/urban development/greedy coporation.

A character who pretends to be someone else.

A blizzard that knocks out all forms of transportation or communication.

Two characters who hate each other forced, by the blizzard, to spend the night in a cabin with no utilities and who wind up in love by the next morning.

A stinky, drunk department-store Santa. Who hates kids.

Someone in a Santa suit who stole something who is now being chased by a hundred other people in Santa suits. Through Manhattan.

Santa who falls ill/is too old/has lost hope, and Christmas is in danger of being cancelled.

Santa's son or daughter who must take over his job reluctantly, or with difficult conditions (must marry today by midnight, e.g.).

A child who knows more than all of the adults combined.

Stupid adults.

Toy freak out: not enough toys, wrong toys, toys lost, toys not able to reach their destinations.

A character who absolutely hates Christmas due to some past loss. Loss occuring around Christmastime.

A character who loves Christmas when everyone else around him/her hates it.

Overworked elf. Lazy elf. Cranky elf. Naive elf. One nice elf.

A character who returns home to find that things have changed. And, in a weird way, stayed much the same.

A character, unlucky in love, who returns home to find their high-school sweetheart conveniently unmarried.

A deer. Could be reindeer. Could be Rudolph.

Miracle snow.

Right? Now, which ten, which ten . . . Hmmm.


The cheesy made for tv Christmas movies are my faves!

what an awesome post! I giggled the whole way through's SO TRUE! I often say to my fiance after seeing a bad movie, "You and me, we could be screenwriters and make a LOT of money. If that guy can write a script like that it obviously isn't that difficult. What do ya say??..." and then the dream drifts out of my thoughts until another bad movie comes along. Where do they get these people?

Were you glued to the Lifetime Christmas movies this weekend too? I generally stay far away from Lifetime movies, but there is something about the Christmas ones that I'm an utter sucker for. Love the list!

You are just sooooo funny...write it NOW!!!!!
Home alone is still my fav....stupid adults!!!

Heehee... just last night I was forced to defend my love of cornball made-for-tv Christmas movies. Glad I'm not the only one. :)

Not sure but I think the North Pole oil one mentioned above was "The Night They Saved Christmas."

You definitely need to add the pretty secretary/co-worker who is in love with the workaholic man, but he is too busy to even noticer her. Until...

Sarah, that was The Night They Saved Christmas (1984) starring Jacklyn Smith. Good call!

Now I'm definitely going to look for Boyfriend for Christmas!...and Holidays in Handcuffs. ...hmmm that's probably not as fun as its sounds huh? ;)

DE-lightful! I was just watching A Boyfriend for Christmas the other day. Between Lifetime, Hallmark and the ABC Family Channel, I am set for the season.

I have a list too! I challenge you to a Bad-Made-For-TV-Christmas-Drama-Screenplay-Throwdown.

Best sparkly-snow moment wins.

Another one to add: Alternate universe/time travel. i.e. main character keeps slipping back and forth from one world to the other. (tell me you've seen that one)

I love how much you love Boyfriend for Christmas. I'm determined to catch it on cable this year - I'm watching for it. I also love this post. And your new banner at the top makes me want to hug you (albeit, across the miles). Do you know that this year I finally caved and bought two big fat cones of bakers twine for various projects, most notably gift wrapping? Of course not, how would you know that. Anyway, that's all your doing. XO

So true, and so Funny! But forget the made-for-tv idea, this movie could go straight to DVD!

ROFL! Best post ever!

Hey, if Mike Rich can do it, so can you!
Just remember this quotation that sums up the great story pitch:

"I'm pregnant," said the queen. ""I wonder who the father is?"

Royalty, riches, drama, mystery...all the elements are here. So apply it to Christmas, and go for it!

p.s. Hope your signing tonight is awesome.

Loved it.

But what about the little girl who asks Santa to return her mother's voice so she can sing at church on Christmas? It's only been done once that I know of. Has potential.

Sorry I'm late to the party but just had to share. According to my 17 year old, you also need the child in said movie to be named either Luke, Jamie or Owen.

my wife showed me this post a few days ago & i haven't been able to stop tinking about it...

here's my 2ยข:

A homeless person who is, it is suspected, actually Santa/God/an angel.
>> bad guy who knows the homeless person's hidden identity and wants to make sure nobody finds out (insert chase scene)

down-and-out elvis impersonator finds salvation

an internet blog-reading community comes together to give a merry christmas to a deserving, struggling family in need

lesson about the evils of christmas commercialism

message movie about sweatshops making toys

prince and the pauper movie with spoiled boy or girl who has more toys than richie rich & switches places with an underage sweatshop worker

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