(Almost) Ten Movies I Watch Over and Over Again Just Because I Love What the Inside of the Character's House Looks Like

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1. The Holiday (Ooo, check this out.)

2. Green Card

3. Something's Gotta Give

4. Under the Tuscan Sun

5. Passion of Mind

6. Nanny McPhee

7. No Reservations

8. Kiss Me Goodbye

9. Seems Like Old Times

10. ____________________

Any suggestions?


Of course one of my favorites is "You've Got Mail",Meg's apartment, Pete's Dragon,because of the inside of her lighthouse, and "possesion" with Gwyneth Paltrow, the library look apartment..good movie watching to u :)

ooops forgot 2 more , the Truth about Cats and Dogs has an awesome quilt in her country style flat that I keep wanting to copy LOL, "Under The Lighthouse Dancing" awesome wedding.very sad movie ...

Amelie...the sets look like illustrations.

You missed UNFAITHFUL w/ Diane Lane and Richard Gere! Love the old house in the burbs North of NYC. I watch it over and over just to absorb the decor!
Love your blog, Alicia

Oh yes, You've Got Mail...how about Much Ado About Nothing and Phantom of the Opera?


For me, it's the house in Practical Magic. I just watched that movie last week because of Halloween and fell in love with that house all over again!

The Royal Tenenbaums! I love Margot's bedroom in that movie.

Oh man, how could you not have put down "Amelie"? I watch that over and over again for her hair...her clothes...and just the basic richness of the movie.

Do you remember the old Woody Allen movie Interiors, I think it was called. SO COOL NYC apartments featured!

Must Love Dogs. I absolutely love Diane Lane's house in that movie. (I'm seeing a Diane Lane theme here.) And of course I agree with other commenters about You've Got Mail. There are framed doilies on Meg Ryan's wall in that movie...how could you not love that?

The Royal Tenenbaums and basically all Wes Anderson movies. Nicely classic and supremely quirky at he same time!

I agree with Michelle! I watch Practical Magic over and over again just for the house and to drool over the conservatory with all the herbs in it. I want that house!
The other movie I love because of the house is Anne of Green Gables. My daughter and I love to make a cup of mint tea and watch the entire series during Christmas break every year.

Laura Johnson says: November 02, 2008 at 02:04 PM

"Amelie"- I have looked all over for some of the artwork and furnishings that are featured in her home.

So I Married An Axe Murderer.
Harriet's house in the bay area--LOVE IT!

Okay, this is so pathetic, but I've not seen a single one of those movies lol.

HistoricUpstart says: November 02, 2008 at 02:06 PM

Oh!! Definitely Maggie Gyllenhaal's character's apartment and bakery in Stranger Than Fiction. So quirky and vintage, incredible style.

Also, I love the whole look and feel of the remake of Little Women with Winona Ryder. That movie makes me cry EVERY TIME!

i love your list and have seen just about all of those movies at least once for the same reason! i agree with 'you've got mail' (beginning especially) and 'amelie'! 'out of africa' is beautiful, too. oh, 'enchanted april' is lovely. and, although it's not in color, 'mr. blandings builds his dream house' is really wonderful. and, the 'sex in the city' movie has gorgeous interiors, but not sure if it's your cup of tea.

i can't wait to see the new movie 'australia', i think it will be a beauty.

Meg Ryan's apartment in "Sleepless in Seattle", especially the kitchen. So cute! Oh... and Mandy Moore's place in "Because I Said So".

amelie is a great one, and i love the apartment in PS, I Love You.

and i love the men. but that's another post.

Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock -the kitchen in that movie makes me swoooooon!

Amelie, for sure! And have you seen Penelope? I love the set decoration in that movie!

Practical Magic for me too! The house and garden are beautiful.

Chocolat, Addicted to Love--Meg Ryan--for the kooky clothes and warehouse and art scenes,hmmmm, there's more, i will have to think about it and get back to you.
PS That's my list too, mostly. Nanny McPhee, huh? I will have to check that out.
Ye, yes, Practical Magic!
Oh Oh ---Shallow Grave!! Check that out, for sure.

I'm so glad to hear other people do this as well!

I rented 'Penelope' and went straight to Target to buy it before I was even done watching it. Christina Ricci's hidden lair is truly magical, and her clothes are fantastic too! You've noted this movie in the past, but I bought 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day' for the same reason (again, along with the clothes, but Lee Pace this time as well...truly, I found the whole movie to be wonderful). It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I remember being really inspired by Charlize Theron's apartment (and crafting) in 'Sweet November', but my tastes may have changed by now, I should check that out again. The apartment design for 'P.S. I Love You' was pretty great too, I just rewatched that one to take screenshots of Hillary Swank's pad on my laptop for future design inspiration.

As for TV, 'Mad Men' and 'Pushing Daisies' are shows I could watch for set design and clothing alone. Fortunately, the plot and acting for both are fantastic. :)

The Harry Potter movies, for the Weasleys' house, Hagrid's hut, and Dumbledore's office!

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