Once upon a time . . .

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. . . there was a little horse named Megan. She was made of felt and sewn by hand with love.







She was about to make her debut in a fantabulous little book you might have heard about called Stitched in Time: Memory-Keeping Projects to Sew and Share from the Creator of Posie Gets Cozy.






One day, when her seamstress was walking over to the sisal mat in front of the sliding door after being on the phone for (over) half an hour with various automated operators while trying to ask a simple question about her account at a certain bank which will here go unnamed lest the mere mention of it inspire a massive hissy, her seamstress discovered a severe and total tragedy.







Miss Meg, seriously injured . . .






. . . and















Ginger&Pickle says: October 02, 2008 at 08:10 AM

oh my!! oh dear!!
Clover must have been just as frustrated with the telephone happenings... and poor little Megan was the closest thing... and...
oh my! oh dear!!

~Clover thought it was a doggie toy! ~Mandy



except how to do stay upset for long when those penitent eyes are staring back at you?

poor megan! but clover does look pretty sorry for the decapitation...

Very guilty, indeed!
Dogs and toddlers are amazingly similar in their guilty expression.

Oopsie, someone's in trouble...

oh my! while truly tragic (especially when you are in the midst of a total hissy with a bank) this post made me giggle (truly, out loud...at work) today, and i really needed it. i hope poor megan will make it through.

So sweet! You have the cutest and apparently most mischievious puppy!

Ouch! Can I suggest sewing her up and putting a felt band aid applique on her wound?

I needed to laugh today thanks! Too stinkin cute. Hugs Grace

Poor Megan! Can she be resuscitated?

oh drat. oh buggers. frustration! its beautiful though!

Mmmmhhh, maybe she wanted to help you write the instructions for the book and thus took Megan apart to see how she was made?

I think I'm coming down with the flu, so crafty dogs don't seem that crazy right now ... ;-)

Well, I hope too, that seriously injured does not mean fatally injured. Thanks for sharing this!

Have to love the guilty face! That and the doggy eyes used to get our little Flossie out of a million scrapes!

Oh my! Is this a moment when you had to laugh through your tears?! Corgis are an amazing dog. I have never met one I didn't like. :) And now I am super excited about your book! I want to be 5 all over again just to play horsey in my back yard! I can see me making many stuffed horseys to please many little girls!

Oh No!!!! I had to take a deep breath after reading this post...I have definitely had moments like this with my toddlers....

Sorry for the misfortune. But, such a cute story to look back on. Your pup looks so guilty.

Hopefully you can fix her moment of dogginess. :)

thank goodness you have excellent photos to remember dear Meg by ... not to mention her starring role in your upcoming book. Wink. Those darn sweet doggies ... and their favourite toys.

Oh no! I let out a yelp when I saw the picture. Carnage! Clover seems repentant though.

Oh dear. It's a good thing Megan lives very, very close to a Stuffie Veterinarian. Get well soon, Megan! And Clover Meadow, do stick to the goodies in your own basket!

Oh no Clover! Now your in the dog house!

I am so sorry for you and the hours you spent on the lovely horse. I hope you can make another one! At least you got a nice before photo to show your hard work!

Awww...I'm sure little Clover is sooooo sorry...and Megan still has such a pleasant expression on her face. Certainly a repair will make things right again. It's the BANK'S fault, after all...♥

That doggie can be such a stinker! I hope Megan is repairable, and can live happily ever after.

This blog post should be rated R for REALLY sad. I have lost many stuffed things to my pup Seamus who is 11 months and came up with the following idea to save them:

Remove all the stuffing, fill with 2-3 long strips of fabric, patch up whole (or reattach head. For dog stuffed animals, this works great. For Miss Meg, I'd recommend a really high shelf.

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