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I write tonight while seated in front of three lovely, open windows. Through them a beautiful breeze blows, and I hear the sounds of leaves rustling, a plane going over, children playing. From here on my sofa, now I can smell my neighbor's barbecue, the wet dirt from the planters on the porch, and the new paint on the new windows. For the first time in eight years, I have open windows in my living room and dining room. I'm so very happy today!


Where once was a big, plate glass, unopenable picture window, we now have three side-by-side vertical casements that open out. They don't need storms; they also have beautiful removable wooden screens on the inside (not shown, being painted). (These photos are a little dark because I am trying to get the detail in the windows, so I take the light-meter reading there, and not in the room as I normally would. Not sure how to get both lit properly. . . .) The above photo shows the windows in their "closed" position because they are kind of tricky to photograph without getting a lot of reflections and lines and stuff. But really, I've had all six of them open (there are three more in the living room) all day, even though it was about fifty degrees this morning. I love them so much.


Here they are open. Don't you just want to sit down and read a book there, and listen to the birds sing? I'm late posting today because that's basically all I've been doing.


(I'm telling you, I just walk in and find them looking cute like this. Spontaneous cuteness is a trait we try to require all of our pets to have, 'cause it just makes your pillows and your windows look so much better when you're taking pictures for your blog, you know? It's nice to have a cute, cooperative little puppers sitting in front of pillows and windows going, "Oh, okay, what are we going for today? Charmingly inquisitive? Not a prob. [Click.]")


Oh, puppers, you are such a sweet darling little miss.


She likes them. So do I. I told the installers yesterday that it was one of the best days of my life. Then they felt sorry for me, I think. But it was true. I have light and air now. It's such a privilege. Living without air in this room where I spend so much of my life has given me a whole new appreciation for the open window. It really is a gift.


i love that you appreciate what is so really important to a happy life. it makes me happy to see you so happy!!!

Ok. This is why I come here. I am not really a crafter, I don't sew, I don't felt, I don't even make anything but paper stuff and occasionally some good food. I'm not here for the patterns, or the crochet talk, or the binding tutes - though I don't mind those. The reason I don't mind those is right here, above. You talk about windows, and it's magic. You talk about pretty much anything, and it's magic. It's inspired the way I see the world now, and here I am to publicly thank you for it.

And, um, now I am slightly uncomfortable with my sentimentality. You too? Ok then. Enjoy those windows!

ooooOOOOOOH I'm so jealous. Those windows are gorgeous. Congratulations!! Nothing better than natural lighting and lots of fresh air (in the comforts of your own home!). oooooOOOOOOH... lucky.

Tonight I found myself at your blog..... and for good reason. The way you write is engulfing. You have an amazing gift to take an everyday thing and as Robyn says, make it magical. I am so happy for you, having your windows, I am happy for little miss Clover Meadow too. Thank you so much for sharing, I now have a whole new appreciation for the open window. You make me smile. Thank you.

Love your happiness.

What a lovely place! It's funny because I can not wait to close my windows! I tis so hot here in Orlando and our AC broke, they are replacing it tomorrow though, so it'll be a very good day once it's up and running. Lily says hi to Clover Meadow

I can almost feel the cool air from your beautiful windows. It was 100 here today, so you can see how effective your descriptions are. I almost believe that buying new windows would bring me some 50-degree fresh air and a precious puppers too!

I can just smell the cool air breezing through your new windows... Can't wait till I get to replace my ancient windows too. I have visions of my cafe' curtains dancing in the breeze... x

isn't it fun
how changing
one thing
makes everything seem fresh
and new again.


how do you get you pets to pose,
i do so wonder?
my cat leaves the room
when i bring
out the camera,
as if he is in
a witness protection program

Congratulations, you sweet thing! They look lovely. And no one deserves happy days more than you! Love these sweet photos and your hilarious comments about the pets.

As always, thank you!

I'm glad your new windows have made you so happy!

They are gorgeous, Alicia.

It will be awesome when it has rained and you can open them and smell the just-rained smell.

How wonderful for you! Most of our windows are painted shut (old house problem) but we did get screen doors put up this year so that helps! Congrats again - enjoy the cooler northwest weather for me!

OOOOOH!!! How beautiful! we have an old ugly bay window and non of the windows open!!! it's OK in the winter,you wouldn't dream of opening a window up here in VT, but terrible in the summer, I simply LOVE your new windows! and the photos are beautiful! enjoy!!

Awesome windows pretty pretty. Excellent choice to finish off the cottage feel. You now have the rockin'est home. Congratulations. Very civilized!

I'm having window and pillow envy! The windows are fabulous. So open and bright!

Our bedroom has windows above the bed. Everyone thought I was nuts, still do, but honest to goodness there is something about waking up to daylight that is refreshing and starts my day right.

I wonder if I can get husband to look into some windows like these for the front room?

Like you we got new windows this year(altho we got them during January here in Portland when the temp dipped into the teens and twenties!). We replaced big plate windows that I called fishbowl windows...we now have windows that open and make our house much more charming. I tell my husband about once a week how much I love our new windows. Enjoy, enjoy, they really do make a huge difference and yours are cute to boot.

OH your windows are beautiful! I have two big picture windows that don't open; I want yours!! Thanks for the inspiration...

oh my gosh, they are just beautiful! i love them.

Yaaaaaaay!!!! They're beautiful windows. Everything is so light and bright and airy. So perfect!

This is probably the first time I've coveted someone's windows.

As a dog person more than a window person, I must admit that I wondered how long it would be before Clover was over the back of the couch and *out* the window.

Oh Wow, those windows are gorgeous! I can't believe that they look exactly like the old-fashioned windows that you would expect to see in a bungalow.....but they open! I can just imagine how they are a breath of fresh air into your soul :)

I always love seeing photographs of your house. It's so beautiful, and seems so uncontrived.

Oh, they look just beautiful. Perfect!

Hi -
Absolutely Gorgeous!
I love the windows!
Clover rocks as well...
as does Clover's Mom!
- Lee

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