Tanglewood Sale: 9 a.m. PST Today!

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They're finally ready: The Tanglewood Bags all sold now — thank you!), the Tanglewood Bag Sewing Pattern, and the Precious Bundle: 48 Patches for You to Make a Tanglewood Bag will be in my web shop at 9 a.m. PST this morning! Yippy!

There are only a few bags — very few. If any of them do happen to sell at the same time, I will have to give them only to the first orders that come in; if you aren't first I will send you an email as fast as I can letting you know, with my apologies. Please refresh the page frequently to see what has sold before placing your order. I know this is a total pain but it is my best available system for reasons too boring and numerous to mention right now, so I really do apologize for the annoyingness of this. And I sincerely thank you for your patience.

Moving on to the pattern! I'm psyched about the pattern! It's available as a downloadable PDF only, so you'll need Adobe Reader to see it and print it. It comes with a full-size bag template, so all you need to do is print, cut, and tape the pattern pieces together — no need to enlarge. The instructions are fully illustrated, like a tutorial, so each step has a photograph or diagram to walk you through; however, as I mentioned before, I wouldn't really recommend this pattern for a beginning sewer. There's a lot going on here, and while none of the tasks involved are particularly difficult, each does take a fair amount of precision-sewing and patience. The results are well worth the effort — I don't think I've ever made anything I like as much as this bag, and carrying it has been great. But it's not a quick-sew; it's a whole day. And since this is a brand-new pattern, please let me know if there's anything that just looks wrong — I'll make every effort to correct that, and appreciate the head's up.


Lastly, instead of putting together entire kits of supplies, I decided that the most important part of this bag is the carefully edited collection of fabric patches that I've assembled for the front. So I'm offering a limited edition of Precious Bundles: 48 Patches for You to Make a Tanglewood Bag. I did all the work for you here, baby! Each collection includes the finest-quality cotton calicos, as well as eighteen patches of six different Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric — I started with over a dozen different prints of Tana Lawn from several sources, and I think they are just so gorgeous together, however you shake and serve them. Everything's pre-cut. Each bundle is unique, though similar to and incorporating many prints from the other bags you'll see pictured in the web shop (though all bundles will have the dark olive, as above, as their solid color). I don't know how many of these bundles people will want to order, but I plan to keep renewing the supply if there is enough demand. If they go quickly today, there will definitely be more coming this week.

Okay, I think that's it! See you at 9!


I love reading your blog. Have a fun day! (non-sewing admirer ;)

Hi Alicia!
I finally got to buy something from you! I bought the pattern and the pieces to make one. I love that you took the time to make the detailed instructions. thank you so much. xxoo

Hi Alicia - I just had to say how amazingly georgous this bag is. Patchwork is so "in" this year, and I think anyone who gets this bag from you (or the kit to make their own) will be in love with it and use it for many years to come!!!! My congrats to all those who got one :):)

Thanks and have a good day, everyone!

~dt from baltimore, md~

Wow-they snapped those up! Lovely bags Alicia!

Wow, I'm going to HAVE to buy the pattern, and make one with my custom printed Spoonflower fabric! Agh, the crafty-blog world is conspiring to steal all of my time and money! Hahaha!

Seriously, I love this bag. It's chic and interesting, but still simple. I can't wait to make my own!

Way to go girl - you have done a beautiful job with this project!
: )


First my stupid air conditioner breaks, leaving me to deal with the repairman at 12 EST when I SHOULD have been here getting my hands on a bag, and now I actually need a new AC unit. And I have no bag to cheer me up.

Sad sad sad sad sad.

Dearest these turned out so lovely. I'll have to buy the pattern in hopes that my sewing skills are a little better in the future than they are now (I just need to practice).

I just bought the pattern, and I'm hoping my sewing skills are good enough to be able to make the lovely purse.

Oh such pretty fabrics!! I was going to comment on your blog but reading the previous comments I got distracted by Robyn! And here am I in England wondering if I can justify lighting the woodburner in July!!!!! It's all topsy turvy! Thank heaven for the escapism of such a beautiful blog! t.xx

Those bags, like everything else you create are SO CUTE! Thanks for the eye candy!

Yippee! I just downloaded the pattern. Now I, too, just need to practice my sewing skills so I can make one. Thanks for creating such a lovely little bag.

Thank you Alicia for the precious gift of inspiration, and an easy-to-follow pattern! I will enjoy my afternoon of selecting fabrics so I can make this bag for our family vacation to the Netherlands - I'll be SO stylin' with my new bag. How heavy did you go on the stabilizer...Timtex?

Yay for me and Tanglewood! I can't wait.

Hey there Alicia,
I have an award for you on my blog..go and check it out.
Have a good one.
Gina :)

please go to my blog, I have an award waiting for you..

Adrienne says: July 15, 2008 at 01:23 PM

I am so happy and proud for you!

Got to the shop too late to snag an already sewn bag, but I did buy the pattern. I'm an intermediate sew-er (kind of on the beginner's side of things), and your pattern is delightful and easily understandable by someone like me. I started reading it and it's really well-written and put together! Really great for someone such as myself who can figure my way around a sewing machine and rotary cutter and can't WAIT to put this together! Many, many thanks! This looks like a really fun sew (probably will take me more than one whole day though - of course, I have a five-year-old "assistant", so things move at their own sweet pace in our home). I'm eager to select my own fabrics for this one. I can see a Flickr or other group coming of this to show off all the pretty Tanglewood Bags!

I just bought the pattern and the patch kit. I'm so excited to see it and not a little scared that my stitches won't be straight enough for this bag to look good.

Carolyne says: July 15, 2008 at 06:56 PM

Beau.ti.FUL!! I am so-o-o-o in love with my new Tanglewood pattern. Alicia, you did an outstanding job with the instructions. Thanks ever so much for the perfectly pictured process.
Excitement. Excitement....and off to sew I go!......

Wow, that's beautiful! They're all sold alreaddy, crazzzy (:

I am so excited! I got the pattern (already downloaded) and the ready made patches. This bag is just lovely! I know when I sew this one up my sisters will be saying ooohh can you make me one! You have certainly outdone yourself on this one. Many thanks for taking the time to write such clear and concise instructions, it makes the whole process that much more enjoyable. All the best to you!

That is the most amazing bag. Far better than Coach!!!

The tanglewood bag is so heart achingly beautiful!

I love the look of this bag. I admired it when you first posted pics. (But this is my first time commenting on your blog.) I was wonering the dimensions of it, because it is hard to tell by looking at a picture how big or small it is. I just might have to buy this pattern.

Anyway, your dog is precious--I love the pictures. And thanks for sharing your creativity and ideas on the internet. I really enjoy your blog.

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