Patchwork Peace (Briefly) at Paulson Place

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So, have you noticed the signs? Extreme irritability? A sudden obsession with air flow, or the lack thereof? Cravings for M&Ms and bad TV? (Wait, I always have that.) An uncanny talent for boring anyone in the room with an explanation of the differences between (along with detailed, uncomfortable-making price comparisons of) vinyl, fiberglass, and wood? It's true. I'm window replacing.

The window in the background of the above photo is not one of the ones we're replacing — I'll have to take photos of those tomorrow, before they go. But I did make new pillows for the living-room sofa and dining-room chair (this is the dining-room chair) in anticipation of new beautiful windows, and you know how my cats are always the first to welcome any new textile creation onto the property. No exception here.

What's unique about this photo is that I just came into the room and there they were, hanging out by a pillow together, happy as pie. Even though these two cats actually pretty much hate each other, try to punch each other in the face about seven times a day, and only sat here looking angelic (ish — I think the Bee looks fairly [and typically] sinister, though Violet looks predictably adorable) together for approximately four and a half minutes. I get them to look at me just as the shutter snaps by yelling, "Hey, cats! Hi, cats!" and waving my hands up in the air. You can see how thrilled they are by my attention.

Patchworkpillow5 "That lady would like me to do something. So I'll take a nap."

Each 20" patchwork pillow takes one hundred 2 1/2"squares. I made simple envelope backs out of various calicos, and put some nice oyster-colored piping around the edge. I made three pillows, all similar but not exactly the same, each from two sets of Precious Bundles (plus four extra patches; I'll throw those in for you if you order two sets). I will tell you that it pays to purchase the best pillow forms you can afford — get heavy, downy forms. They make the pillow look so much better it's ridiculous. I used Soft Touch forms from Fairfield. I don't like real down, but these imitations feel really good and substantial and squishy.


You know how picky my pets are about their pillows and all.


That's so sweet how a pillow can bring harmony to the family :o) ...if only for a few minutes. The pillow is very beautiful. That must have taken you forever to cut out all of those squares, but it pays off! Good luck with the new windows and have a nice night!

Those pics are unbelievable. I can't stop looking at them. I heart your cats!

i feel like i wana squeeze their paws adorable..and nice pillow too :)

Hahaha! Love this post -- your comments about your cats always crack me up.

This photo has got me so inspired to dive into my own Precious Bundle (it came yesterday and I lurve it!) and thanks so much for the pillow source link -- you read my mind with that one.

As always, wonderful post just full of humor and inspiration. You're a doll -- good luck with those windows!

Just seeing that cozy photo at the top brought my blood pressure down about 20 points. I can only imagine how nice it would be to spend some quality time with such a pillow in person... I may have to give it a go here too, since a photo alone has such a positive effect. Thanks for mentioning how important the pillow form is -- I agree.

Just seeing that cozy photo at the top brought my blood pressure down about 20 points. I can only imagine how nice it would be to spend some quality time with such a pillow in person... I may have to give it a go here too, since a photo alone has such a positive effect. Thanks for mentioning how important the pillow form is -- I agree.

Lovely. It looks like pure comfort.

Sorry for the double post. Something hung up when I hit the send button. Maybe it's because your pillow is so nice I had to tell you twice!

I love the pillow, and love the kitties too!!! Cats are a necessary ingredient to a happy home! :)

The pillow is so nice. Love your cats!

ooh we are just about to delve into the world of kitten purchasing - we'll be getting two. How do you cope if they don't get on?

Cute cats!!!
And the pillow is gorgeous...

Thanks for the lovely post Alicia. The link to the pillow form company was amazing with their little videos and everything, I get my forms from a company that is in a rural village here in Norfolk UK and couldn't be more different, it always smells like roast chicken.....sometimes good sometimes really bad.

These are lovely! You definitely have more patience than me to sew 100 squares together but the results are definitely worth it :)

beautiful pillow, beautiful photos and beautiful cats. Simply perfect.

Wanna pillow ... now where did I put that money to buy more squares? xxoo

Thank YOU!
LOVE the pillow! I will put it on my to do list...

angie in asheville says: July 23, 2008 at 05:17 AM

Just wanted to thank you, Alicia, for your sweet blog. Reading about your latest projects gives me a jolt of inspiration to get started on my own things. I'm happier for it.
Have a great day!

Was funny, I missed top cat in picture one and bottom one was doing such a super imitation of how cute can a cat be.
Fabric will make cats into friends, what a good thing it is......I must keep collecting.....
Fabric.......not cats. One is enough.

I completely agree on the pillows. I have two large ones on my bed and even though both are covered in silk, one looks soooooo much better than the other because what is inside is of superior quality. I am on a pillow-replacing spree as of late. They are the fastest face lift a room can go under!

Your pillows are GORGEOUS. So are your cats! When we had two cats (we are now down to one, sadly) they hated each other as well. Except when there was a fire in the fireplace--then they made a picture of domestic tranquility. We often had a fire when we had company, so people would comment on how well our cats got along.

me likey your pillows! i haven't sewn a thing in weeks and i think i better get to it pronto, but i don't know if i have the patience for 100 squares x 3 - eek!

cats, sheesh, they crack me up. the pillows are lovely...wishing, yet again, that i knew how to sew! sigh...i need to quit saying that and just learn. sheesh. xo

Love these pictures. The pillows are beautiful and the cats are hilarious. They were nice to humor you long enough to snap that photo!

JaneMillie says: July 23, 2008 at 06:32 AM

Well, good luck w/the windows. I live in a cottage bungalow that had 68 windows replaced. I always thought that I didn't have wall space, window/window/door/window! It's amazing what new windows can do. Wicked kitties, where's Clover Meadow?

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