Greetings from the Corgi Picnic!

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Corgis3 Wish you were here!


Oh they are so adorable all lined up!

Oh they are so adorable all lined up!

Isn't it great when the same breed has a get together? I swear the dogs know its a family reunion - 'hey, you look just like me!' More photos of the picnic are required!

Oh Clover Meadow- aren't you just the belle of the ball?? So cute!!

I agree with Kick... more photos, please. They are adorable.

I spy a pretty patchwork bag in the corner there!

How about a pic of a gingery pembroke that will remind me of my little Honey.I think we're due for a new little Corgi...Once they get in your heart.......

Jane Millie says: July 14, 2008 at 01:37 PM

I've never responded to a blog but Clover Meadow's STAR quality deserves mention. I have three dogs and I cannot get enough of pictures like this! Thanks for sharing.

Delightful!! What a wonderful thing......a Corgi Picnic.

Oh, the cuteness!!

Melissa L says: July 14, 2008 at 01:53 PM

Too cute for words. The camera certainly loves Miss Clover (and vice versa?)

Half an hour ago I was thinking I have too many pets, and now you having me wishing for just 1 more!

Oh my! How cute would it be to line them all up and take an "under all the corgi's/through the legs" shot? All of their little paws lined up...little low to the ground tummies... It would almost be more cute than I could handle!

Oh my. How truly fantastic. Way too cute.

Love the asymmetrical fellow in the middle. Close up!

She just looks as pleased as punch!

best blog entry... ever!

Rosemary says: July 14, 2008 at 02:32 PM

I love how Clover is hamming it up in the foreground!

With all the negativity in the world today, your site is such a breath of fresh air. The "Corgi Picnic" made me laugh out loud.


i miss my dogs ("Coruaua" = corgi/chihuahua mix and a labrador) and would like to go home RIGHT NOW to kiss them!

Oh, I wish I was there too! Too cute.

Pure Corgi-licious cuteness! ^..^

Oh My Goodness, how adorable! I think you and Andy should write a song to commemorate the event :)

Judging by those tongues, it's a hot day?

What a bunch of cuties!

Golly, they are sweet.

Did they all herd each other into a corner somewhere at some point? :)

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