Tanglewood Bag

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I do.

It's a little bit hippie. It's a little bit preppy. It's a little bit country, a little bit Liberty. It's a little bit picnic-blankets-spread-out, corner-to-corner, on the concert lawn. It's a little bit Martha Christina, and the square-patch quilts we learned to make at school. It's embroidered yokes and dangly earrings and piccolo solos. It made me happy when I was sad.

The inside is lined, with a lined pocket and a magnetic snap closure. The lining and the back is all the same fabric — clusters of William Morris–y briar-roses, pictured in the background yesterday. There's a little suede-y leather strap that loops over a wooden toggle button.

I had to fuss with the bias-tape handles, and wound up shortening them after they were on, so, a quick piecing of that together with a straight seam (no patience), but now I know how long they're supposed to be. Twenty-two inches. There's also a big slice in the lining I need to patch, from when I was trimming the Timtex seam with my giant brand-new very-sharp shears — whoops! I am not used to the tips of the scissors actually working, you know? Those work? Woooof, that was not a good moment, but at least the slice is on the inside. The Timtex and the darts give it this a great rounded sort-of capsule-like bottom. I'd been wanting to make a bag this shape for a long time.

It felt great to sew. I'm going to make twelve for the shop (she said ambitiously). I'm even thinking . . . pattern . . . and kit. Kit, with your very own variety of pre-cut squares of Liberty wonderfulness.

I know. It's enough just to have the squares to fondle, really. Trust me. The bag is just a bonus.


BEAUTIFUL!!! It would be lovely of you to share the pattern of kit. :)

Ah-- so very lovely, and fun-- bare toes in cool grass goodness.

deirdre says: May 22, 2008 at 07:55 AM

That is beautiful! As for the kit - please please please! I would love that so much!

This is just gorgeous! Geez, you always outdo yourself... :)

So cut
Ciao from Italy

I love your bag. It really does bring happiness on a gloomy day.

Wow...it's beautiful. I love it.

oh my! save a spot for me on the lawn.
beautiful, alicia, just beautiful.

Wow. I am going to buy one from your shop when you put them on sale even if it means I have to have a 24 hour stake out at the computer because I know they will go FAST!

Oh la la...


I'd buy one or buy a kit...

Yes - beautiful bag - hurry up I wanna buy either the finished bag or the kit! I love it!

That is a great bag! I hope you offer the pattern or the kit. It would be a wonderful addition for me. ~Adrienne~

Beeyootifool! Yes, a kit! Now that would be fab!

Isn't there a song, it's a little bit country, it's a little bit rock and roll?

Good grief that is going to irritate me until I figure it out! Anyhoo, would work well for your bag!

A kit!! Yes please, a kit! Love it.

Beautiful bag. Love the colors. Now I want to go on a picnic. Oh, how I can't wait to sew for babies...

This is SO pretty, thanks for sharing!

Just beee-yooo-ti-fullll!!! Love it Love it!

mindblowingly gorgeous!

I love it too! Eeeeee! We have a Tanglewood neighborhood down here in Austin, too, but I don't think it's nearly as pretty as the place that bag was inspired by.

Yup, I'm in love with that bag and I have to have a kit whenever it comes out. Thanks for sharing!

That is beyond GORGEOUS you talented girl! People will be asking, "WHERE did you find that FABULOUS bag?" And you will casually respond, "I made it."
Jaws will drop and the ordering frenzy will begin! Thanks for sharing. Happy Day!

colleen says: May 22, 2008 at 08:50 AM

oh sweet posy, it's darling!

Beautiful bag! Would love it if you sold kits in your shopper. I'd be a buyer. :)

that's awesome!! i would love to see a picture of the back. also i would totally buy a kit if you sold them.

Just beautiful. A kit would be loverly.

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