Tulips for Jane

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On Sunday, we took little highways out to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm for their annual tulip festival.


On Sunday morning, after a quick trip to Voodoo Doughnuts and a nice walk in Laurelhurst Park (with some amazing sitting/staying showoffiness at twenty-five yards by Clover Meadow) (just sayin), we wanted to stay out, despite the capricious weather.


Wooden Shoe is about thirty miles south of Portland. If you take the little highways, once you're out of the city you go through beautiful roly-poly countryside freckled with orchards, Shetland ponies, creeks and ponds. I love it out there. I don't think I'll ever be able to get Andy Paulson to live in the country, even the country that's only a half-hour from the city. But I like to pretend it might happen. I always pretend it might happen. Honey, did you not love living in Montana, even more than I did? You did.


It's funny, when I was taking these pictures, the light was bright and I couldn't see much on the LCD screen. I was just kind of snapping here and there, not expecting much. It was so cold that I felt like my fingers weren't working very well.


So I was amazed to see the color on these photos when I uploaded them. It was all there. All of these photos were taken within about a half-hour, and I've posted them in the order I took them. You can see how quickly the light was changing. It was literally changing minute to minute.


They look better if you click on them, and see the enlargements. Which one should I enter into the contest? Will you help me pick?


The color rolls out in long strips. It's a ripple afghan Jane would love.


Here's Clover doing her sit/stay. What a pro.


A windmill.


A tractor.


Beautiful snowy mountains (and rain streaks) far off in the distance.


Isn't it pretty there?


We brought some home. Jane, these are for you, dear.


Debbie from Illinois says: April 23, 2008 at 07:05 AM

Great pictures. I love the one with the tractor.

Love your blog.

Alicia - all these photos are wonderful - I see why the difficult choice. However, the one that made my heart leap was the tractor one!

Alicia - all these photos are wonderful - I see why the difficult choice. However, the one that made my heart leap was the tractor one!

Alicia - all these photos are wonderful - I see why the difficult choice. However, the one that made my heart leap was the tractor one!

Oh my, that is amazing. I wish we had something like that here on the East coast.

Your pictures are FANTASTIC!! My jaw just dropped as I scrolled down your page. I agree with everyone else about the tractor picture, and I also really like the one above Clover. I like the depth of field and the height of the pink tulips in the background, with the people off to one side. It has a rippling effect as well. Thank you for sharing them.

My 3 favorites in this order are:

tulips17 (love love love the mountains)
tulips15 (love the windmill)
tulips5 (just love the overall tone of this one)

I like all of your photos Alicia. Especially with little Clover sweetie in it....but If I were in a contest, I think the first one is best at showing the beautiful flowers. Good luck with whatever you show!

Oh, I like the tractor one. But all of them are beautiful!

I've been buying a bouquet of tulips from Whole Foods each week for the past two months - a different color each time. They are just too beautiful to resist.

Of course I'm partial to the one with Clover being such a good girl; and I love the one with the tractor; but two of them just pop out to me, especially when enlarged: The second one (close up shot) and the 5th one down. Love the perspective on these. -Cat ^..^

Beautiful shots!
and i love how that breed of dog always look like their wearing a fur turtle neck sweater, their so cute!!

My most favorite is the picture with the tractor. The composition is excellent. My second most favorite is the second one. Gorgeous close up!

{I meant "they're" so cute- I should really preview before i post!}

They are all so nice, but the tractor is my favorite.

Beautiful! And your puppy is adorable. As for favorite shot I have to vote for the tractor pitcure as well. It just pulls you in and makes you feel like you are standing right there in a the field of tulips.

I vote for the one with the tractor! Gorgeous, like a fairy land!

Sooo pretty! I vote for the one with the tractor in the distance. And Jane's bouquet is lovely.

If I could only walk barefoot through the tulips! My gut tells me the closeup of the tulips with the people to the left (tulips8)because it is different and shows the tulip close up as well as the magnitude of the landscape and event. I would guess that the pic with the tractor (although most lovely) may be a common subject/composition. Good Luck!

Even though I LOVE pictures of Miss Clover Honey (she's such a good girl), I'd have to agree with the tractor photo. The perspective of just how large this place is in retrospect to the tractor is amazing. Also love the one with the close up of the orange looking tulips. xxoo

I, too, love the tractor photo. That's the one that grabbed me (but all of them are stunning).

I like the one with the tractor myself! There's something peaceful about that shot.

Oh, my - your photos are so breathtakingly beautiful that it felt like walking through a tulip-filled dreamland!

I like the second one down and the tractor one. Sooo pretty!

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