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Vintagecrochetbook_3 I'm so pleased to be a part of this beautiful book, Vintage Crochet: 30 Gorgeous Designs for Home * Garden * Fashion* Gifts. My friend Susan Cropper, the owner of Loop, a beautiful yarn store in London, here has collected designs from some of my favorite crochet designers (including my friends fellow Pacific Northwesterners Kristeen Griffin-Grimes and Leigh Radford), and I am honored to be included.

Milliecardifromvintagecroch_2 I "met" Susan over the phone, two years ago now when she called to order my crochet patterns to carry in her shop, and she has been an enthusiastic and generous supporter of my work. In the first conversation we had, she asked if I would design a grown-up version of the Cecily baby cardigan, and so it is here in the book now, named Millie, done in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and decorated with Liberty cotton-lawn ties. This is the photo from the book, taken by Kristin Perers. I love the way she has styled and photographed everything. Isn't this photo so pretty? I love it. Everything in the book has this very calm, hazy mellowness about it.

Maisiecardi_2 I also designed another baby cardigan for the book, a little matinee coat we called the Maisie Cardigan, inspired by the angelic hellebore flower. This one is made from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I haven't seen anyone make this one up yet, but now that I have finally gotten on board with (have you heard of Ravelry yet? oh my stars!) I can't wait to see what people do with it there. (More on Ravelry soon; in the meantime, if you are a knitter or crocheter, please go on over and sign up to receive an invitation to join. Don't be put off by the enormous number of people waiting; I think mine came in just a couple of weeks, and I know those guys are working as fast as they can to include everyone in this incredible community. Take the tour and see what I'm talking about. Very cool.)

Also, for all of the people who were wanting to make a ripple blanket like the ones Jane and I made last year (and a lot of other people made and are still making!), there is a pattern in Vintage Crochet for you to use — the Chevron Blanket by Bee Clinch will make you very happy. She gives you yardage for a few colors and some good notes. Other patterns that I love are Juju's dog coat, Kate's Breakfast Set tea cozy by Kate Samphier, and the Rickrack Kerchief by Juju Vail.


There are two editions of the book; the one with the blanket on the cover (above) uses American abbreviations, and the one with the girl on the front uses British. The covers and abbreviations are different, but the patterns are the same in each edition. Also, be sure to check the errata page on the Loop web site — the Millie Cardigan has a couple of changes (seriously sorry!), and so do a few other patterns. (And please note, I will be keeping errata on my published patterns and books here on my web site next to their listings so please check there if you're ever frustrated by something that just doesn't look right, and let me know if you find something that hasn't been caught yet.)


all this is so pretty !
how I'd love to crochet - maybe if I had you as a niehgbor & a teacher ;) ?!

Oh My Goodness! What a wonderfully precious book!! I am a crochet lover. Oh Alicia, how exciting! Yay! I loooove to crochet. I learned from my grandmother, whom I meet with all of the time for a crochet-fest. We annoy everyone at family gatherings, as we huddle and crochet and she teaches me elaborate stitches. And, one last thing, I just inherited a finely crocheted blanket (that looks like lace) that my grandmother and her mother, crocheted together!! Noone in my family understood my tears and skips upon receiving it! Okay, off to follow your links!! Congratulations!!!

Congrats on being in another book! So..... Maybe when your book comes out in the fall, you might be a guest on Martha Stewart's show ???:) So many talented crafty bloggers have been on, I hope to turn on my T.V. and see you on there soon. Today, Emily Martin will be on to show her adorable dolls.

Hi Alicia
I bought this book a few weeks ago not knowing that you had contributed but was squeeling with delight when I spotted your name!
I agree it is a beautiful book, every page is a visual treat, the photographs/colours are beautiful.

I have just started on my own ripple (I'm on stripe 14) and loving it, I found the notes for sizes/yarn quantity in this book extremely helpful.
I went to a knitters group last week and took the beginning of my ripple blanket to work on, along with this book and it was very much admired.
By the way, isnt the ripple pattern soooo addictive and soothing, I am in love with it - I loved doing my granny squares but this is even better.

Alicia, what's your handle on Ravelry?

Damn those sweaters are cute. I gotta learn to do this.

Well, I see I just posted on the March 5th entry what I meant to say here. Congratulations! xoRachel

Mount Mercy Me says: March 11, 2008 at 10:29 AM

Oh, my, and I thought I was the only one who wanted that cardigan adult sized -- and I tried and I tried -- it was a miserable, long, unfruitful learning experience. I have, however, made it in the baby size and it was entirely delightful (as a set with that darling little dress of yours -- too adorable for words). Thanks for sharing your lovely crochet talent -- I will have to buy the book and not struggle so as I make my own Cecily cardigan.

I love that little cardigan! I want one for myself! The book looks beautiful too, I'll have to buy a copy (:

Oh I'm so excited! I had extra money to order a new book next week and I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted. The last few books I've ordered were knitting and I really wanted a crochet one. However I couldn't find one I just had to have. Now I have!

AHHHH!! I LOVE this book! I just bought it a few weeks ago and I absolutley adore everything in it! I did not know that you were a part of it. I have shown some of the things I am working on from the book and have had so many questions about where the patterns came from. I am going to link to this post on my blog! Great work!

Beautiful :) I'm always in favor of adding more crochet to the world, esp when it's so gorgeous

I must make the Maisie cardigan. I knit and crochet in equal measure and it's nice to see crochet patterns that appeal to my aesthetic--kinda simple, kinda fancy, kinda vintage, kinda contemporary.

Congratulations to you!

What I am so impressed with is your ability to create patterns. I'm a pretty strong crocheter and knitter, but my mind can not comprehend the way you create these designs. It's something I aspire to. I love your blog, and thank you for sharing your sweet things with us!

I got the book a few weeks ago, and I love the beauty of it! Way to go, girl.
And, isn't Ravelry a dream? I love it. It's so great to see what other people are making, and the input on patterns, etc.
Also, I know how much you love the handmade, and my best gal pal is finally on etsy, and I thought you would love her work. It's truly amazing, I have 4 of her bags now...I'm a total addict. Here is the link!
Have a fabulous Tuesday!!

Wow - the book looks beautiful! I am going to have to add it to my wishlist even though I don't really know how to crochet properly! I love the Maisie cardigan too.
I am also on ravelry and agree it is fantastic!

Congrats! The cecily cardigan is just beautiful. I got my ravelry invite a few weeks ago but haven't had the time to get back on there. Everyone just raves about it though so I guess I'll have to take the time.

Congrats! The Cecily Cardigan is just beautiful. I got my Ravelry invite a few weeks ago but haven't had the time to get back on there. Everyone has been raving about though so I guess I'll just have to make time.


Congrats Alicia, and it's extra special to have it in a book from the UK, to me anyway!

This has become one my favorite pattern books. Kudos to your contributions, it's a beautiful book.

I got the book for Christmas, and it's a delight - I was very excited when I saw your name next to two of the patterns! I must make myself a Millie cardigan, just as soon as I decide on the colour...

ohhh pretty, I don't crochet, or is it won't? Cause I always have 1.7 million other things to be doing but that's a very pretty looking book. Congrats on being in it!

I love the vintage babydoll sweater. Too cute. Since you are so creative - I need help. I bought some great fabric but I am lost on what I should make with it. My blog is:

I would love any suggestions or websites you think I could look at. Thanks for your help

I just love, love, love this book! :)

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