Oh, Snap!

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Look who it is! The Country Girls!


Oh yes, they're ready to go! The computer [after I yelled at it/threatened flight/took a shower/successfully deleted 33,000 "deleted" messages] had one look at these girls and started working properly — it was a clothespin-doll miracle. So the Country Girls themselves, as well as kits to make them, are in my web shop, waiting for you. I'll take as many orders for these as come in this week, so that's why I'm springing them on you.

Each finished doll comes fully painted, varnished, and dressed, with a hand-embroidered apron and a bouquet of paper flowers. Each girl is signed, dated, boxed, and ribboned, ready for giving.

Each kit has almost everything you need to make five dolls:

5 doll pins
5 doll-pin stands
5 doll head beads
(5) 8" square pieces of assorted calicos (for dresses)
(5) 5" square pieces of assorted ginghams (for aprons)
5 pieces beige pipecleaner (for arms)
15 miniature wired paper flowers
White embroidery floss (for embroidery and sashes)
Custom acrylic paint and varnish set
Full-color instruction cards
Dress pattern
Embroidery chart

You will need to have your own:

Scalloped or zigzag pinking shears
Regular scissors and embroidery scissors
Heavy-weight thread
Assorted paintbrushes, at least one of them fine-tipped
4" (10cm) embroidery hoop

Please note, though, that neither the dolls nor the kits will ship until the week of April 1. We will be ordering supplies for and putting together kits based on the number of orders that come in this week, just to make sure we get it right this time and don't have to place multiple orders. Also, we won't have the benefit of employing the most industrious half to Team Paulson (grandpa and mom) who were so effective in filling paint pots for the Lucia kits at lightning speed last Thanksgiving. But if you can be a little patient, I think you'll be very happy with these little kits and pretty girls!


Look at those precious girls!
Glad your computer is better. I thought those girls looked magical when I spied them!

Love them!

Cynthia Granmo Riebe says: March 18, 2008 at 10:17 AM

Oh my!! They are the sweetest! I couldn't resist Lorelei...or the kits.

Absolutely adorable! I love them, love them, love them!!

so very sweet! adorable, really. and such a clever use for those flowers...i have some too but i just take them out of my stash and admire them.

they're so pretty ... i love how you've added the aprons and the collars!

i know just the little girl who has been waiting for these! (me)
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

crap, those are cute.

hey. i'm helping you assemble those kits, lady. i come with excellent references and free mornings.

They're so great! Lorelei is my favorite. Reminds me of my Emily. I wonder if I can convince my husband that this is a necessity...?

these are just too cute--and your photography captures them so nicely--so very appealing! good luck with them and the kits, too!

Perfect timing, Alicia, since it's payday week!! And what better way to reward myself than to have some more happy girls in my home

these are so sweet ... I loved the lucias but since my family is neither blond, nor christian they just didn't work for us :-) ... i felt so left out. I think these will be great may day girls!

She's back! I thought I was going to leave a note of sympathy about your computer woes, but I see you have moved forward!
The clear, bright faces of your country girls are so cheering!

oh, gosh, they are so so cute. i cannot believe you have embroidered aprons for the girls!!! you are amazing!

Unbelievably cute. And your photos are wonderful, as always!

Oooo, they are just the cutest and the aprons too!

They are all adorable!

Hooray.. you are back with the pretty pictures!

The dolls are darling. I love them.. Their dresses are soo cute!

These are the cutest! Love them!

yay! I got one! It was hard to decide, but I had to go with the fellow red-head- I can't wait for her to come and brighten up my desk :)


YIPPEE!!!!! Okay, with that being said quite loudly, it is a good thing I did not read yesterday's post until today! I would have been very sad!!!

I was thinking May Day too! I've been wanting to make May Day Flower Cones for years and now I want to make some of these to give to special friends on May Day! How Fun!!! x0

Yay! Just placed my order for a kit...couldn't resist, only I really hope mine turn out as CUTE as yours. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing them with us, looking forward to making them!

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