Thrifty Quilty and a Little Dog, Too.

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Last Sunday, we went to Goodwill for the first time in months. I was psyched to find this "quilt." The patches are printed, but I love it. Perfect for the picnic to which I'll wear my smocked skirt.


But we'll have to wait until summer, which seems soooooo far away, even though the weather has been nice here, I must say. This doggie barely even knows what summer is!


I know, baby. Someday.


maybe I'll get a doggie like yours one day and a quilty too!

Dear God she is cute!

Love the colors in that quilt too. Great find.

Loving the quilt. I still want your dog.

OH MY GOSH! That was my "blankie" when I was a little kid! I carried it around until it shredded! -sniff-

Awww what a cutie. Having puppies is sooo much more fun in the summer.

Can't wait! And I love the quilt :) What a find!


Love the "quilt" Those colors are a great find.

So nice to see the puppers! Cute and cozy on "her" quilt!

She is so grown up now, and adorable!


I wish you and Clover could come over for a visit with me and the Bug. They would have such fun and we could have some tea. : )

Oh well. I guess Chicago is kind of far for a doggie play date. Darn!

I love the quilt also. I'm curious how much it was. Some of my best things I've found thrifting.

Glad to see that Clover is enjoying it now...come picnic time I'm sure she will be off exploring :-) Love the skirt, BTW.

Bobbie Lynn Duran says: February 29, 2008 at 10:14 AM

What a great find. Love the photo of Clover too. Have a nice weekend.

What a cutie, our puppy has no idea what summer is either, but I know she'll love it. Great find on the quilt.

Super find! Score!

Kisses to little sweet clover meadow. xoxo

SO wonderful to see pictures of Clover again! You can just see the glint of expectation in her eyes!


clover's getting so big!

Isn't that the best? Finding a goody, bringing it home and making it fresh! I've already found my treasures this week, but now I have the urge to scoot out again.
I LOVE Clover's happy ears!

What a wonderful find:-). Your pup is just oooeeyy gooeey with cuteness *giggles*.
Have a great weekend!!

I know that "look" well, so nice to see it on Clover. I was showing our version of it on the blog yesterday, though Sienna is a bit more "yearny". I like the quilt idea too. I always defaulted to a waterproof canvas printed with little fat piggys, but this has more class.

Wow, that's a beautiful quilt...even if it's not officially a quilt (: Our dog doesn't know what summer is either. We got her in October and it's been snowy ever since so she probably doesn't even know what green grass is like! I can't wait to see her playing outside and actually be able to play WITH her. Is your pup a corgi? He (or she?) is beautiful!

Wow, you are so lucky to find that quilt - nothing wrong with cheater panels! The colours are gorgeous and suit pup to a tee!

Just a note to tell you how much I have enjoyed visiting your little corner of the world. It is always fun to have a quilt you don't have to worry about enjoying to the fullest. Sweet puppies don't know any other way. Thank you for brightening my day! perryjane

Gosh Clover is so big! The quilt is lovely.

what a great find! Super cute. I too and counting the days until summer gets here, and it is not coming fast enough.

Beautiful quilt!

what a super thrift store find! yes, for a picnic w/ the smock skirt and the sweet four-legged one too.

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