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I was invited to go to a school pancake breakfast (and by the way, did you know that today starts Pancake Week? And I didn't make that up? Yay Pancake Week! Thanks Tara!) with some of my neighborhood elementary-school friends, but it got cancelled this morning because of the weather. It's not bad here, on our street at least, but I'm watching the Today show where they're showing pictures from the Midwest and it is frozen out there. Yipes. If you can swing it, I highly recommend a warm bowl of Malt-O-Meal. Sprinkled with a little bit of cinnamon sugar, the warm bowl is really a time-machine back to childhood snow days, I think.

By the way, speaking of bowls, when we were in Seattle a few weeks ago having breakfast with Blair we stopped in at a new-to-me Polish pottery shop at Pike Place Market (they don't seem to have a web site) and, B, I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Now I want new dishes. Or a few new dishes. My dishes, these solid, white standbys, have been with us for years — I got them all for a quarter per piece from a guy I knew who used to own a restaurant and was getting rid of it all. They're good, but seriously: Look at these. Gah. Maybe just a few? A few little Malt-o-Meal bowls? A sugar and creamer set? I can't decide what pattern I like. I like the little calico cream-and-blues. Well they're all pretty much calico cream-and-blues. I think I like the Morning Delight. I don't know, it's all just beautiful.

The embroidered dishtowel above is an old Martha from Kmart, which seemed appropriate because I've been designing a set of embroidered days-of-the-week dishtowels myself. I'm going to make them available in some format or another, either as a simple download pattern (do you hate transferring patterns?), or possibly a set of iron-ons (prefer to iron them on?) with a whole kit — I don't know, I haven't decided yet. My idea is to update the towels with, instead of teapots, images of heart-shaped pancake molds and pastry bags — the things I really use in my kitchen. I'll keep you posted on this, as I'm very excited about it! We go through dishtowels like Kleenex around here. I made lots of them as gifts before I had a blog so I don't have any photos, but I've never made any for myself. Anyway, blah blah. Just excited.

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you for something. I just want to say thank you for welcoming Miss Clover Meadow as you have done these past four months. I don't talk about it very very much, because sometimes I have trouble saying things that are very important to me, but . . . thank you for being so kind to and enthusiastic about her. She is in every way as beautiful and wonderful as her auntie and, strangely, she also lets me cuddle her constantly (which is very much not like her dear, independent auntie) and . . . just thank you for so warmly and so sincerely welcoming our little four-leaf Clover. It means a lot to us.


awww! little clover is sooo cute! why wouldn't we welcome her?! BTW, the article in Hallmark was WONDERFUL! I love coming here every day to see what you, andy and clover are up to. it has to be the coziest place on the internet!

Those dishes-- goodness gracious-- how did you resist them in person???

Please, please, may I offer a vote for iron on patterns? My red pencil is tired!

I loved those martha towels at KMart but did not snap them up when I saw them-- how delightful to think of making my own-- with kitchen tools on them-- swooooon!
Stay warm!

Or now that I stop to not be so selfish, maybe a choice-- iron ons as part of a kit, or downloads only?

Such warm, happy, exciting things brewing for you, dear Alicia. It is about time the sun comes out up there to go with the happenings :) Love to all of you including that sweet newest addition to your family.
Happy Wednesday,

As someone who is just starting to dabble in embroidery...and oh! kits! I love kits...this idea is extremely pleasing to me. I'd probably iron on before transferring, but that's just me. Yay dishtowels. Yay sweet pups.

i think about clover, and the picture of audrey with the stuffed dog, a lot.

isn't it funny, how we touch other people's lives?

Little Clover Meadow Paulson? One of our favorite young'uns. I send your pix of her to cheer up a bereaved friend, and they do!

It's always great to see Clover pictures ... especially since you seem to come up with new and unique ways of getting the photos. Loved seeing her looking at you through the hole in the basket. Priceless! :)
If I had a vote on the towels ... might I suggest screen printing the designs? I know Andy does such a good job at that. Yes? No? Maybe? :) xxoo

Freaking out!!! Pancake week! I have to do something about that. Pancakes are the best thing in the world. And my birthday is during pancake week...it is a sign :)

Awww - you are quite welcome for all of the Clover Puppylove! She is sweeter than sweet! LOVE seeing pictures of her, and hearing stories!

dear alicia...i read yesterday that you are behind on e-mails, and then i couldn't find your e-mail anyway. hmmm...

i received a lovely polish pottery salt & pepper shaker set for christmas and although it is bright and cheerful, it is not my taste. i'd love to send it your way. please send me your p.o. box address and i'll wrap it up post haste!

love and kisses,

You are so sweet... no wonder Clover is too! Those Polish dishes are so beautiful... I see what you mean about choosing! And now I'm all pancake-hungry. We are bracing for a storm tomorrow night... we share NYC weather here in eastern PA. I LOVE your embroidery idea and we are in desperate need for new dishtowels so I'll be waiting!! :)

Thank you for informing me of Pancake Week. This will be celebrated.....now.

PANCAKE WEEK! I'm in heaven and so glad to know.

I love the idea of a daily tea towel with just the day name embroidered. Simple. Perfect. I'm just getting into embroidery so I don't really know what I'd prefer but iron-on sounds easier. I just stumbled over a BEAUTIFUL website of circa 40's (and thereabouts) embroidery designs for the kitchen and more over at www.patternbee.com You would love it!

I bought a stack of forty blue dish cloths at a thrift store ($4) in an effort to give up paper towels.

Surely I could sacrifice a few to a project like yours? So cute!

Alicia, funny you should mention dear Clover. I happened across a folder of pictures of Clover that I've been adding to and looked through them again. She is so beautiful and sweet. I think I could do with a new picture of her every day and regular updates. Would you be offended if you thought Clover was one of the main reasons I check your blog daily?

It was not difficult to welcome such an adorable puppy. I'm glad she brings you such joy.

Love the idea of the weekday tea towels, loathe transferring patterns.

Clover is just beautiful. But you already know that ;-)

Helllllloooooo Ms. Alicia! I've been MIA for a little while so I'm catching up on your blog. You know we all love Clover like she was ours - but she is all yours, that darling sweetie. Those dishes are to die for - love the heart shaped bowls. I really want those heart shaped molds for pancakes - where can I get one? My hubby would die if I served him some for Valentines Day!!!! Hope you and Andy are doing well - Take care, sweetie!

xxoo - Diane (Baltimore)

ps - my Santa Lucia dolls were such a hit with the little girl who got them!!!!

I love Polish Pottery also http://skiptomylou.wordpress.com/2008/01/26/happy-australia-day/. While living in Germany I traveled many times to Poland with friends to acquire an insane amount of dishes. While I know I should part with some of my goodies I can't. Besides looking good it is truly durable (I have 3 kids) and useful. There are so many serving dishes in all shapes and sizes. I have been using it non-stop for the past 8 or so years. Anyway I have a friend that I met while living overseas. She is German and is now living in the US. When they moved here they brought back a container of Pottery and opened a shop. They continue to go back and buy pottery (and other European goodies). Her link is www.villagepotteryonline.com I just checked to make sure that I had the address right and noticed she is offering a 50% off sale on entire orders. Hope this helps!

xo little Clover

Alicia...I have been following your blog for awhile and I have commented a few times..I have a intersting question for you..but I couldn't find a email...so I hit the comment button. could you email me so I can ask you this strange question, it has to do with my grandmothers crochet blanket.

I've had a serious love affair with bowls for a very long time!
I'm actually working on something right now that celebrates that. So funny you should post about this--the timing in blog land amazes me.

I think you should make a postcard out of the photo with Clover in the handle of the laundry basket. The first one that shows all of her. Gosh that is so cute.

My favorite pancake cookbook is Pancakes: From Morning to Midnight by Dorrie Greenspan (she has a great waffle book too). Some fabbo supper pancakes. Check your public library, or you can get it very inexpensively from Half.com or Amazon--looks like it's out of print.

I too used to have all white dishes, but now all my plates and bowls are one of a kind, all from garage sales. It's really fun to choose just the right one, and when we have dinner guests they love getting to choose the plate they'll have dinner or dessert from. Best of all, when something gets broken I just go garaging on Saturday morning and shell out another fifty cents for a replacement!

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