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Okay I was peeing laughing yesterday at all the comments on the drill bit. The things I will do for a comment! Seriously, though, I wish I had known before that so many other objects have ejected themselves from people's bodies decades after the original . . . encounter. Glass, pants fiber, pins, screws, and at least one very long black thread. Since I've stopped swearing (bad time to choose that as a resolution, I now see) I can't really tell you what I "thought" when I read all that but — O, THE HUMANITY!!!

Yesterday was awesome. We had such a great time doing nothing. We watched some of my favorite movies, including one that is definitely in my top ten, The Wonder Boys with Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, and Robert Downey, Jr. I think that movie is absolutely perfect. We also watched Another Thin Man and Chasing Liberty. I love Mandy Moore. I just do. I think she is adorable. Oh, and A Mighty Wind. Another great one. "Wha' happened?" Do you have any idea how many opportunities there are in just a normal day to say "Wha' happened?" like that? I think I said it about fifty or sixty times yesterday. Good times.

In the middle of the night, Andy woke up, and then I woke up, and he looked at the clock and said, "Hmmm, it looks like the power is out."

     "Wha' happened?" [It's my new "bit."]

We looked out the front bedroom window and saw that the whole block was dark. We could see lights from a utility truck flashing like strobes in the darkness — someone was on it. According to Andy's watch it was 4 a.m. Hours passed and I never really got back to sleep. Strangely, I had just watched this on Jools Holland the night before so I couldn't get the song and its lyrics out of my mind. I spent quite a while thinking about what it would be like to be in a super-cool band like Arcade Fire. Then I started thinking about how every time I see someone doing something like playing a violin, or ice skating, or dancing I always start getting all fidgety, wishing I was a violin player, or a figure skater, or a ballet dancer. Then I got annoyed with myself for thinking that way, and thought about just appreciating those things without feeling the impulse to do those things. Then I thought about jobs I would not want to do, like be a personal assistant. I never see personal assistants and think "That's what I want to do." Or air-traffic controllers. I think that would be a terrible job for me, though I really appreciate that there are people who want to do it. I think I might have enjoyed being a lawyer, actually. Except for the part where you have to stand up and talk in front of people without losing control of yourself. So I couldn't do that. Etc., etc. This went on for a while. How thinking goes at 4 a.m. By morning, the house was cold though the water was hot, so I took a lovely shower by candlelight. When we went out, we could see that a big tree had fallen down and taken out a power line on the next block.


Isn't it weird how the trees just fall over? Poor thing. Luckily it fell directly away from our neighbor's house and landed on some other trees across the street. Nevertheless, the power looked like it would be out all morning so we headed out to Milo's for breakfast. Thank you PGE and whoever was out all night working on cutting this tree down and restoring power to our neighborhood this morning. It was very cold and I'm guessing most if not all of those guys were wishing they were "lying with their heads in the toilet like all normal people" on New Year's Day (that's Bridget Jones's Diary, another great New Year's movie I forgot about). "PGE guy" would be one of those jobs I would pretty much completely suck at. "Surgeon," obviously, would be another.

This year I think I'll just work on getting "non-hysteric" down.


eww sorry that you had no power!!

That quote from Bridget Jones is one of my favorites, it's so awkward and funny. I just finished watching it- great New Years movie!

Happy New Year, Alicia! May Joy & Peace be your constant companions this year and always :)

OMG...I sooooo love A Mighty Wind.
Wha' happen? hahahaha.. I actually watched this a few nights ago. All the best in 2008!

"Non-hysteric." Heh. Now there is a goal I could get behind, myself. Happy New Year!

Can I trade my 2 feet of snow for your green grass lawn I see with the power guys? I am jealous. Great movies you watched, and I love Mandy Moore too, especially the one where she is a caterer with Diane Keaton ~ "Because I Said So"


Yippee, I love Mandy Moore too!!!

Oh man...we love all of Christopher Guest's films and "Wha hoppen?" is one of our fave lines, too. Love Fred Willard.

A very happy,healthy and peaceful New Year!


My cousin-in-law introduced me to your site/blog about a month ago and I've told her it was the best Christmas present she could have given me. Today I listened to the Craft Sanity interview and I just want to say thanks so much for the time you put into this. Your story/site/blog/work is an inspiration. Thanks so much~

oh, you crack me up. Your description of 4am rambling thoughts is right on and throughly funny.

I heart you.

Princess Lisa of New York says: January 01, 2008 at 03:33 PM

I stared at your post yesterday, speechless, periodically blinking uncomprehendingly, then staring again. Oh my goodness...

On the positive side, a broken drill bit had no business being there, so best that it's gone. I'm sure your body is relieved, and your ankle can heal peacefully.

It's nice to see that you are up and about, even in the face of no electricity!

Be well, sweet Alicia and may the New Year shower you and Andy and everyone you love with abundant blessings.

"non-hysteric". LOL Please don't ever try to work on being "non-hysterical". I couldn't bear it. You give me hysterics. Now, I have to work on being "non-hysteric" Hahahaha.

Oh my! You are too funny! Good thing for cozy blankets, and 4:00 AM mind ramblings to get the new year started off right! And I just have to add that I love Mandy Moore, too. She is so stinking cute! But my adoration runs to the maudlin. I could watch A Walk to Remember over and over.

ah Happiest of New Years to you all. :)
I couldn't stop laughing at your new "bit". hee. I think this one will be much easier on your body! ;)
My favorite Mandy Moore movie is Saved. I think she is just a hoot!
I thought I was the only one who did that when I saw something I admired! I think non-hysteric will be MY goal for 2008 as well. Hugs to you and Andy and yay for PGE guys!

hehee. i love your movie taste. Wonder Boys is so great, and "heyyy, wha' happened?" is a commonly spoken phrase in our house too.

your little conversation with yourself at 4:00 a.m. reminds me of the dreams my husband claims as "nightmares." they are always these little dear stories where in one dream his ice cream will fall off his cone and in another a dog will walk by and give him a dirty look. so sweet. alicia, you are just so damn sweet and funny. the happiest of new years to you and andy and your lovely niece. and clover and the kitties, of course.

Happy New Year, Alicia -- I hope your ankle heals quickly!

Funny how you wish you could play violin and ice skate and I wish I could write books and craft like YOU!

I like how Mandy Moore doesn't have a train wreck of a life...

you are funny.

and I love The Wonder Boys too - and also the soundtrack.

Happy New Year!

Love the link to wha' happened! You really cracked me up with this post.

I am sincerely wishing you and yours a Wonderful and Lovely New Year!!

i managed to shake my coronation street addiction a few years back and since i don't have a tv, i thought i was safe. (un)fortunately i happened upon your site a few weeks ago while researching some obscure embroidery related topic, and i'm hooked. now, over the din of squalling children, i'm talking (yelling) to my husband about "alicia" and "andy" and all the sweet things you get up to down there in portland. while your life doesn't have the lure of scandal and petty intrigue, it's fun to read your reflections on the normal going-ons of daily life. you've inspired me to think about ways of making my physical surroundings more beautiful, more in tune with who i am, and to find a way to do what i want to do creatively AND make some money doing it. that's my new year's resolution. now to find some childcare to free up a bit of time! all the best in this fresh new year.

OMG, your power guys are awesome. I mean, you are right, they were out there before 4 am and probably did wish their heads were in a toilet instead of out in the cold, but they were there... unlike our guys that on a sunny day did not get out until 6 am to fix power... so I totally get the taking a warm shower by candlelight. I am so glad yours did not last too long!

Maybe you should send in your ideas for "World's worst jobs".. there is one for the dirtiest jobs.. so why not? You also forgot Garbage Collector... ewwww.. just could not do it.

jeanne-marie says: January 01, 2008 at 09:49 PM

You would have made a great attorney, Ali. Really. Had some experience there, dontcha know, and you remind me of a friend who would take a point, research it to death, and write memos to older partners with arguments so convincing you'd think -- "why are we even going to court about this? We're so obviously RIGHT . . ."

A Mighty Wind...genius!

My daughter and I live for bits. Truly makes life a little richer. Always a bonus if someone else "gets it", but not necessary.

Rock the New Year!

Just crusin through blogland and came upon your inspiring you are. Have a wonderful new year!

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