Did Friday happen? I missed it.

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I can't believe it's the weekend already. Yesterday completely disappeared. I woke up about an hour later than usual and it was like the whole day was lost, what is that. Last weekend Andy Paulson and I spent every waking moment in various coffee shops around Portland going over every line of the book proofs together (and let me just say for the record the man can now add Technical Editor to his illustrious list of titles because he. is. awesomeness itself. Thank you thank you thank you!). (And also forgot to say that I was giggling at how many people mentioned Chicago [that's editor-slang for the book, not the city] on the table, which if the flip-book of last week were accurate would also have a picture of me picking that thing up 46,000 times, trying to remember anything about how to edit page proofs properly.) I came home to find an opportunity to get Amy's papercutting patterns in pdf format and yeah, I couldn't press that download button fast enough. The perfect antidote to the millions of fractions and their metric conversions lurching about in my poor little pea-brain? Sitting and cutting pretty hearts and flowers out of colored paper. I can't tell you how easy or how much fun I had doing this because that would take words and my brain is frappéed like a milkshake (finished the proofs on time for once and returned them Thursday night, yay) but just look:

Papercuts1Are these not cool and pretty, just like Amy? Get them here and prepare to enjoy yourself completely. I know. It's addictive.

Amy and I had dinner together without knowing we'd each been nominated for a Bloggie award along with sweet Megan (Not Martha) and Apartment Therapy and Post Secret in the art/craft category, so how cool is that! We were cracking up the next morning to see. Thanks you guys, jeez! I am honored that anyone even reads this thing, let alone nominates it for anything, so thank you for that. (And that's right Karol if I find one square of Charmin on my lawn this weekend consider that I have wicked good aim with the Silly String, just sayin!) I haven't had time to look at all the entries but there are some amazing blogs I have never even heard of before over there, but then again I live in my own little malted-milkshake vortex so no surprise there. That's gonna change. This one? HOW. COOL. That one's gonna keep me busy for hours, I can't wait.

This weekend will be a photography weekend, shooting a few retakes for the book and a couple of new process shots and I don't know what else — gotta look at the list. I did manage to upload some pictures to Flickr the other day and I have to say I do kind of like just looking through all the photos without the text of the blog. Andy made me the photo album of Clover pictures printed from the blog for my birthday, and I'm thinking next month I may do a big "print 'em out and frame 'em" with the photos that are just on my computer. It's been years now since I've actually printed and framed a digital photo. That's gonna change.

After this weekend, I am going to be free, seriously free, for the first time in a looooong time. I can't wait. Can't wait!

C. W.!!!!!!!


I'm selfishly hoping that your free time will mean more delightful blog posts! But - really - I am happy for you!!

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to the book. Your blog is always a delight.

Wow, will be exciting to see what it's like in the end.

congrats on the nomination. I just went to vote and it seems I now have a lot of new blogs to add to my already too long list of blogs to read. (don't tell them, but you are still my favorite;))

Congratulations! I say, I say! And now I must leave and do a little voting for thee. Good on ya! Enjoy your seriously free weekend. :)

I know where Friday went, it's Tuesday and Wednesday I can't find. Loved the article in Hallmark. What a love story. xo

Pioneer Woman is one of my faves, you should also check out her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels story of how she met her husband...

Congragts on the nomination! But then again I always knew you were great!

you rock! SERIOUSLY.

Oh yes- you must check out Confessions of a Pioneer Woman- she's been a long time favorite read. Congrats to you, too!


Congratulations on the nomination Alicia. My lab Ben got tagged to do a Meme & has passed it on to little Miss Clover Meadow if she would like to play along :-}
Have a great weekend!

Speaking about books........Just a few weeks ago I picked up Vintage Vavoom I think this is how you spell it. Well anyway you were all over it. Way to go girl! Also while glancing at the magazine stand at my local CVS drug store what do I see the latest copy of Hallmark Magazine. I remembered reading your blog and you mentioned being in it...Wow you are incredible. I have been reading your blog from the moment of its lovely conception, and I do not remember you speaking in such detail about your accident if you did I apologize for not remembering all the details I thought I knew. In any event it was an exceptional article. If I thought the world of you before, your existence in the universe is even more important to me now. I have been roaming around other blogs lately and you may not believe it the two I'm liking most both reference you. Creature Comfort, and Design is Mine. Both blogs all the complete opposite of yours but how incredible it all seems to come together. So trust me Alicia your blog is truly amazing you have no idea the impact you have on people. I'm just waiting for you to tell us you have a bun in the oven. I hope I'm not being too personal with you saying this but I'm waiting. Tick, Tock, Tick Tock...Simply love you Alicia you are the g.r.e.a.t.e.s.t!!!!!!!!

I just read the Hallmark article for a 2nd time and am truly inspired by you to do something crafty and fun. Alicia, please tell us where you found your beautiful lampshades that appear to be embroidered? I'm guessing that you made them, they are incredible! Thanks for making me smile every time I read your blog, I am always excited when I sit down at my desk for lunch and see a new post from you!

I love your blog and I found you a great inspiration when I was going through a really bad time last year. After stumbling on your blog and falling in love with it, I found more blogs and then more, culminating in me starting my own blog and I am thoroughly enjoying it. So I guess I just wanted to say thank you (and hope I haven't gushed too much) and congratulations on the nomination. You deserve it.

Congratulations on the much deserved nomination. Have I ever told you how much I love your blog? Well, I do.

Wow -- congratulations! I didn't know there were such awards, but I would certainly vote for your blog for its sheer creativity and inspiration. And as for you and Andy -- together, you can do anything you set your collective minds to.
Love to you all from Dandy and me...

Hi Alicia,

I've been reading your blog (on and off!) and admiring your photos for a long time - we were both in the Granny Along group..

Anyway, tho I've felt I've "known" you, marginally thru your blog.. I never knew the story of your accident. I happened to pick up Hallmark magazine and was reading it in the cafe at Borders bookstore today and read your article.

My goodness.. what an absolutely horrific experience.. I feel for you. Yet you have created so much beauty and spread it far and wide.. it's admirable.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and thank you for all the inspiration.


Hi Alicia, I just had to stop by and say I just purchased the Hallmark magazine and so loved your article and feature! Your story is just amazing. I'm so glad for you and can't wait to see your book!! xxoo, Dawn

Congratulations. I hope that you feel great and have that wonderful sense of accomplishment from having done something that took a long time and was very tasking and taxing and rewarding too. :) Best, Best Wishes! Can't wait to see it all finished!

It's so weird to me that you're surprised that people read and enjoy your blog! Your blog is THE blog, Alicia!...Thanks for giving us a Saturday post. I worked today and it was a treat to find this evening....Thanks so much for that fantastic blog link! Very cool!...Hope you guys have a great Sunday! :)

Those paper cutouts are seriously cool. Puts my snowflakes to shame, for sure.

I gave you a "You Make My Day" award on my blog! :D You can get a button there so that you can pass it on to others who make your day.

Much merited.

I feel I must echo the many congratulations for the blog award nomination. Of course you deserve it.

When I started blogging and reading blogs just last summer your's was one of the very few (really just a couple or three) I went back and read right through the archives. I love a good read and you write so very well.

I'm off over there now to see if I can find some more fab new to me blogs to read.

I just got the new Hallmark mag with you in it!1 Great article and such a cute pic of little Clover!

YAAAAAAAAAY! Ican'twaitforyou! Like I can feel it. Seriously. I know just how exciting that must feel. Plus I sorta miss easy, breezy Alicia!

And yeah, I already went and voted on the bloggies. :) AND I already got sucked in to a few of your fellow nominees. And all those international ones? Wow - so cool. I heart blogs. Especially ones about people on farms and stuff.

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