Santa Lucia Dollmaking Kits for You!

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Well, I was too excited to wait. I just couldn't wait.

Although the kits are not completely put together yet (paint and pins are winging their ways from the suppliers to my front door as we speak, though I have cut 44 yards of fabric into 8" squares in two days), I couldn't wait to put them on sale. I am confident that I have ordered enough supplies for everyone, so I'm kind of springing it on you here, I know!

But don't panic — I'll take orders for these all week, at least. I'll make as many as you need, I promise. I should be so lucky! I hope you will like them. I really think you will.

Please order them here, in my lonely little web shop. It has missed me, I think! I've missed it, too.

Oh me oh my, I am very excited and happy about these. I must have been overdue for some sweetness and fun, because I have had an absolutely great couple of days working on them and getting all the parts and pieces together. I've even cooked up a deal with the paint supplier to produce my own custom-colored set of paint pots with varnish and glitter (and yes, the Paulson elves will be filling all of those themselves!), so you will have almost everything you need to make these girls.

Included in each kit are:

5 doll pins
5 doll-pin stands
5 doll head beads
(5) 8" square pieces of calico (for dresses)
5 pieces white pipecleaner (for arms)
3 pieces silver pipecleaner (for candles)
1 piece green pipecleaner (for crown)
Yarn bobbin (for sashes)
Custom acrylic paint set
Varnish and glitter pots
Full-color instruction cards
Dress pattern

You will need only:

Scalloped or zigzag pinking shears
Regular scissors and embroidery scissors
Heavy-weight thread and needle
Assorted paintbrushes

These will ship the week of November 26. (I will send them overseas via Priority Airmail. I can't tell you what the shipping costs will be beforehand, since it's different depending on where you are in the world, but it's usually not too bad, and these are fairly light.) If you are buying these as gifts and would like them shipped to various addresses, please indicate that in the "message" section of your order [and indicate a "message" to your recipient, as well, and I'll add a card for you].

Thank you! And I seriously cannot wait to see what you make!


Thank you for doing these!! I am so excited to make them!

Alicia - those are just adorable!!

Yaay! I just bought mine! Yaay! I plan to make them while playing Christmas music, watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and burning evergreen-scented candles. Awesome.

Just ordered my kit. My little girls and I are going to enjoy making these together. I can't wait to see the fabric you chose!

By the way, your blog is the first one I check each day. You keep me inspired to create beautiful things. Thanks!

Yay, I was online when the dolls came up! My first Posie purchase! I am pretty new to crafting, so this will be fun, and I think I have a good "teacher". Thank you :-)

Oh, the cuteness wore me down and I had to go buy a kit. ;-) One minute I'm raking leaves and mowing the lawn and the next I'm here, spending money and making myself happy.


Alicia - Thank you so much! I just ordered my kit and look forward to making them with my daughter. You're just too good to us!

I love that you have a felted bag on your site made with the same striped sweater that I just felted!!!!

I know what Emma and I are going to be making soon. : )


I can't wait, they are sooooo cute. Great Job on the Kits! I will be ordering soon!

Love these kits! Definitely a funky find :)
I wanted to let you know that I recently posted a recap of the Stitch indie craft bazaar in Austin, Texas. I am also hosting a swag bag giveaway. I'd love for you to enter & to pass the word on to your friends!

Very cute Alicia. I remember when you posted about these last year and I had thought about them while perusing the aisles of the craft store. I had thought about making some to adorn our Christmas tree. Hopefully I can find the time!

Yay! Just placed my order!

Nice. Now to order a kit, and find a recipe for saffron buns (yum)!


LOVE these lovelies! Was looking for a sweet ornament idea for the little Cypress Christmas tree we're donating to Hope Haven... a local home for mothers and children coming out of abusive situations. Won't the little girls there love these?

I'm sure your craft will delight, inspire, and touch hearts all over the place this holiday season. Thanks for sharing your magic!

My best... and appreciation,

My Messy, Thrilling Life

Blimey, your hands must feel like crab claws after all that cutting!
They're very sweet. Happy sales.

Yay!!! I just ordered mine!!! Can't wait to get them! December 13th is my late grandmother's birthday. She was my very best friend and every year I do something special in honor and memory of her. She loved making crafts. This year, in honor of her, I am going to take a vacation day from work and spend the day making your Santa Lucia dolls! Thanks!!!

I cannot wait to get this package. They are so delightful,full of holiday joy. Thank you so much for putting these kits together!

yippee! click click & done! love the payapl! As a first time purchaser but dedicated fan/reader, thank you!
I suspect you will sell out quickly! (At some point you must stop cutting those 8" squares!

I cannot wait to get this package. They are so deligthful - perfect for spreading holiday joy. Thank you so much for putting these kits together!

OMG girl, these are so cute. I cannot wait to get them. You see, I am still here... I just thought the carnival ride was over last week! Whew.... 4 more soccer games, 3 birthday parties and one soccer party later.. we are finished.

I am so glad you put these kits together. I soooo wanted to make them, but just could not get it together to get everything needed!

Thank you sweetie!

yay! just got one...can't wait to put them together!

:) D

Mary Ann/ca says: November 13, 2007 at 07:49 PM

Oh fun! I just bought mine too!

Soooo excited about my first posie craft purchase. My resident artist aka 7 yr old daughter will be tickled to make this.
Oh how yummy!

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