Buffet Bliss-Out

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Oh, storage solutions, how I love you! This is our buffet, our first real piece of purchased dining-room furniture. It holds everything I have. I'm so happy!


It came from IKEA on Sunday, and Andy put it together for me. It is actually a Christmas present for us from my mom, which is so nice. Andy and I are having Thanksgiving here, and Andy's mom and grandpa are coming from Chicago. When Andy's mom was here we went to visit it at IKEA and she helped me decide that it was the right thing to get. I have a hard time making decisions like that. So I couldn't wait until Christmas for it. I was bouncing in my chair. It is called the Liatorp buffet and it is exactly what I have needed for years. A lot of this stuff was previously all over the mantle.


Last year, or maybe it was two years ago and last year we repainted, but sometime in the last two years we switched the dining room and the living room in our house. So our dining room is really in our living room, and vice versa. A lot of the china pieces lived above the fireplace. Now they live in their very own cabinet. Sigh.

I was rereading the post I just linked back to, and I realize it was written right around the time I opened the antique booth last fall, which I closed this summer but forgot to tell you that I closed. Everything was such a blur. Pretty much as soon as I opened the booth, I realized that I was going to be so busy I'd never have time to go there and take care of it as I intended, so it got very neglected. And it never made any money. And then they kicked me out because I was neglecting it and it wasn't making any money, which is understandable. But all this happened in the middle of the summer when I was wigging, so it only barely registered and actually was a huge relief. So now my basement is full of boxes of vintage stuff, and I still haven't decided what I will do with it all. Just too many things going on all the time.

I think I'll just sit here and look at this vanilla layer cake of wood, glass, and china. Ahh. Serenity now.

Buffet1 Thank you Mommy! Thank you Andy — you did such a great job with it. (I actually left the house for the afternoon in case there was a furniture-putting-together hissy that no one wanted witnessed, but the report was that there were none, and the directions were very clear — yay IKEA!). Thank you, honey! I love it!


Ooh! It's soo pretty; I love it!! The whole room just looks beautiful!

Alicia...it is stunning! I also have an afinity for cake plates and pretty glass things but alas, my apartment is too small for such furniture pieces. Dreaming of the day I have room...and drooling (and slightly covetous) over yours.

That's exciting. Hope it frees up some creativity and fun for you. Did you pick it because it already matched the table? It's nice in any case and I've rarely had problems assembling Ikea stuff, altho I've heard stories. We have an antiques store here I love called Curious Goods- the font is the same as Curious George so that's what we call it. Have fun with your stuff!

oh, i love it too!

pretty pretty! I love IKEA! It's like an amusement park!

OH! Love that Alicia, so pretty! And look at all your beautiful things, you must have had so much fun deciding where everything would go. Pretty pretty pretty!

You were wise to allow time and space for an IKEA mouthing off period. Words have been flung hot and heavy over here during many an IKEA putting together session. Or perhaps that's just with my DIY challenged husband. d'oh!

Enjoy your lovely new buffet!

It is gorgeous! I am hoping if I do well for christmas time this year I can do some furniture shopping myself! :D

Sue Mullins says: October 23, 2007 at 09:59 AM

OhMyGosh, it is beautiful. BTW, what color paint did you use in the dining room? It is so cloudy around here for months on end, I'm thinking about painting everything sky blue or robin's egg blue.

Thx for posting this!

Your things look pretty displayed just so. Your home is lovely.

What a fun piece of furniture! And who would think it came from Ikea. I have been looking for something like this to display our fancy glassware, etc...might have to copy : )

It looks great! I think it's so nice to be able to see collections together like that. Such a great display piece. Your house is so cute.

Looks so good A! [Good job, Andy!]

very pretty! Loving your cake stands, too!

So Lovely, Alicia.
I've been admiring the Liatorp for some time now but, since a move is in my future I need to wait.
Your home is really beautiful.

i love your collection and the cabinet is wonderful. i just enjoy looking at your blog so much!

beautiful dresser...you have given me something to ponder opening an antique booth...blessings, rebecca

wow, that's a wonderful buffet, indeed :)

would you be interested in letting someone rummage through your vintage stuff and potentially offer a bit of money for some of it? what kinds of things do you have? :)

Our front rooms are set up very much the same and now I'm thinking about putting my table where yours is--right by the fireplace. As always, thanks for the inspiration.
By the way, I went to Portland for the first time a couple weeks ago and went to Saint Cupcake--both locations!! I was in heaven and fell in love with the pink refrigerator at the Belmont one!

Creamy white goodness layered with the things you (and we) love...just wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Goodness, I *adore* this! It looks absolutely perfect with all your lovely belongings. I'm inspired!

It looks so lovely.IKEA is really getting it lately!

now all i can think about is the treasures that must be in your basement!

Lovely! Creamy, vanilla goodness!

It's so lovely and all your treasures look perfect in it. I could make myself very at home there, supping my morning tea and gazing at all those lovely things. Sigh ...
You even have the world's prettiest puppers to go with it!
I have an overloaded pine Ikea office unit and a neurotic old Moog - 'spose it's home though :o)

I love cabinets like that. I like that there are open ones on top and glass on the bottom. I've been reading your blog for so long that I forgot you had that booth.

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