First Day

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Oh, thank you for all the Clover love! She is sleeping on her little plaid blanket right now, quietly moaning to herself while I write this, for she is a groany, moany dog — much more talkative than her auntie. She has a repertoire of noises that would rival an old-time radio show. She vocalizes liberally, and at first it was so confusing, because her sounds wouldn't seem to jive with what she was doing. Like, she'd be playing what seemed like happily with her toys (chewing, tail-wagging, all attention focused on the leg of a plushy pink octopus) but at the same kind kind of crying softly to herself in a way that just breaks your heart — missing her brothers and sisters? Talking to her toys? Who can say. We're kind of used to it now, tentatively acclimating ourselves to our new, tiny, unique creature, so much like and yet so different from Audrey I can't help but smother her with twice as many kisses as she can probably stand. Though, unlike her auntie, as well, she is a cuddler. You roll her over on her back and tickle her in the sweet spot behind her right ear, and she shudders with pleasure and closes her eyes, happy to stay in the crook of my arm as long as I keep tickling. I'm completely in love.


Poor Andy is on a work bender, five straight 12-hour days (eeesh) so he and Clover hung out much of Saturday, but not too much since; at night she mostly cries in her crate before falling into a few hours of exhausted, twitching slumber. Saturday afternoon, someone came to the living room window to be let in, and boy was she surprised: a tiny, yelping Audrey look-a-like, barking at her from behind the glass:







After that, the Bee has been strangely indifferent. The cats are actually taking it all very well. Phew!


Oh my, what a day! What a privilege.

I marvel at her — she's like a tiny, exquisite deer — and have mellowed.


When we brought Clover home, we stopped off at the backyard before we came into the house via the back door. At the end of the back hall, there is a picture of Audrey that I framed and put there about a year ago. I've looked at it a million times in the past month, but it wasn't until I walked up the hall with Clover in my arms that I saw something in it I hadn't noticed before.

Audreyplumpy Clover, there the whole time.


That is just the sweetest post. What an adorable little love Clover is. Audrey would be pleased :)

Absolutely the yummiest photos. Puppy breath and snuggles are the best. Congrats on the new addition.

oh that last part and that last picture invited those pinprick tears on the backs of my eyes...simply beautiful.

love all these wondrous photos and this peek into how clover is settling in.

oh how happy!!! how sweet she is, sweet like Clover! i absolutely love the cat's expression in those photos, like 'where did she come from?!' and 'this is my house, isn't it?'

very awesome. enjoy your puppy!

those pictures of clover with the kitty are just beautiful. and, of course, that is clover under her auntie's wing. i am going to sob all the way to the gynecologist's office, so thanks! :)

That was an incredibly heartfelt post...I needed the big smile.
Clover is just the sweetest!!! I love pictures of Bee reacting to Clover.

How is it you keep making this cat lover blub with your dog tales??? she's loverly...

Ok, I'm tearing up. That last photo of Audrey with the eerie stuffed version of Clover... If that isn't such a heavenly sign, I don't know what is.

I love the second and third Bee pictures. The progression from shock to horrified acceptance/here we go again. Clover is adorable, just a little bundle. I can't wait to meet her. You are a lucky lady to have her in your life. :-)


Teary again thank you so much. Why do I keep thanking you for making me cry?! Her eyes are filled with guys are going to have so much fun!

ohhh! that last paragraph brought tears to my eyes.

simply sweet.

made me cry ... again. I'm so happy for you & Andy & for luckiest little corgi, Clover Meadow.

love from Nova Scotia


Oh, that last picture. I think there are so many sweet messages like that in life. You have a gift for seeing them.

Congrats again on Clover!

WOW! All this sweet love and emotions and happiness growing in your house! I`m so happy for you and for Clover because You have longed for someone to give your love and she is just THE right one. As you noticed , she have been there all the time! Do n`t you think that You and Audrey choose Clover together to be part of your family?
Your post is so wonderful and you, you deserve all that happiness!!!

I am so looking forward to watching Clover grow up here on your blog. Precious days are ahead :)

(I bet it has been kind of hectic trying to finish up the book and caring for a new puppy! yikes!)

That's wild how Audrey's puppy has the same face markings as Clover! Oh my goodness. What a lovely little gang you have there. Puppies and cute boys in flannel shirts - I am forever in pursuit of these things..

You have me blubbering all over my keyboard once again. Isn't it funny how life works? Audrey picked her out before you even met little Clover.

The Bee is a brave kitty --I don't think (scratch that -- I know) my cat wouldn't have been half as hospitable!

Sending warm thoughts to you and your new puppers!

made me cry ... again. I'm so happy for you & Andy & for luckiest little corgi, Clover Meadow.

love from Nova Scotia


She looks absolutely cute but I know what kind of stinkers puppies can be... but then I have boys... last week I took off my nylons and both horrible little boys each grabbed a leg and ran... and then proceeded to play tug in the hall... very hard to discipline when you are hysterical with laughter! Enjoy every moment...

I'm [Olive] green with envy and so excited to see Clover adjusting so well. I just can't wait for the stories that are sure to be coming!

Clover is so beautiful. And to think she probably has little idea how lucky she is and what big paws she is following!

Congratulations. I'm completely choked up.

You have just the best blog ever - just had to comment after viewing quietly for about a month now.

Congratulations to you and Andy, Ms Posie! What a gift this little bundle of puppy sweetness is! Looking forward to your beautiful words on this new chapter! Teary and smiling, ♥

Oh i am just crying out loud Alicia. The tiniest and hugest things do that to me and this post is full of both :)
Congratulations mama and papa and auntie in heaven.

Congratulations on the entrance of sweet Clover into your lives. The last picture of Audrey and her Clover toy so completes the circle. Like your other readers, I am again touched. About the vocalizations: our corgi also was a very chatty puppy, with a huge range of noises different from barks and growls. The variation lessened as she got older, but she still "talks" to us. I think it is one of the charming qualities of the breed.

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