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I was at my friend's houseboat on the river the other day, soaking up the late-summer sunshine, listening to the gentle slip-slap of waves, watching clouds head toward the ocean. I have a lot of photos from her place that I'll make some time to go through later today. It's such a beautiful place.

Thank you for the all the pearl cotton suggestions! Egads. See, I was afraid you were gonna say "you gotta wind 'em" and then you did say that. It took me an entire winter to wind all of my embroidery floss onto individual bobbins, but it is all nice now, it's true. I don't have nearly as much pearl cotton, though. I kind of like the idea of cutting the skein into lengths and securing them to the thread drops, except that the thread drops are sold out. But I think I'm going to look for more of those, because they seem pretty cool. Anyway, thank you. I need to take more time to read through those comments again for other good ideas. My whole house is going to need a deep-cleaning and reorganization this fall. It's such a mess around here right now.

Ramble ramble. If I could be anywhere this week I would definitely want to be in New York City at the U.S. Open. I was sad that Jelena Jankovic didn't win against Venus Williams yesterday, I have to say. I like Venus a lot, too, but Jelena really won me over last night. What a doll. I really like watching her play. She has joy. I don't know if you know that Andy and I are consummate tennis-watchers. This week, the second week of the Open, is traditionally our week to enjoy the beach (and watch tennis), but we decided not to go this year. It has been hard to not be at the beach at all this summer. I'm hoping we can get out there for a weekend in October. But for now it's Open-watching and ocean-dreaming, and trying to get all the scribbles tidied up. Getting there. Step step step.


I love those chairs!

Aw, I want a friend with a houseboat, too! What a great way to spend a day. New baby here, so no beach trip for us east-coasters either. Enjoy the tennis! One could wind bobbins while watching, actually.

I would dearly love a view like that right now, instead of being stuck inside a hot office in the middle of a city!

Hi Alicia,

I adore your blog! I would like to invite you and all your crafty readers to check out my NEW ETSY FABRIC STORE! I'm selling brazilian chita, a 100% cotton fabric that comes in big, bold and colorful flower patterns, with a SWEET VINTAGE VIBE.


Thanks and see you there!

That looks so heavenly - I would love to be out on the water somewhere! It reminds me of going camping as a child and that good smell of the river and the peaceful feeling.

What a lovely picture - looks like a glorious place to spend time. I'll bet I saw their houseboat in May. While visiting friends in Vancouver, we were lucky enough to go out with them on their boat for their first-of-the-season trip up the river. We got to watch the sun set; it was just beautiful! Hopefully, we will get to see more of your pictures? Off topic - I was delighted to see your sister's house featured in Romantic Homes! And some of your handiwork. I was like "Oh! It's Arden's mom!" She and her family have a fabulous home, too!

This gentleman sells some very nice threadwinders made of wood. They are large = less winding. And they're pretty so you can leave them out in a basket. They're big enough to hold a couple of colors side-by-side, too. They are unfinished so they don't harm the thread:


My sister's friend recently won this contest where you get to have a professional organizer come to your home for 12 hours. I thought that sounded almost better than winning a million... ofcourse then you could have both.. :)

Love those pictures. Really beautiful.

Alicia, we didn't get to spend time at the beach either this summer (the beach house is being remodeled). Come visit us when it is done! We can roast marshmallows and make s'mores to make up for the beachless summer...

Hello! I have been reading your blog for a while, and I wanted to "delurk". I browsed through "Artful Blogging" when it came out, and I noticed that the blog post they quoted from was the very first blog post that I read from you.

Have a great day!

My Steve was rooting for Jelena too. When I asked him why, he said it's because she smiles a lot, even laughs at herself, and keeps trying.

Sounds like a good recommendation to me. They both played amazingly, though. Talk about battle of the titans!

Tennis is the one sport I love to watch too! I wish I could say that I actually "play" it (my sister is on a team) but the closest I usually get is tennis on the Wii and I got tennis elbow from that (my son was embarressed by me!). We never got to the beach this summer either...one of those weird years. Maybe we should all go in the fall--after the hurricane season!

When my Mum and Dad first got married they lived on a house boat. The pictures are split in two between gorgeous and utterly hysterical. It truly was the houseboat that the seventies threw up in!

Oh, I so love that photo. So serene.

I get too sad when I watch tennis these days,although that is the only sport that is fun to watch on tv. I use to play in high school and in college,despite having hip dysplasia. Every time I see anyone play I remember how it felt to be out there. I just can't bear to watch anymore, I loved it so much. Now I'm looking at surgery at 45 years old and only able to do water aerobics :(
Your outing looks so relaxing and beautiful! I adore your photos,they truly are eye candy!!!!

Amy in Tillamook says: September 06, 2007 at 01:01 PM

Our doors are open and our sleeper-sofa is yours for the asking. 'Tis beautiful here today.

wasn't jelena just so graceful (physically and socially)? I couldn't believe how flexible she was, and that she laughed when she realized that no, she wasn't going to be able to get up in time to get to the other side of the court, and just let it go. That's class.

I can't believe it's almost fall, personally. Labour Day Weekend was awful here, so incredibly oppressively hot you couldn't go anywhere or do anything. However last night a pea soup fog rolled in off the ocean, and today we have clouds! It's so cool and calm and peaceful, I'm sorry I took a nap and missed some of it.

You're my hero, Alicia!

Hi! Happy Fall! Happy Pearl Cotton and tv watching and all of it!

I love the beach, too, and I haven't been in a couple of years. (The beach is 12 hours away!)

However, lakes are good. Your picture reminds me of the lakehouse my family had when I was growing up. It was always so relaxing.

We love to watch tennis, too.

You are lucky to have a friend with a boathouse, very cool. I am a big, huge tennis freak, and was pretty bummed when my favorite Nadal lost. Enjoy the Open!!


Can't believe it but after your last post I had to visit my local Hobbycraft and what did I see (and of course buy) but a thread winder. I have now wound my first piece. Only about 150 to go - no sweat. I just love that view and wish you could bottle it :)

Bobbie Duran says: September 06, 2007 at 03:15 PM

Beautiful shot and very relaxing and yes, yes, I love to watch tennis also. So I hope I have no more emergencies this week so I can watch it. Enjoy your weekend.

What a gorgeous photo--I feel relaxed just looking at it.

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