There's a reason they call it Blue Lake.

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Oh, weekend. Weekend! You were good to us Oregonians. Sunny and in the 70s. I'd always heard about "sunny and in the 70s." I just don't think I'd ever really knew what it meant until this weekend. It was perfect.

On the shore of Blue Lake, at the swim beach, there is a beautiful tree. Well, there are lots of beautiful trees. But there is one at the edge of the lawn that I like. Bring your blanket and your little chair. Bring your new book and your water bottle. Bring a dollar so you can get a frozen Snickers. Bring your honey so you can sigh in his direction and say, "Isn't this pretty?" Bring your worries and let them float away on a canoe. Bring your volleyball and pepper on the clover. Bring your happiness and let it expand to fill the beach. Bring your eyelids and let them close over your computer-strained eyes, and take a nap, letting the smoke from a barbecue and the sound of kids playing fill the whole afternoon, like a bowl of perfect blue.



eek! Swimming, in a Lake at 70 degrees?!?!

'course, I'm spoiled, living in Atlanta....the lake sure lookes pretty.

"Bring your worries and let them float away on a canoe."

Beautiful words. Yes, you writing a book is a very smart idea.

Intriguing camera angle on the last shot.

Oh, it's just dawned on me that maybe Andy took it?!

That sounds wonderful! :)

Amy in Tillamook says: July 02, 2007 at 09:52 AM

Oh, your writing breaks my heart, dear! Thank you for the tip regarding not only a fun place to go that is so much closer than Crater Lake, but also a good read. Love, love, the photos.

Angie at says: July 02, 2007 at 10:08 AM

Lovely, oh so lovely! Thank you for taking me with you! :D

Oh that looks so beautiful and 70 degrees sounds heavenly!

It's been pouring here for weeks, but I had just as nice a weekend reading through your archives. I just started reading a few weeks ago. You are a gifted writer and photographer. What loveliness you bring to the internet. Thank you.

Oh, my. If I close my eyes, I'm there.

I grew up on a blue lake of my own. :D

And rumor has it, it's supposed to be sunny and in the 70's here on the coast for the 4th. But it's early. Cross your fingers.

Sunny and 70s sounds lovely. I can't wait for fall already! (It is generally in the 90s here right here.) LOL

how did I live in PDX for two years and never hear of this magical land? It looks like every summer movie rolled into one! Off to google blue lake...

Looks heavenly. thanks for sharing with us.

a big yes to those frozen snickers! we were in cannon beach for the weekend soaking up the gorgeous weather. this summer has been wonderful out here...even the bits of rain. loving the 70s.

and love the photos!

i'm sure i have said this before but this is why i L-O-V-E love oregon...when the sun comes out we are so out in it...we went to seaside last week & my husband & son were in the OCEAN with their shirts off...incredible! & one of my favorite sites i must say:) your writing, as always...

Oh, Alicia,

How beauty-ful, your pictures and writing. Summer, I love you!


Sigh, just beautiful!

Sunny and in the 70's is my favorite weather, unfortunately it just doesn't happen much in Pittsburgh.

Glad you guys had such a nice time! :O) that sounds like a perfect day! I can feel the crack of the Snickers as I try to bite off a corner too soon!

Sounds so lovely!

Did you see the new Romantic Homes? I just got mine today. They mention you in the letters to the editor and, unless I"m mistaken, there's a picture of your sweet pup in an article about making the most of the space in your house! I am only halfway through right now...maybe there's more!! Congrats!!

How lovely! I know what you mean about "sunny and in the 70's". We're having a bit of it up here too. We might actually have a sunny 4th!

Oh! I have not been there since I was a child. It was so popular back in the 70's. Perhaps I shall take my wee ones out there this summer !


Oh, that sounds like bliss. Pure and simple.

We haven't seen Audrey lately... did she get to enjoy the lake outing too? Happy Fourth!

Hi There, I've been reading your blog ever since I saw your house tour on Apartment Therapy, but never had the chance to say hello! Hello from Canada - and I adore your style!

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