The 3rd, the 4th, and the 5th of July

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When Andy Paulson has the whole week off, it's just party party party. When that week includes Fourth of July (I took this picture from the top of the parking structure downtown where we watched the fireworks — unfortunately, the fireworks were behind me, but I thought this was kind of cool) it's like PARTY PARTY PARTY baby. I'm completely partied out, I think. I got out of bed this morning and could hardly move. Now that the weekend's here and he's back to work, it's back to work for all of us. Phew! What a relief!


The man is a natural-born partier. The next best thing to having a party is blogging about your party with sincerity. Here he is yesterday morning, hard at work on his blog post. I think he took over 200 photos. Maybe 300. I was laughing almost the whole time. He hijacked my camera and computer for two straight days. After he was done with the post, the laptop really heated up as he checked on your comments all day, very excited when one after another rolled through. Cutie patootie. So cute. xoxoxoxox


It got hot here. We had my family 'round for the scorching-hot day of the Fourth, went down to the baseball game that night (still very, very hot), and headed out to the summer's first concert at Kruger's Farm yesterday evening with our friends. You may remember that Sarah sets the bar high when it comes to food and fun. I knew she was making an entire Indian dinner for all of us to eat at the farm, so I thought I'd make some Apple Streusel Cinnamon Swirl cupcakes (from one of my favorite books). Which didn't turn out at all, being soaked with oil as they were. (The recipe called for an entire cup of oil, which seemed like too much as I made the batter, and was, in fact, too much, when the "cupcakes" came out like shotputs, but maybe it was just me, and the fact that it was about 95 degrees. So off to Saint Cupcake went I. Not that saintly cupcakes aren't wonderful, but someday I promise I will contribute something worthy of your amazing efforts, Sarah.)

Concert1 Now, that's what I call a picnic on the lawn. Man. I told Sarah that after August I will be available full-time to beg incessantly for the cookbook she absolutely needs to write.


The setting at Kruger's is basically as good as anything possibly ever gets, ever, anywhere. It's just gorgeous. Last night a guy from the Audubon society freed a rehabilitated bald eagle as everyone watched. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I took this photo with my 300 mm lens (super-zoom), so I was pretty far away; even so, watching that eagle lift himself heavily, slowly, amazingly into the air I sniffled and gulped again. It was surprisingly emotional. His huge wings swung up and down — it was all so slow, in a weird time-lapsed way I wasn't expecting. The crowd held its breath. We watched for long seconds as the eagle crossed the farm, flew over the strawberry patch, headed toward the river, disappeared against the russet patchwork of the hills. Andy later told me that the eagle continue to circle the farm for the rest of the night. It was really awesome.

Then we all went on a hayride and had some teensy-weensy cupcakes.




Concert6 What a great week. Thank you to everybody who came out to play with us. I really needed that. Now it might be time to turn on the air conditioning, get back to work, and go on a diet.


The shot of your friend and her daughter cuddled into her shoulder with the strong sun and the blue-blue sky is GORGEOUS. Frameable. It stands alone and says what it needs to without the photos of the rest of the day. It would make a lovely gift for her.

Anyway, your Party Week sounds spectacular. Now get back to work- 'cause we can't wait to all read the book!

Beautiful photo after beautiful photo. That eagle is amazing! I guess this blog is your scrapbook, huh?

pretty darn great.

Good lord. Your life seriously looks like it's straight out of the pages of a magazine. Do you employ a stylist?? :)

I don't even eat pork, but I think I just fell in love with yor husband.

You two are adorable.

I've been waiting for Kruegers concerts to start back up ever since the last one - and was heartbroked when I had to miss last nights. Can't wait to go next week!

I absolutely love Kruger's, I'll have to check out the concerts sometime. Looks like a wonderful week, great pictures.

cheriwan says: July 06, 2007 at 03:18 PM

Lucky lucky! I'll have to make it ti Krugers. By the way, tell Andy his list of things to do in the summer rocks the casbah. Esp with outdoor Wilco concerts. And skateboarding. And we'd forgive the rockin' out to the metal as well, as we had side splitting "greatest metal moments" while BBQ-ing the other night- it's fun when you can start reminiscing- Pining for the late 70's, early 80's and muscle t's!!! FUN in the Sun in Portland- it's our first summer here, so keep on keepin' on with the recommendations!! We got to have front row seats at the fireworks the other day. Lucky everyone!!

Those pictures are truly fantastic! I tend to aim and hope for the best and usually end up with about 2 out of hundreds that end up ok-ish.... I shall watch and learn!


That's so great. And beautiful pictures too!

Ooooh! I'm making an Indian feast for my beloved cousin Narda, who is coming from interstate to hang out with me today.

I love Indian food, but eeek, all those spices! So much grinding, but for her it's worth it.

Pretty great stuff, and the pictures after are fabulous!

Many Smiles...


where, where, where, where, WHERE did you get those blue STRIPED CUPCAKE PAPERS??!!!!! I, um, have this collection of cupcake papers (don't tell anyone about this extreme weirdness please) and I'd LOVE to have some of those!!!

Alicia once again a wonderful post. If anyone was meant to blog, it is you. You and Andy obviously value friendship highly and have cultivated and cared for those bonds well. The story about the eagle was lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

A well-kept secret in book publishing is that cookbooks generally have more errors than any other books. Even in the very best book there can be a tiny slip-up--the bottom of a fraction gets lost, for example--and it's very hard to catch those things. In knitting books and woodworking books and other kinds of how-to book, someone else can double-check the math, but no one could tell by looking at it whether 1 t was changed to 1T...

It looked like you had a great 4th!!! Dont feel bad about the cupcakes. My baking never turns out I swear. I follow the recipe and it still doesn't turn out.

Sounds and looks like a great week. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.

Aww, thats too cute that he excitedely checked for the comments!! And your week seems like it was soo much fun. I agree with kate, your life does look like its from pages of a magazine!!

I've been of vacation this week. I just getting updated and thinking how do you stay so trim eating such wonderful food. I need the secret!!! Love the pictures as usual.

It's rude of me, but you have to expect this when you post about your amazing occasions, full of lovely details and joyful expressions of your talent and affection: Please invite us to your summer!?

It was hot around the Pacific Northwest for the 4th. So different from the usual 62 degrees and drizzle, huh? I like hot weather for a few days but then I need to have it grey again for a few days. It's the mole in me I think. hehe

Lovely photos!

To the woman who asked, I was digging around for unusual cupcake liners, and found those striped ones here:

I was tickled to see Andy's enthusiasm over the comments. (such a man)
Just for the record, my son Jon- Avery, 18y, was reading the March post,(yes, i'm eventually getting to the present blog), via Andy silk screening the Alice aprons and heard jon laugh out loud about the referral to his "band" comment. It was cute cause it caught him off guard. Jon has just entered the world of silkscreening, so i figured he would appreciate Andy's process, which he did. (and humor,also)
And your fourth pics are lovely. Makes me want to move up north. Louisiana is as flat as a pancake, but it does have the ability to garden year round and don't forget it is the "sportsman's paradise", which is sooo important to someone who loves a/c, and flea markets, and the latest stash of glitter, papers, and red and white striped thread found on spools.
Happy Fourth!!!
P.S. why write a book? you're writing one right now. Just publish all the blogs since you started. I'd buy it.

Terri Pollhein says: July 07, 2007 at 12:45 PM

What a wonderful week you had! Thanks for sharing and the photos were terrific!
God bless.

Oh, gosh. Looks like some seriously good times have been had your way. So glad to hear it. Thanks for sharing it, too. ;)

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