Our New Sofa

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I'm excited, because in a few weeks — maybe any day now, I've kind of lost track — we'll be getting our new sofa. It's called the "Nelson" by Van Gogh. It looks like this, but in sort of a mouse-brown/gray Ultrasuede. I got it at Sofa Table Chair from my friend Susan (her new store out in West Linn is so cool). Right now she has a coupon for 15% off of any custom order sofa!

I had very specific requirements for my sofa, and that very specifically limited the sofa I could have. Firstly, I had to have a "tightback" with no back pillows, since my dog sits on top of those while looking out the window and squashes them flat. Secondly, it had to be dirt-colored non-stainable fabric, because we are a dirty family. I also told her I wanted the "big butt" cushion — mine will have extra padding or something, for big butts that tend to . . . stay put . . . for long periods of time (like mine). I'm going to ask my accountant if I can write off the sofa as my second home office. I really didn't feel sooooo bad about buying a new sofa because, you know, it's for work. I certainly don't spend a dime on, like, work clothes. And our old sofa has basically been reduced to a pile of pillows. It is a squashy, quilt-covered, very-low pile of pillows. My sister said it reminds her of a baby's crib. A giant baby's crib for me. I can't stand it anymore. I can barely get out of it anymore. So, I'm very psyched about the Nelson. I'd better call and see when it's supposed to come — I think it takes six to eight weeks. I can't remember when I ordered it but it was definitely sometime in June.

When we got back from camping, we had houseguests here at the house, Andy's aunt and uncle and their grandson, for the rest of the weekend. Their arrival reminded me of their last visit, several years ago, which had a funny story about our old sofa. In the morning, Uncle George, Aunt Nancy, and I were sitting around the living room, drinking coffee and watching the Today show. It was 2004, an election year, so I remember the candidates were debating. I was sitting on the right side of the sofa, kind of curled up with my elbow on the arm of the sofa, leaning toward the TV. But my elbow had been hurting me lately, so at that very moment I was sort of rubbing it, and straightening it, and massaging it. I often think I'm getting tennis elbow from all the crocheting I do, with my elbow propped up too high on the arm of the sofa.

So I was sitting there rubbing my elbow and feeling a little worried when George, who was watching the candidates talk to Matt Lauer, turned to me and said, "Alicia, if you don't mind my asking, which way do you lean?" And I said, still rubbing my elbow, thinking he'd read my mind, "Well, it's so funny you should ask because I was just thinking, you know, I have been leaning so much to the right [pointing to the arm of the sofa] but my elbow is killing me lately, so I'm wondering if I should move over to the left, and lean that way? I mean, I don't know. Will that help?" I figured he'd have some magic answer, seeing as how he'd just miraculously asked the question I'd been silently asking myself. I looked up and George and Nancy were staring at me uncomprehendingly. It occurred to me that they meant lean politically, not physically. Ohhhhh! I was laughing too hard to answer. The world's going to hell in a hand-basket, but my elbow hurts, so, you know, ow, me and my elbow.

Raise your hand if you saw that one coming, 'cause I sure didn't.

Mmmkay, playing catch-up today, trying to answer emails, phone calls, get my lists together, write, clean the studio, get myself together. I haven't checked out anyone's blog in two months — it's awful. I miss it. That's my R&R time and I'm missing it and y'all terribly. So I'm going to try and get my act back together. I really want to be all caught up this week. I want to make some new pillows for my new sofa!


Nope, never saw it coming!! Great story, the kind of thing I would say! Happy new sofa too...I have the same can't get out of problem with ours, a big dark brown squashy lump of a thing that we bought so that it wouldn't show the dog hairs so much as the white one we had (being as how he's black and tan) so what did we do?? Go and get a white dog that's what!!

You are too funny! I will admit that I'm reading this while at work and at the punch line I began laughing out loud. Got some strange looks from the others but they'd laugh too if they only knew.

Have fun with all the new pillow creations, can't wait to see 'em.

I'm in favor of furniture stores advertising which sofas have the "big butt" cushion. 'Cause this big butt likes to stay put too.

Holly C. says: July 24, 2007 at 09:36 AM

Oh, you are a funny girl!

That is fabulous! So is the sofa.

HeidiAnn says: July 24, 2007 at 10:10 AM

I like your sofa choice very much. I can so relate to your wanting specific things from your new sofa. I have certain things I would want, too - for an assortment of reasons - but I would want the all-one-piece bottom cushion that yours has. For various other reasons, I have never had a new sofa of my own choosing in my life and I am older than you. As a frustrated decorator this is quite upsetting to me when I allow myself to think about it, which isn't often! Not that you require any reassurance from any of us, but I think you made a great choice! Yay for new sofas! Comfy new seating for the whole Paulson family!

Alicia, I am cracking up. You are too funny--I've been talking lately about needing big butt dining room chairs, so I just had to laugh.

LONG TIME NO SEE (many years since we hung out in the publishing world, at GACPC!)! Eek!

I have just started my blogging phase of life, so I happened to find your blog. I love it! I even put a little link to it in my post yesterday--at first I was depressed by how incredible your blog is (and everyone else's), but then I just got excited by how inspired I could be by reading them. I will never do what you do, but you can still inspire me to be me! I will be a loyal reader from now on.

Take care and I want to see photos of you IN your new sofa real soon.

Oh - your leaning story reminds me of an experience I just had - I'll be blogging about it tomorrow!! I'm still laughing at you!


Sharly :)

That whole elbow thing cracks me up. I had shoulder problems for ages and it turned out it was the way I was sitting with my arm up on the back of the sofa cushions. Yikes. I'm a dork.

Nope! Didn't see it coming at all. Hilarious!

Funny story. NICE sofa, I'm envious. We have a hand-me down that wasn't even supportive when it was new.

The sofa is perfect. Oh Alicia.. it's been one of those days and hearing your silly and laugh out loud story just totally made my day!

I too would have assumed that he was talking about the way I was leaning on the couch. Actually, I would have assumed that I was squirming too much and was being asked to lean in one direction or the other so that he could see around me without having to keep shifting from side to side. LOL

The couch looks cozy!! Hope it's all you wish it to be!

Actually I would have thought the same thing. How funny you are. Happy Belated Anniversary.

Awesome story!

I laughed out loud. And I love your new sofa.

Loving that sofa!!


Oh, my gosh!! That was so funny!! I laughed until I cried--You made my afternoon...LOL!!! (brushing tears away...)

Angeljoy says: July 24, 2007 at 01:25 PM

I am laughing my head off, because that sounds so like me. Oh, the consequences of living in the moment! ROTFLMAO

Way cool couch! But the old one sounds too heavenly too give up. I would love a comfy grown up baby crib.:) I have a big fat cat that squashes my sofa cushions, I can relate to that dilemma.


Oh, I have to admit, I did see it coming. What a terrific story. I love it.
We have had some gawdawful couches in our married life. If you have no money for years, that figures. The worst one I remember was out of that weird, totally old fabric that made your skin hurt if you rested your arm on it. It was the color of canned peas...but it was free!

i am cracking up!

love the sofa - our next one needs to be without back pillows too...hope you will share photos of the pillows you make to go with it...

That was hilarious. I like the new sofa. But if you are like me, I always miss stuff when I get rid of it, especially if it holds good memories. Nita

I am on some kind of strange connection with your blog postings. Last week I had absolutely had it with our couch (it was positively dreadful, think 3 bottom cushions that are always ejecting, middle spring poking up, hard wood frame behind loose back cushions that sink behind the ejecting bottom cushions, pale 1980's pastels and cat-damage to the arms......) I made my son help me pull it out to the curb. Turns out there was some kind of wood piece poking out the back as well! This was a hand-me-down couch.

Looking at others I am very squeamish about the price, especially with MardiGras cat claws living here. So far we have pulled the futon in the den and are using that but there is a definite need for more cushioning.

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