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Quilt1_2 Bias-tape making mania. I have it. I got it late, but I got it bad. That bug bit me bad. I would like to sit, every evening, and stitch some binding onto something. Who needs some binding stitched, bring it here. I can't stop.

I finally put a list of all the projects for my book together the other day, to see how all the techniques were balanced out. I was worried that every single project had hand-stitched binding, and luckily not every single project does. Or unluckily. You'll see. Of course, I am evangelistic and fairly uncompromising about hand-sewing. You should do it and you should love it. If you've never done it before, I'm excited for you. If you know what I'm talking about, then you know what I'm talking about.


Amy first talked me into this and she has a cool way of making a super-long bias strip in her book, but I haven't tried that yet (I use mostly straight strips for straight edges). Amanda and Blair have both recently finished fantastically gorgeous hand-bound beauties. If you need any size bias-tape maker, Mariko has you covered. Instructions come with the maker. There. You cannot avoid it now. Prepare to start binding every raw edge you see.


Darling Alicia
Your book simply can't be published quick enough!!!!!

Lots of love and congrats to you

Cherry Menlove

Oh good, someone else like me. I always wish the people who have quilts all finished *except* for the binding could just send/bring them to me and I would just go ahead and stitch away for them. Maybe in exchange for them quilting some of the dozens of tops I've got sitting around? Hmmm. Too bad I can't go into business just hand stitching things for people!

Beautiful! I can't wait for the book!

I for one can send you all my bias binding projects in future! I love the final slipstitching in place(get you on that!) but the actual cutting and machine sewing of it - no thanks. Expect a large parcel in the post soon!

I know what you are talking about, though I had never considered making decorative print binding before (I am not a quilter, you see). It looks gorgeous, and I am thinking that it would look equally gorgeous on the hem of a dress. Like, a navy blue dress, or a dress in a completely different print... Hmmnn.

I have no idea what bias tape making is but you make it sound "sew" exciting!! Can't wait for your book!

I think that bug has hit me too! What girl can turn down pretty bias tape, not this one thats for sure!

Sewing the binding on a quilt is my favorite part of the process. Maybe that's because it means it's almost done. I love all your photos -- sewing projects, in the kitchen, outdoors, etc. I think your next book could just be photos of your day-to-day life.

If I use straight fabric for binding it wears out sooner - using bias lets the threads "curve" around your edge and not fray with use...and the bias attachment for your sewing machine does a really swell job of folding and attaching in one swoop...not a fan of hand sewing at all!

I love bias tape! My quilt bindings are almost always straight cut too though.

I love handsewing too, and totally agree about bias-binding. It's a very satisfying thing to do!

I learned handsewn quilt binding from Denyse Schmidt's book, & love both the sewing-on & the final product. I've been eyeing up those bias tape makers but become overwhelmed by the size selection every time. Perhaps when your book comes out I will have an excuse to buy them ALL.

You must be reading my mind. I have my first quilt (really wonky) that Sebastian is excited to use but he can't because it's been sitting for 2 months needing the binding. I keep trying to remember how you told me it works...

Can I come over tomorrow with it? :-)

I love to bind quilts, and many other types of hand sewing as well.

Can't wait to see your book! Sounds like it's for me!

I wish it were that enjoyable for me too. You can do mine if you like :D I just finished my first ever quilt a couple weeks ago... well... almost finished. I'm utterly afraid to do that binding because I just know I will mess it up. Do you use bias tape makers even for quilt binding?? The lady at my quilting store told me that's a no-no, but I REALLY think it would make it much easier for me... what does she know anyways :S


Bias tape, huh? OK.. I am going to give it a whirl, Alicia.. it looks so darn NEAT. MMM. I hope that your book is taking form nicely. I can't wait to see all your projects and tips and tricks - written in your chatty voice! xx pip

I think you are living in my bizarro world. I just made a top ( out of your binding fabric, and I used bias binding for the hem in another fabric.

I hear you, I am almost finished hand sewing the binding onto a quilt. I have to confess I am dragging it out as long as possible - just to savour each stitch. I am also a fan of quilting by hand, much more satisfyingly 'little house on the praire' than the machine quilted variety.

(Hello from Tasmania)

Hey! I have been lusting over your crochet patterns for months now. Love your blog! Where can I buy the pattern for the little round yoke crochet cardigan?

I have some Amy Butler fabric for a quilt on its way to me right now---- maybe I'll hand sew a bias binding....
And I know your puppy decision has been pretty much made .... you have to see this though

very pretty
i look forward to the book
i'm embarrassed to stay i am still trying to figure out my bias tape maker perhaps reading instructions would help, huh? also would love pointers and very very explicit like a slow motion video of someone actually putting it on so you can't see seams on either side.

woof, no thanks! I just hand sewed quarter-inch bias binding around a top's hem, yoke, neck, arm holes, etc. etc.

and even with such a little project, I'm done!

well, maybe. It does look nice. =) Maybe I'm just done *for now*

catherine comyns says: July 25, 2007 at 05:53 PM

oh alicia - i know just what you mean - i do love the hand sewing & am so glad those little clover gadgets are finally getting their due fame - i've been promoting them for yrs - if only i had a dime for every time i've suggested someone try one...

I sometimes use straight strips, and sometimes bias, for my quilt bindings. But I never use a bias tape maker for that task. Just iron in half, machine stitch the binding to the front, then flip over and hand stitch to the back. Fons and Porter's book about quiltmaking shows how to do the one continuous strip of bias binding, too.

I just love that quilt. The combination of patterns with that red polka dot on the back is so so good. I swear, lately I'm just looking for another project to put handsewn binding on. Nothings finished without it anymore, I'm totally spoiled. I still look at the kid's quilts and can't believe I put binding on that looks that good! Our big quilt has the machine sewn-on version, and one day I'm going to have to bite the bullet and redo the whole thing. I cringe everytime I look at it!

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