Buttermilk Bust-Up

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It started beautifully, with two quarts of fresh strawberries. I think I love strawberries both for how they taste and for how they photograph. It's pretty hard to take a bad pic of a colander of strawberries.


I had visions of mounds of sweetened strawberries, piled on pieces of buttermilk pound cake. I just sliced up the berries, flung some sugar on top, stirred them up, and popped in the fridge while I made the cake.


It's an easy recipe. Butter and sugar creamed into a paste, six eggs lobbed in one at a time, then flour and baking soda alternated with buttermilk.


I'm not sure what the properties of buttermilk are that contribute to good cake, but I'm starting to think I might add it to my general grocery list from now on. I have a friend who actually drinks buttermilk, which I can't imagine, but I seem to be making a lot of stuff that calls for it lately.


Oooo, nice! I found the Demerara sugar in the pantry, finally. I love that stuff. A layer of glitter, then in for 70 minutes.


Oh joy! It looks perfect! Begin making plans for own cable-access cooking show! What shall I call it? What'll I wear?!?




Oh no! Call 911, stat! Rescind voicemail to agent! Cancel order from new J. Crew catalog!


Sigh. Sorry Larissa!

Well, it tasted great. Will wait for advent of Taste-o-Vision. Or try it again and flour the pan this time.


aarrgghh! that kind of thing usually happens to me when I am taking the cake to someone. murphey's law.

Regardless of the *bust-up* still looks great and those strawberries...Yummm!!! That dress is pretty darn cute too!

It still looks fabulous. It's all about the taste! I'd watch your cooking show! :)

it look delicious ...

How frustrating! I hate it when that happens, but it look amazingly yummy nonetheless!

Get the dress anyhoo, Nigella - that cake looks scrumpdillyicious. :)

i have done that exact thing, in what looks like that exact pan. i think that it is (or mine is) teflon coated fools me into thinking - every single time - that things wont stick. and, every single time if forget the flour, things stick. for what it is worth, your cake looks delicious.

You are cracking me up! Only because this has happened to me in the past as well, usually for a party or my mother in-law's birthday. I'll bet it still tasted good, though, and you know - the crumbs left in the cake pan do not have any calories!

I really shouldn't visit your blog before lunch. That cake looks delicious, with or without a bottom.

I'm loving J.Crew these days as well.

Oooh, isn't it maddening. When that happens to me, I declare that it's "trifle time!" I've had Mountbatten trifle, Victoria trifle, gingerbread trifle... the list goes on.

Tasty, you know.

I'm so glad you posted this! I've aquired my very first Bundt pan, a thrift store find, and have been searching for recipes. I'd like something with less eggs and butter, an angel food cake maybe, but I HAVE to try yours today!!

HeidiAnn says: July 30, 2007 at 09:11 AM

You are so funny! The cake still looks yummy, as do your photos, as always!

your cooking mishap posts never fail to crack me up!

say, any other ideas for using up buttermilk? I've got a bunch leftover after the boy's birthday cake and all I can think of is biscuits and scones.

Alicia, despite the pan mishap, it STILL looked delish! (and I'm sure it tasted pretty good!)

hmmm..where is my tube pan. I really, really need to make a pound cake. I'll think of you while I flour the pan. Still looks yummy though!

I use Demarle Flexipans or the Silpat sheets whenever I bake and never have problems anymore with food sticking. Though they are not real "pretty" for tabletop use and are a bit expensive they are professional grade quality and I find I use them every day ( Flexipan molds can go in the freezer too and are also microwaveable).

Still it looks yummy!

Thought I would pass on the company web address in case you were interested.

Mmmmm. Buttermilk. Pour into a Mason jar, crumble in some crusty salty cornbread and you have a traditional Southern treat.

Love this post and your blog!

I'm thinkin' that I would still love to eat that cake! Love delish!

Small glass of buttermilk to drink.

A must have.

My Grandma is from Alabama. When I was young and would visit, she would pour me a little bit.

Your 911 made me laugh! Thank you.


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