Yep, me too!

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Guess what! I'm writing a book! Yep, me too!

My book is a collection of original projects called Stitched Souvenirs: 30 Simple, Special Things to Sew and will be published by Potter Craft in fall of 2008. From quilts, mobiles, and softies to pillows, photo albums, and placemats, all of the projects have a personalized component, and incorporate embroidery, applique, stenciling, and photo-transfer techniques. I think the things I design have always been evocative of special events, people, and life-experiences, and this collection is truly reflective of those inspirations. It represents everything I love about making personal, beautiful things by hand.

Aw, I'm so excited. It's still sinking in! I feel kind of shy just talking about it, for reasons I can't even put my finger on. I've been working on it for quite a while, but my submission deadline is flying toward me, faster than I could've imagined: Everything is due at the end of August. So I am busy! But I'll tell you, it feels so great to be working on something that feels so right.

Thank you for encouraging me, everyone who's ever been interested in what I do or suggested that I make a book. My heart feels big and awkward this summer. I'm so grateful for all of this. Thank you. Really truly.


Yeah. I will buy one.
Good idea!

I will definitely buy one! You have inspired me in so many ways.

Mary D in Texas

Congratulations on the up-coming book! I know it will be a huge success!!! I hope it is the first of many:)

Yeah Alicia! I am so happy and proud of you. This has got to be a wonderful feeling, even if you do feel like deadlines are drawing near. I can only imagine it will just be incredible.

So when the pre-order starts... you let us know! I will be one of the first to pre-order...
now, when are you going to be travelling around the country doing your book

The biggest of congratulations are in order for you!

That's wonderful! Just think how many more you will inspire with your creativity. Very exciting. Congrats!

How EXCITING for you! It is so thrilling to watch someones success unfold here in blogland. Congrats and I can hardly wait to see the finished product

That´s great! It must feel great to publish all your own projects.

Wow - that's wonderful news! Congratulations! Sounds like a lovely book too... :)


i was just thinking to myself, "when is alicia paulson going to write a book?" and now i know.

can't wait.


So exciting! I can't wait!! Congratulations to you!

Laura C. says: June 19, 2007 at 09:16 AM

Yay Alicia! So happy for you, writing it, and for us, who get to read it!

Awesome! How cool for you...and for everyone who reads your book.

Congratulations! I'll definitely buy it when it comes out. I love your style :D

congrats and it's about time. i can't wait to learn more about your experience as it moves forward.

Congrats!! Your blog is so inspiring this is gonna be one amazing book ;)!!

Congratulations. If anyone out there in the bloggy world should have a book deal it should absolutely be you. Can't wait to get my hands on my own special copy. Will you have a way to offer signed copies? Cuz, I want one of those!

Congratulations! What wonderful news! I look forward to seeing your new book.

Oh wow, how exciting! You must be so busy, but really, I am so pleased! Pleased for you that you will have your name in print, and pleased for me that I can buy your lovely book (I just know it is going to be lovely!), and just imagine, people all across the world making your things!


I'm going to go broke with all my favorite bloggers publishing books! At least you guys are staggering them a bit.

Can't wait, Alicia!

Congratulations! When can I preorder. :)

mithrilsea says: June 19, 2007 at 09:29 AM

Can't wait! You're my all-time favourite blogger and I just know your book will be wonderful.

Congratulations - you deserve it!

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