Flowers and Fruit

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It's Andy's birthday today! We did so much stuff already this weekend I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with the farm.


Kruger's Farm is on Sauvie Island, just a few minutes north of Portland. We went out to pick some peonies and get some strawberries. Don't these strawberries feel naive and hopeful? It's all just starting. It's just the promising start.


I do love the farm. It's so sweet. Hayrides and a corn maze, bluegrass and barbecue. Every time we go we entertain fantasies of moving. I would like to lay on my front lawn and look up at the stars sometime in my life. I could get a part-time job at the farm and sell flowers and fruit. Andy could run with the dog down the beach. I could get a pony and a pair of pygmy goats. He could play guitar on the front porch. We'd have lilacs and lazy days and berry jam.

Krugers3 Is that what it would be like?

Krugers2Probably a little bit like that. (That's not me, I just thought her boots were cool.)


Happy, happy birthday, my sweetest of sweet people ever to be born. I hope this year is full of everything you are wishing for and dreaming about. Chocolate-dipped hamburgers and vats of just-sweet-enough kettle-korn. Anything you want.




A million honey sticks, all things golden and sweet.


Happy happy Birthday wishes to the birthday boy!

Happy Birthday to Andy! It looks like you two had a wonderful time. I can see what you mean about wanting to move there.. that would be wonderful.

Hope you have a great birthday Andy!

Happy birthday Andy.

This is so very Sweet and Lovely and Sweet and Lovely. Beautiful.

Happy Birthday Andy!

Happy Birthday, Andy.

And some Sunday, while the market is still here, you must make the drive to Astoria to visit our Sunday Market. :D

HeidiAnn says: May 29, 2007 at 10:23 AM

Happy Birthday to your dear husband! And thank you for your lovely post and beautiful photos. Definitely makes me want to go there - or at least someplace nearer to me that may have a similar atmosphere. Happy farmstand/ farmer's market/roadside stand/strawberries/cherry picking/flowers/late spring, and summertime!!

Thanks for taking me away from "here" for a few moments. :)

Happy Birthday Andy!!!

Happy Birthday Andy!!!!!! :O)

Oh, those peonies are so lovely, pink peonies are just the best!

Mmm, love strawberries, yum!

Ooh, peonies AND strawberries - I can see how you got a bit carried away with the whole 'rural idyll' fantasy! How's a girl to resist? Happy birthday to Mr P too.

ooooh! what a perfect sounding day!

Happy birthday, Andy, but don't all other birthday wishes just sort of pale in comparison to Alicia's? :0)

Chocolate Dipped Hamburgers You'll Enjoy. I love it!

(Ooooo, honey comes in sticks? YAY!)

I love your boot girl photo and ...

Happy, happy birthday, Andy!

Happy Birthday Andy!
Love the photos, Alicia. Those strawberries and honey sticks- yum! Those boots are so great too.
To look at the stars every night- that would be a beautiful way to end each night...

Happy Birthday Andy! And man, those boots are cool.

That looks like such a fun trip! We love those honey sticks too.

We went to Kruger's Farm on Friday and picked strawberries and peonies too and have been enjoying them ever since. It's so idyllic out there. Like another world, yet so close to the city.

Happy Birthday, Andy. You share your day with another great man, GK Chesterton. How 'bout them apples? (oops, I mean strawberries ;)
Many happy returns of the day!

Yay! Happy Big Day :)
What I wouldn't do to live near a peony farm...what kinda cake ya makin?

..::Alicia (actually Andy)::..
Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest husbands I know (well sort of know through Alicia). It seems you had a wonderful time with your sweetheart and a lovely trip to the farm. We have places like that around here too -- just love them!


I envision living in the country the same way... I think it's a highly romanced view, but what fun is daydreaming if you can't really *dream* right?

Happy birthday to Andy!

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Whenever I think about the day you were born, I remember looking into your sweet brown eyes for the first time and noticing that you had a little color slice in a tiny piece of pie. I meant to stare you down when you were here to see if it's still there! Let me know, Alicia! I love you both.....just wish I could deliver a birthday hug to my birthday boy!

tammy g. says: May 29, 2007 at 01:39 PM

You're killing me...I want to move there, too!! :)

(you silk-screening genius you!)

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