Fairy Tree (Frothy) and Other Colors of Spring

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Mmmmm. It's here. My favorite time of year!

Spring5 I love the dark and the light, together. Everything looks so pretty and fresh.

Spring2How can we possibly be expected to think straight, with things like this happening right in the front yard? Seriously. How very distracting!

My brain is frazzled with petals.



Do you seriously have green grass and blossoms?? Oh I can hardly wait!! Thank you for sharing this little piece of heaven!


tricias treasures says: March 12, 2007 at 10:08 AM

How pretty! We still have a bunch of snow here and all is dirty and brown. I can hardly wait till we can see flowers!

you are so very blessed....i totally get the whole "dizziness" that surrounds walking out your front door to such beauty. i'm still waiting for spring to arrive here in NY.....i'm getting a little impatient. please keep posting those spring photos. love j

Oh. It's beautiful. Spring is also my favourite time of the year except that I don't get spring anymore so it's more like my favourite time of my life whenever that was. Eep! I realise that didn't make much sense but in my head it's perfect. Not that I have a perfect head. Um. Can I start again? North of 60 spring is for about a week at the end of May and we don't have tulips or cherry blossoms and it's at times like these that I remind myself that love is more important than spring. However, I LOVE these beautiful photos and they fill a deep springy hole in my heart so thank you thank you thank you. And if you enjoy spring deeply for the both of us that will be enough for me.


these photos are making me crazy in the good way
i am so anxious for spring. i see green beginnings of the bulbs in our tiny yard in front of the condo bldg. what i would do for a yard like this and with a cherry blossom tree in front- heaven!

And now you've frazzled my brain. Oh my gosh, I can smell those flowers from here. It makes me so homesick it hurts. So beautiful.

islandginny says: March 12, 2007 at 10:25 AM


Thanks for the photos! They are like a breath of fresh air. Hurry uo spring!

Oh I lovbe it when the blossom is everywhere!! So lovely to see the many pretty colours. I hope springtime comes soon to the UK

Gosh A, any of those photos could be a magazine cover!

I'm going to Portland on the weekend to visit my friend Michelle, so I'll get to experience your Spring up close :)

ooooo, petals... so pretty. can't wait 'til spring really hits here in new england!

Your tree just took my breath away. Gorgeous!

I'm jealous. Here in southern California, it was 93 degrees yesterday. All my plants are getting wilty.

Oh my!!!!! I'm so terribly jealous!!! We had snow yesterday, and it's back down to -10 deg.F this morning. *sigh*

That tree is just incredible. And to be walking on those petals, coming & going, must feel something queenly, or bridal. Too sweet!

wow, we are so far from all of those flowers and greenery that it's a bit depressing. i searched for buds on my way to work today and still nothing.

o dear. my brain is frazzled with deepest envy.

Amy in Tillamook says: March 12, 2007 at 11:07 AM

beautiful photos! such a difference in the climate between PDX and Tillamook. we're budding out and some are flowering,but not to that extent...wowsers. caught you on DIY a few days ago, so cool!

How absolutely gorgeous! I am so envious! I do have hope though, my tulips and daffodils are starting to emerge!

I can't wait til I can see such landscapes! Very beautiful indeed. Whenever I see cherry blossoms carpeting the ground I can't help but feel like I am mother nature walking through a creation of mine. I don't care how old I get, cherry blossoms will always bring up that fantasy! I can't wait to visit D.C. when they have thier cherry blossom festival.

The great thing about spring is that it always comes. Eventually. Sometimes it lasts longer than others. Weather in California has been odd this year. Northern CA at 83 degrees this early? That doesn't usually happen until May. But I love Spring whenever it comes and however long it lasts. And the heavenly scents in the air that accompany all those blossoms. Just blissful. Alicia, do enjoy your beautiful spring blossoms for all of us.

thank you! thank you! thank you! what a sight for this new england girl. our time will come, for now, i will enjoy yours.

Gorgeous photographs and I love the wetness--very Portland.

Spring has sprung in the Bay Area too and it's so welcome.

I was just checking the USDA planting guide website to see when I can start my little seeds indoors. Still LOTS of snow on the ground here BooHoo. Weird to see another part of the country so colorful and vibrant when everything here is grey, brown, soggy, and gross!

What an incredibly beautiful tree!!!

Oh, I wish spring would get here faster! It's almost here, I can feel it. Right now I'm living vicariously through those pictures.

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