Yay for Effort!

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Sewingsupplies1 'Morning, darlings! I cracked a filling (looked in mouth last night and noticed with horror that there is not one downstairs molar that is not weighted down by glob of silver) and have to run out to dentist this morning. But why am I so happy? Because look what I got! New tools.

Wow. New needles. An applique poker thing. Who knew they even made such a thing? Not I. New blue magnetic pin holder. Sharp pins. Yarn needles AGAIN. Can't keep those things around no matter what I do. Every time I need one I got nothin'. Oh, and ginormous pom-pom maker from Mariko and Kelly. Buttons to cover, transfer pencils. What a honey-jar of good stuff. Ahh [sighing happily, rubbing tummy]. Satisfaction.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments lately. Egads, I'm so overwhelmed by you all. And grateful. Overwhelmed by and grateful for your generosity and your attention and your thoughtful contributions and advice and suggestions and ideas. My in-box looks like Bourbon Street after Mardi Gras, sort of a wreck and filled with gems I'm afraid I won't get to pick up. But thank you. I'm so pleased to be part of the parade.


Thank you so much for your amazing creativity and inspiration! I am a fellow blogger living in Rome Italy studying costume design! I showed your blog to all the costume students here in Rome, and I have to tell you, you have many international fans!
My teachers love your blog too! I sometimes translate, but your lovely dog speaks for herself! She has international fans too!
I can't wait to show everyone the latest sewing goodies on this post! And to see what you make!
Baci Baci!
xoxox Christine Rose Elle

ok, you have inspired me - I am going down to the fabric store to stock up on new stuff, too! My boxes and jars of mish-mash have got to get organized and updated if I'm ever going to make things without a Sherlock Holmes search for the right tool. Jolly good!

Your pictures are always so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for continuing to share your world with us.

i have tool envy!

.............................Best !!!

It's a notions smorgasbord.

Thanks for your posts(and giving us a peak into your ever creative world), I strive to have such a beautiful blog as yours. Keep doing what you are doing!

i love getting new sewing notions. when i buy one, i feel like i need to buy several things. one is never enough. kinda like back to school shopping in elementary school. this photo makes even ordinary needles exciting! thank you!

I have GOT to get one of those magnetic pin holders!! My vacuum would be very pleased.

oh my I love that photo!! It's so fun and cheery.

Also I have that pink fabric with the little red outlined flowers on it too!! Isn't it FABULOUS??? I used some of it for wallets, ect in my shop.... but I think I'm going to hoard most of it for myself :D

Jenna Lou

wow - lucky you! it is so exciting to see all that potential.

I see that there is a variety of NEW PINS there - I need to get new needles - I am similarly hampered by having inherited a whole tin of old slightly too wide and slightly sticky useless needles when I left home (20 years ago).

How much easier life would be if I invested a couple of quid on new shiny,happy in a proper packet,needles.

I'm so glad you treated yourself to new tools! The only thing comparable to new sewing tools is new school supplies. Especially the big box of 96 crayons. Oh the color possibilities!!!!

Seriously, though, sewing is such a pleasurable experience when you're using good tools and good fabric. Enjoy! I may just have to join you. :-)

i love new tools too.
did you get a new pack of crayons at the beginning of each school year?
have you ever purchased from http://www.createforless.com?
just wondering...

Isn't that the best feeling ~ coming home and looking at all your pretty new things? I love it!

So sorry about your tooth : (


Wow, I am so very impressed - not just by the haul of goodies, but by the fact that it seems to be working as anaesthetic before you even get to the dentist! Can't wait to see what you do with all of this lovely stuff.

i am extremely jealous of all those goodies...they look like they are just waiting to be played with!

Oh... my... a sewer's heavenly toolbox! As I read your blog I started thinking, "Hmm... where are *my* yarn needles?", but I found them, thank goodness. One day I hope to raid every craft store in the city to amass such a collection.

I love love love those needles. They are just the best! And the pom pom maker is fantastic...you'll be making pom pom's in minutes. Somewhere I saw a picture of a circular pom pom rug..just pom pom's all joined together - it looked amazing.

great photo, the start of a fantastic day!

*sigh* That photo looks like Heaven to me! Can't wait to see what you create with the new goodies. :)

wow! look at all those supplies... you are stocked!

This is my first time commenting, up until now I've been a lurker, a word that is so evil sounding that I wanted to rid myself of it. Anyway, I saw your spread in Romantic Homes and was so inspired. I also love your comments on patience during crafting. I have a *serious* problem with patience because my time is at such a premium (I have 4 kids: a 5, a 3, a almost 2 in April and a newbie). But the quality of my work suffers because of my need for speed. Thanks for reminding me to slow down and work with more precision.

I can't believe I actually know where my yarn needles are. I don't have to even go check.

Love your pile of new goodies.

Alicia I am sooo glad someone else loses her needles too... I never ever can find one.

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