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Screening6 Andy and I are pretty lucky, because we both like to make things. And sometimes the things we like to make coincide. For instance, I bring him my ideas and some line art, and he gives me a huge stack of gorgeous silkscreened personalized stationery. (He also made some for our niece, which I'll show you tomorrow.) Goodness gracious.

This stationery, my fancy stationery, has been in the process of happening for about a year. That's how long is took me to figure out what I wanted. I've had the paper and envelopes since last spring, when I intended to do something gray and yellow, with daisies, similar to an invitation that was in Martha Stewart Weddings summer 2006 issue. But I really wanted to find paper to line the envelopes that was white with tiny yellow dots, and I couldn't. So then I wasn't sure what I wanted, and I stuffed the cards and envelopes in a drawer and waited.

Then I saw the winter 2007 issue of MS Weddings. (I buy all of these, and have saved them for almost ten years. I really don't know where to keep all these magazines anymore. It's getting crazy. But I won't give them up. Did you know you cannot find any back issues of Kids or Baby even at the library, or even through interlibrary loan? The librarian said that once most magazines are gone, they're gone. I did not know that. I have most of them, but I'm missing a few here or there — and now it seems I always will be missing them.) Anyway, I went totally mental over this issue. It's just so beautiful. I love everything about it. Somewhere in there is an envelope lined in this paper, from Kate's Paperie. And I was relieved, because although this paper is expensive, I could finally "see" my stationery. I ordered a few sheets to line about fifty of the envelopes and had them shipped from New York, which just seemed so ridiculous and decadent, but I was not disappointed. (No doubt someone is going to tell me they just saw this down the road at Oblation or something.) When I'm excited, I'm excited. I don't wait. And if you stretch the cost of your stationery out over a year, it doesn't seem so bad. . . .

Screening5 So I found my clipart in one of my forty books of clipart, designed my page, and placed my order with my personal silkscreener. He is so obliging. He really loves to silkscreen things. He is quite perfectionistic about it, too, which, I must tell you, is just how you want your silkscreener to be because did I mention that this paper was expensive? I think I did. For those of you interested in learning how to silkscreen, he recommends one of the Speedball kits, probably the value pack — that's all he used. Anyway, he had a lot to do yesterday, what with making about fourteen items for our Superbowl menu. (So sorry, Bears! I think I actually watched more football and football-related tear-jerking biographies yesterday than I have in my entire life put together. And I must say that the bios were a lot better than the game.)

Screening2 Can you see the little lurker up there, staring worriedly from the top of the stairs? She's not big on the basement. I can't blame her. Remember Calico Balloon?

Screening3_1 Someone wrote to me the other day and asked me where it was. Er, right here. Here it is. I swear, if no one had invented the enormous plastic stacking box, I think I'd be a lot more accomplished. As it is, these all sit nicely on top of each other, creating a tidy if impenetrable wall of "vintage things that need to be photographed" behind the laundry table. Isn't it terrible. Well, I'm slow, but eventually I get there. Don't worry. It's still happening. I'm learning how to pace myself, and stay balanced. This is new for me, so we'll see. I must say that when you are pacing yourself, and staying balanced? SO MUCH LESS gets done. Have you noticed that? You are exponentially happier, of course, but — less (quantity-wise) gets done. Oh well. I'm okay with that.

Eeeenyway. Eventually he came up. And look what he had for me.

Stationery4 Oh my gosh.

Stationery2 Time to get those Christmas/birthday thank-you notes out. It will be pure pleasure now.

Thank you, sweetheart. I love it all so much, so much much much much. I love it. Thank you.


GADS! You lucky duck! Job well done, Andy!! They are gorgeous and fit you perfectly!

Those are amazingly, wonderfully beautiful and so much better than anything you could buy.

Beautiful. Just perfect for writing thank you notes. There is something about exquisite stationary that makes hand writing such a pleasure.

I have back issues of MS Baby & Kids. love, Love LOVE them. will keep them until I die. If you would like to borrow, let me know. I would be willing to part with them and share their beauty for awhile.

perfect in every way! simply a wonderful combination of two incredibly talented people.

beautiful, just plain beautiful.

Such lovely stationary. Enjoy writing your notes. Is Andy willing to re-supply as needed?

Definitely worth the wait, I'd say. Lovely.

Oh My Merciful Heavens, that is GORGEOUS stationery!! Andy is one talented perfectionist silkscreener.

I'm sure you'll enjoy every occasion that calls for you to use YOUR OWN PERSONAL STATIONERY! WaHoo!!!

holy crap! That is WONDERFUL stationary. How could you not write all. day. long. now? What fun it must be to collaborate together!

So beautiful! What a treasure to have 2 such talented people in one family!

How gorgeous! I adore paper. I have an entire paper room. The paper from Kate's is really lovely and you both did a lovely job.

SOmetimes you can find Kids on Ebay, but they are in demand. I was very unhappy when it was discontinued.

I am in awe of the stationery, it's beautiful!

As far as back issues of magazines go, my mother had ordered a back issue of Martha's Food magazine so I think it may be possible to order the missing ones from your collection. I am not sure how she did this, perhaps the customer service department for the magazines could help :)

jaw dropped. just dropped. lovely lovely lovely. you want my address?? ;)

That is just gorgeous! Andy does wonderful work!**Pat yourself on the back Andy**

I really wish MS would not have discontinued Kids. I loved that magazine. Every now and then I go ahead and Martha a note on her website about my displeasure of stopping the magazine. I got tired of storing all of them, so I pulled out everything I wanted out of the Babies and Kids magazines, put them in to sleeve protectors and then into labeled notebooks and threw away all the ads that I did not like. I remember the weekend I did that. My poor trashman probably thought I lost my mind (I'm still wondering too).

LOVE this post, love the story of it all and what can I say about the end result....absolute perfection!!!!!!!!!! Marvelous:)

I love these paper goods! Andy can pat himself on the back indeed.

{I like the font too}

Your stationary is so very beautiful and personal, which is the best kind! It's such a pleasure to forsake the computer now and then to write notes and letters in longhand on beautiful paper. Well done, Alicia & Andy!

Your stationery is beautiful! I want the Speedball silkscreen kit thingy now. Because I just know that if I get one, beautiful handscreened stationery is gonna come flying right on out of it. It is, right?

p.s. Sometimes libraries have used book sales where you can find all those MSL & Co. back issues for, like, a quarter. Don't tell anyone.

So gorgeous! Absolutely perfect!

Stationery looks absolutely fab! Lucky to have your own silk screener, right in your very own basement.

After the excitement of the first play in the Bears game, we were all practically sobbing the rest of the game.

To Die For!!!! I love pink and grey. In HS, my mom thought I was nuts when I told her I wanted my room painted gray to match my pink carpet. She admitted later in life that it really was pretty. Glad Im not the only one. :-)

I kid you not, my junior year prom dress were these exact same colors. Looking at this brought back memories. I love what Andy did, he is quite a talented guy too. Screenprinting isn't as easy as one thinks. And if someday you would like to give a tutorial on how to line envelopes, well that would be just so cool! :)


Dear Lord, those are amazing. And now I have a new wallpaper for my desktop...Thanks for the link!

That is gorgeous! Wow, what a fantastic job he did. I'm totally jelous!

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