Baby, It's Cold in Here!!!

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Audrey1_4 Love. This. Doggie!!! Agh!


Ak! She is SO cute! What a sweet little face!

Ahh doggie love. Our dogs are cold too and won't go outside unless we go with them.

Okay, this is the cutest thing I've seen in days. I would have to snuggle with this girl!

Audrey, talk to my crazy Corgi, would ya? We're having an ice storm, and he's outside chasing squirrels and chewing sticks.

Stay warm and snug, Audrey. Maybe have some freshly baked dog biscuits and tea. It's that kind of day...

Oh, my goodness! So sweet! Our Ivy, a creamy-yellow little Lab mix, loves to snuggle up with us in our duvets. My husband thinks she feels the connection to their duck down, but I think she just has good taste for the best things in life! Stay warm!

I think she's pleading for you to turn up the heat. LOL

Ahh Audrey you are adorable.

I'm with ya, Audrey! Brrrr.

The snow that fell here yesterday is still on the ground, can't believe it. We've got the heat turned way up in this old house, but the temperature won't go up any higher. Time to put an extra pair of socks on.

Get that doggness a sweater!

oh my god that Auds is a cutie! If I could get my hands on her....

haha! Too cute! :D

Stay warm Miss Audrey. I can't get over the perfect markings on your face!

One Corgi. A million expressions.
Oh how I miss this around the cottage.
Audrey my love ...
Your face speaks a thousand words.

You are my fuzzy little heroine.
I adore it when you visit blogland!
=^..^= smootchies, zU
(does mommy have a POB set up for you to receive puppy fan mail? Perhaps you can persuade her to forward the address me?)

O.M.GEEZ that quilt is SO CUTE!

I love Audrey's photos! Isn't she cute, all snuggled under a comforter!

Keep cuddly warm Audrey!

Oh my gosh!! What a little cutie pa-tootie. I want to give her a big ol' puppy hug.

LOL!!! Oh my Ben (black and white border collie) is sooo jealous of her. Hes trying to find shade to cool down from the boiling heat here. Yes...where is your POB? Audrey definately needs mail!! ha!

The first thing I said before I even read your words was "aah!" Too cute!

That made my day, coming home and seeing Audrey's face on your blog. What would life be without little doggies to love and cuddle with? I wish I could clone her!

My husband's grandmother made quilts just like those warming Audrey.... love them!

Aren't corgis the cutest? Or corgyn, as Tasha Tudor says. Their faces are so beautiful and their bodies so comical, what a combination. Keep on keeping warm, Audrey!

I love the photo of your black and white puppy under a colorful patchwork sweet! right! It's cold and this snow is not going away! Lucky dog to get wrapped in such a great quilt! (I'm not letting our dog see this...)

Awww! I want a dog. I need a dog. Hubby doesn't like pets.

Aaaaaawww what a cutie <3

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