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Xmas4Such sadness over yesterday's news. I couldn't sleep last night, wondering sadly about the world and how it works, and said sleepy, sad prayers into my pillow for all who are or have been lost. I wish the Kims and all who love them peace, and strength, and great courage.

Lisa and Stephanie will be organizing a art/craft fundraiser for the family, and the Kim family web site has ways to further support their needs if you are so inclined. It helps, I think, just to have a place to give what we can, so I really appreciate the Congdons' efforts to do this. They will have more details about how we can contribute soon, so please check with them.

Andy was home yesterday; on Saturday Audrey hurt her back somehow and we've been back and forth to the vets for several days, figuring this out. Our dog is sad, grounded on her little tuffet; I could not decide if she was reflecting our several anxieties or displaying her own. Both, I'm sure. Our patient is on bed-rest now, for a week, after her diagnosis which came, finally, yesterday. I've been smooshing kisses onto her freckled nose every fifteen minutes (doctor's orders), bringing her treats, chews, cats for company. Corgis have trouble with their long backs, unfortunately. Ours typically jumps like a jackrabbit onto every possible place she can — most do, I think — a behavior which runs counter to their physiology. So, a somber, achy puppy but relieved puppy parents (we were worried it was something even more serious). We held hands tightly and headed out yesterday afternoon for some Christmas, together. This is Monticello Antique Marketplace. It was so pretty.





Xmas18 Xmas2_1


Xmas3These photos are all of displays created by special vendors in the "Christmas" room. If you're local, I recommend the trip. Shipping is not what they do here, so if you're out of town, I'm sorry to be so blatantly tempting. I just thought you might like these pretty pictures today as much as I do.



the photos are beautiful! hope your puppy feels better soon!

Sad days all around.

Hope that Audrey feels better soon.

Love your photos, as usual.

Ohhh, my Charlie boy (Basset) has issues w/ his back sometimes too. He's constantly jumping around even though it's not good for his long bod :(

I also had a hard time falling asleep. I couldn't stop thinking of James and his family. It's a hard hard time for all.

I went to bed at 8:30 last night, a reaction to my heaviness at the news I think. wish I give you a big hug right now A, thanks for your eloquent words. Hope Auds is better soon

I also couldn't sleep. Everytime I closed my eyes, I thought about the Kim family. I have such a sadness in my heart. My dh asked me why it has affected me so much and I just tried to explain that it could have been our family in the same situation. It just hit so close to home. My heart breaks for Katy and the two girls.

Oh, but the pictures are enough. Thank you! My Christmas-spirit-ometer just went up 5 whole points. :0) Best wishes for a speedy recover for the pup!

I too have had a heavy heart the past days. I know the heartache of having a loved one missing. As terribly sad as it is, I am thankful that they have had some closure. But it will be a difficult road for their families in the days to come. I'll continue to keep them in my prayers.

Thank you so much for the much needed eye candy today.

Thanks for the spirit-lifting photos on a day shadowed with grief. I hope Audrey is on the mend and back to her normal antics soon.

Indeed, the gorgeous photos are certainly uplifting in a time of sadness. Thank you for that.

Those pictures remind me so much of the cutest little store there used to be in La Jolla, CA she moved her store to Texas though :( uptowncountryhome.net

My doggity also has back issues, stemming from an injury she suffered on the plane ride over when we moved here (to Toronto) five years ago. We went thru round after round of enforced bedrest and steriod treatments and were considering surgery when I read an article about animal chiropractors. I looked in the phonebook and found one that was also a certified vet and started talking her for treatments. And it has worked wonders for her! Far better than the steriod treatment and the bed rest and much less expensive and invasive than the surgery. I take her every 4 to six weeks for a tune up and she just LOVES going. I would strongly recommend looking into it in your area. It just might work for Audrey too. Poor puppy!

What a great place! Beautiful pictures. Of cours,e everything today and yesterday has been tempered by the the tragic news of the Kim family. I had been keeping watch every hour on the internet hoping against the odds that he would be found alive. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

I was also troubled all night about the Kim family, trying hard not to let myself imagine what went through his mind when he couldn't get back to the car. *sigh* Thank you for the contact info on ways to help the family.

The pictures are beautiful, and hope to hear that Audrey is back to jackrabbit status ASAP!

I said some prayers into my pillow from the Kim family last night too. So sad...thank you for showing bright and beautiful pictures of this shop! What fun that must be to walk through--wish I could be there, but at least I have you sharing through your eyes. Thanks!!

Oh, crap, you just HAD to show that photo of Monticello, didn't you! I've never been there, and it's just down the hill. I've been obsessed with those bottle brush trees, so I might just have to swing by there.

I hope Audrey is doing better. Deedle hurt her back a couple years ago, and we were worried to death about her. Turns out it was just a temporary pull or something. She got over it quickly, but she had to take it easy and not go for runs (try explaining that to your dog).

Thanks for your nice words about the Kim family. It's so, so sad.

Those pictures are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing them. :)

so sad, after yesterdays news. thanks for such pretty photos.

Those pictures are just gorgeous. Thanks for adding something bright and sparkly into an otherwise lowly day.
Best wishes to Audrey!

I love these pictures! I wish I could be a local for a day to visit this fabulous place.

it's strange how the lives of ordinary people who you don't know can really touch your heart.

thanks for the pretty pictures and hope audrey feels better soon.

Oooh poor poor Auds! Hope she is feeling like herself very soon!

The eye candy is enough to make me want to fly....umm...well almost!!..maybe not ready for a plane ride just yet...but I tell you, it truly looks like a wonderland! Lucky you!!

Portland seems fab from what I have seen/heard! My sister has been out there....loved it enough to "almost" move there!

One day! I promise myself!

Thanks for the wonderful pics!xoxo Jenny

merci alicia...for such a bright sparkly light in the aftermath of some very sad days....for those lost and found we wish them safe passage...healing to audrey...and we hope to find our own darling corgi soon! bisous, the french girls

I have been crying on and off today. I have prayed so hard for their family. I am so very sad for them all. I will continue to pray for them all. What a tragic loss.

About Monticello--holy cow are you so lucky. What a beautyfull store. I want one here in the midwest.
Hope your sweet puppy is doing better.

I've been overwhelmed with saddness for the Kim family since hearing of this story. I can only hope that they will find comfort soon. Like you, I haven't been able to get it out of mind.

Poor Audrey, too, being injured I'm sure is no fun. I suppose it is even more difficult when everyone is already melencholy. I hope she recovers quickly.

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