Mus floristripibus

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Mus3That's their genus and species. Commonly called "house mouse with stripes and flowers." It's a very unusual discovery. Right now there are only almost-five in existence. We expect at least seven or eight to be happening by the end of the afternoon. They do that.

Mus6 Weird, huh? We watched The Thin Man last night — oh, the dresses! Really fun movie. I'm still stuck on the dresses. The bias-cut black-and-white-striped chiffon with that ruffle coming down the back? Jeesh. Totally adorable. Almost made me want to get dressed. Almost.

Mus5Thanks for all the movie recommendations — Andy made a big list and got a bunch for tonight. Giant shrimp are chilling in the fridge. I'm happily ensconced here with my hook and my wool and no plans to do anything, other than possibly get up and make a chocolate milkshake in my new blender. Psych. Happy new year everybody!


Happy New Year Alicia!
So glad I "met" you this year!

The best New Year's Eve I ever had was many many years ago when some friends and I all coincidentally found ourselves without boyfriends. Tina came up with the idea of us each coming up with the most decadent food we could think of, and having a girls' feast at her place, which was a wonderful Victorian home. We chose lobster, caviar, champagne, a bunch of other food items I can't remember, some kind of French liqueur that one of the girls had read about in a novel... and lots of chocolate.

It was an amazing night. One for the record books.

Have fun tonight, Cherie :)

Happy New Year Alicia! Have a wonderful evening. We've got 'The Trouble With Harry' to watch and a glass of cold bubbly and that's our evening, which is just fine by us.

hi Alicia
its thrilling to know Im not the only old fuddy duddy I want to stay home, light the fire and watch a movie with my husband, we will be minding our new baby grandaughter so our not so fuddy son can go out. have a lovely new yr everyone
cheers carol

I love your mus (or is it musi for plural???).
Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you, too!

I'll have to check out everyone's movie recommendations -- we're fresh out of Netflix movies, and we plan to stay in. I'm thinking some sort of creamy Frangelico thing is in order.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you.
How on earth do you manage to make 7 or 8 of those adorable creature in just one day? Amazing!

Happy new year! I have just finished cooking the new years feast spread and I am looking forward to a night in too. But my movies will have to be kid friendly :)

"Mus floristripibus" way cute!

Just watched "Meet Me In St. Louis" (judy garland)...some of the most wonderful costumes and music along with a Home Sweet Home sentiment. Pure Joy!

Wishing you Peace & Plenty in 2007!

Too cute! :)

Happy New Years!

Oh, those mice are adorable!

The Thin Man was a great choice. (We had an Old English Sheepdog named Asta when I was a child, so I have a soft spot for that movie.) Happy New Year to you! I hope it's a great one!

Too sweet! Happy New Year, Alicia and Andy and four-footeds! mwah!

Happy New Year, I'm also staying in in front of the TV tonight - just the way I like it.

I do believe those are adorable little creatures. They look so kind and sweet. :) I love things that make me smile.

Happy New Year!!


Oh those little mousies are too adorable!! I love those meeses to pieces! :)

happy new year!!

I gave my husband the boxed set of Thin Man movies and I'm right there with you! The clothes! The dialogue! The music! If we weren't going out tonight, I'd be happy curling up on the sofa (with the obligatory fire in the fireplace)and watching one with a glass of champagne.

I am watching the Packers game and then Garrison Keiller's New Year's Eve celebration on PBS and eating pizza and knitting and listening to podcasts and....who knows what else. 'Have to cram it all in to the old year before I teach myself to slow down and enjoy the New resolution! Ooops! There goes the laundry buzzer! I'm new to your blog and shop and all of your creativity and am looking forward to visiting your site every day! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I wish i could do more than crochet squares and blankets - your mice thingies are tooooooo cute. I agree - New Year is a little over-rated - definitely a godd evening to watch DVD's and drink something yummy. Love reading your blog Miss Posie!

Hope you have a great night in! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope 2007 is full of fun and good fortune for you and Andy. Your mice are adorable!

Have a joyous, serene and prosperous 2007, sweet Alicia, with your dear Andy and your four-legged friends.

Happy New Year Alicia, Andy and Audrey! May 2007 find everyone happy, healthy and wealthy (not just with money)!

Love your mice, they are so cute.
Have a wonderful 2007.

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