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Baking2Today I plan to do some baking worthy of a Brocket. I can't wait. We do a bit around here; I don't even know how it started or why, but it's like this:

     "Honey, why didn't you call Vet #1 and have them formally transfer all our pets' records to Vet #2?"
     "Because all I ever wanted to do was read."

Or like this:

     "Hun, I told you that you just have to lift up the lid of the toilet tank and fiddle with this little lever in this gross cold dark water every time you want to flush it but you forgot."
     "Well, all I ever wanted to do was read."

And, scene.

Get it? Well, today all I want to do is bake.



That's cute. I love inside jokes. They usually don't make sense to outsiders, but cause the initiated to collapse in a fit of giggles.

I wish I could airlift my baking decorations to you, so at least someone could get some use out of them. I have all kinds of lovely sprinklies, some of which are a bit more unique. I doubt I'll get to bake before Christmas, unfortunately.

Have a lovely day in the kitchen :)

I am with you, Alicia! But, alas and alack, I am stuck at work today. This weekend, however, I plan to bake a red velvet cake to put on my new Whitney Smith cake plate that my husband got me for my birthday! Thanks for sharing Whitney. I am so in love with this beautiful cake plate and the three little birdies that sit perched on top. Happy Baking! Are you Ina or Nigella today?

Why are your photos so simply awesome! They are works of art! You must take a post and tell us about your camera... how you get the shots you get! Cuz I know your neck of the woods has not had sun in quite a while... so how do they look so good...
Do tell...

Looks so yummy! Please photograph thr finished products-- they will be lovely!

Did you see this recipe this week on Martha? I know, I chimed in about Martha's new show on a post a couple of months ago, and I really don't watch all that often, but a glorious cookie is a glorious cookie:
Chocolate Espresso Cnowcaps:

Happy baking-- I will be making the above tomorrow!

Thanks Linda. Here's some photo info: http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/posie_gets_cozy/2006/01/how_i_take_pict.html

From last year but still the same.

andy's defense is brilliant!! how can you argue with that? last time david and i watched sense & sensibility david remarked on kate winslet's line "...stop asking me questions." and said he was going to start working that in his rotation. thats a pretty darn good one too.

oh baby, all i have wanted to do was bake for so long now, but lady you sure know how to do things with style!! love it...

That's my constant refrain at the end of the semester! English lit grad program, why are you so much work? All I ever wanted to do was READ.

If my 4 year old had her way, she'd be covered, head to toe, in those pink sparkly sprinklies! Have a happy day.

I love that feeling. :)

Happy baking day! Your photos are all so luscious.

Have you ever thought about doing a book of them, or do you get asked that all the time?

Me too. Reading and Baking. Too bad it's not cleaning and exercising. Ah well.

omg, your sparkles and sprinkles are divine!! I love your site, have been lurking for quite a while :)Very very beautiful.

We have a million plus one little bits between ourselves. It makes for great entertainment for us and utter confusion (and more entertainment for us) for those around us. It's probably pretty irritating.

The cookie stuff looks great! Today we are making the Christmas Bones!

oh, i'm right there with you. baking is on the agenda today. ingredients are properly at room temperature, cookie cutters are out, and i'm ready to go!

after a little more coffee...

and i have sprinkle-envy.

ooohh...I would love a day to bake. I'm sitting here trying to find a day - haven't found it yet but I'll keep looking. Thanks for the photo tutorial. I'm off to find my camera book to see what else I can do.

hmmm? whad ya say? oh.

all i ever wanted to do was sew.


Thanks Alicia!
I have read your every post... but forgot about the photo info. Thanks!
I so want to be like YOU! You are the most multi-talented person I know... I'm serious!

Ah- Dean & Deluca- I love them. Can't wait to see your creations!

My name is Joy and I'm happy!!!!!!!!

kirsi kyllonen says: December 15, 2006 at 04:50 PM

i haven't noticed a place to email you directly....i am going to buy me a camera and i am wondering which one you have . your shots are so sharp. i am a digi camera virgin,so i would love to know what you have. thanks

Have fun with your baking. Its late here and girls and myself just finished icing and decorating 4 dozen cookies. It was fun and very very very messy. Now, all I want to do is sleep. :-)

BTW, the royal icing we made was horrible. Even with a bit of vanilla. bleck.

Alicia, those photos would make fabulous postcards! Love the pink sprinkles in the glass jar!!

I can relate...but with me its reading and drawing. or reading and knitting.

All that sparkling sugar looks gorgeous in those jars, happy baking!

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