The Morning After the Smorgasbord Before

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Thanksgiving6Dinner was extra-large and so fun to make. Andy and I cook really well together and we are so happy when we are in the kitchen, preparing things. We had much too much, probably. There was:

Mushroom stuffing
Sausage stuffing
Butternut squash lasagna
Baked beans
Spinach gratin
Nigella potatoes
Seven-layer salad
Broccoli casserole
Spiced cider
Pumpkin pie
Apple cheesecake

Thanksgiving7I love the way the house feels in the afternoon before a holiday. It's quiet, clean, expectant. Smells great. Good music.

Thanksgiving4I thought the red stuff was pretty. And I brought the cuckoo clock down. It was my Grandma Ieronemo's and my parents gave it to me when they moved here. I've had it hanging in our bedroom for a long time, but seeing all the cuckoos on the blogs lately reminded me that I've been meaning to move it to the dining room, where it has room to work. It's a big hit with a certain four-year-old for whom time becomes simply a series of opportunities to see the cuckoo pop out. It needs a few little repairs but it still keeps time. I remember my grandma pulling the pinecones up every morning, first thing; I don't know how old it is, at least forty years. It's amazing that it made it all the way to Oregon from Illinois. See how the maple-leaf tick-tocker is blurry? Love that.

Thanksgivingdessert2Audrey and I got a D. Minus. It did not go well! A freaking-out dog on a leash on a hardwood floor is . . . not a pretty sight. It's okay, though. We'll keep trying. The freak-out only lasted for about five minutes, though, and then a good time was proceeded to be had by all. (And that is one tough floor, I tell ya.)

Thanksgiving8Andy woke up this morning and told me his dream, which was also about waking up and telling me his dream about waking up and telling me his dream. The only way he knew he wasn't still dreaming was that the bed's headboard was different. It was like a meta-meta-dream. I'm so excited about today. After we get everything cleaned up, we're going to go downtown for window shopping, books, a movie, hot chocolate, and the city's Christmas-tree lighting tonight. I hope you're doing something fun like that, too. Though lying on the sofa with a cat and a fairisle sock on one's double-pointeds sounds pretty dang good, too. Where's that cat? She's over on Andy. Where's the other one. I need her. And a turkey sandwich, stat.



I've never heard of apple cheesecake, and it looks ever so yummy.

Fairisle sock looks bootiful :)

I was shopping yesterday in an upmarket food emporium and saw the aforementioned tin of steel cut oats. Snatched it up, and dearest hubby cooked some for lunch with onions and celery and Tuscan spice mix. He keeps calling is "Tuscon". Silly man. Anyway, we loved the oats. They are utterly transformed when combined with savoury ingredients, and are unrecognizable as breakfast fare. In my opinion. It probably doesn't hurt that the texture of this particular oatmeal is coarse and resembles.....bulgar or whatever.

Have happy shopping travels today :)

Your table decorations are beautiful! Your Thanksgiving seems so peaceful and organized and delicious....well from the pictures. I just can't imagine a barking dog in the background!

Fantastic post - I could feel the Thanksgiving warmth and love! Can you tell us what yarn that is? i love it!

I love the idea of shopping for books and having hot chocolate!
It's cold here(in Scotland)tonight, but we've just lit the fire and are settling down for the start of what we hope will be a lovely quiet weekend - enjoy yours!

From the looks of it, we have the same cuckoo clock as you. My husband's father brought it back for him from the Black Forest and it, too, has travelled all over the place. My 4-year old loves it as well!

When I was a kid we had that same cuckoo clock! I remember the little striped birds coming out every 15 minutes. I remember pulling the pinecones to get it going, and I remember how we used to have to stop it when I had a big slumber creeped out a couple of the girls! My dad still has it hanging in his house and I can still tell what time it is from anywhere within listening distance to the clock! I love that clock!

lovely. i too love the yarn. do tell...:) enjoy your day.

I also have the same cuckoo clock. My parents bought it for me for my 4th birthday. It has travelled all over as well but doesn't work as well due to not being used regularly. It is my most prized possession and is the one material thing I would save if told I only had 5 minutes to vacate the house.

Love reading your blog!

Everything looked wonderful Alicia and don't worry Audrey will get the hang of it one day if you keep up the good work.

Thank you -- the socks are Regia Jacquard 5296. Got the yarn on-line but I don't remember where -- it's hard to find (older yarn).

Fantastic photos. Love, love, love your Thanksgiving table. Everything looks so beautiful. As always... Hope you and Andy have a great post Thanksgiving day.

Oh and I tried your way of making the oats. I always have followed the back of the can. My friend- your way is superb. So good. I had two bowls. Mmmmmm...

Delurking to say that I too have that same cuckoo clock - hanging on the wall in front of me right now. I looked at the picture on your blog, looked at my wall, looked at the picture on your blog...well you get the idea. I had a moment.

The table looks lovely, as I expect from you. I'm sure dinner was delicious, no surprise there. Lasagna - interesting Thanksgiving fare, but I'm sure it's the Ieronemo in you!

And that sock...I am in awe of that sock. Happy Thanksgiving! xo

Your arrangement looked fantastic. You always pay such close attention to detail... you even put cranberries INSIDE the flower container. I'm impressed!

Happy US Thanksgiving!

The clock is fabulous, the decorations are delightful and the food sounds so yummy! Glad to hear you had a nice thanksgiving:) Now time to decorate for the holiday's!!!!

I am really really touched at all the stories and memories surrounding cuckoo clocks. When we first got ours, it ran way too fast (till we learned how to adjust it) and Peter kept saying "I just love the sound, who cares if it doesn't keep time- nothing short of wild abandon for my wound up tight dear husband.

The room looks absolutely gorgeous, the wall color with that red, its just beautiful (even the socks you're knitting match). I did nothing today, happily. I putzed... xoxo

stunning red accents. so thankful for meeting you and andy. you guys rock.

so pretty and yummy!

Love your photos, the table setting is so pretty with the red touches.

Very nice table. Awesome decor!

Which butternut squash recipe did you use?

I know all the nice compliments have been done.. and I ko,now you know how beautiful your table setting is..
I just want to say the effect it has on me..
I want to run home.. change some furnitures and accessories around.. set the best table I can.. and then invite all my beloved people.. for enjoying a nice evening..
I hope that you enjoy your weekend.. =))

beautiful table settings and the menu sounded delish!

Happy Thanksgiving.
God bless.

yum. i was wondering if you could get a shot of the little bird in the clock. it looks just like the clock my great-grandma had. i loved when the bird would pop out!

the reds on your table are so perfect! it all sounds so lovely, i hope it went as lovely as it looks!

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