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Snowday1Can you see it? Seeeee it? It's there, it really is. Santa must have gotten my letter already! That was so fast!

Snowday2It's not much, but it's enough. I love seeing snow on the rooftops and little puffs of woodsmoke trailing gently from all the chimneys. This won't last — it's still early morning and bound to get warmer — but oh oh oh is it fun to wake up to. Oh! for an SUV and a ride up to the mountain! Snowbound at Timberline Lodge. My dream.

In anticipation of our own slight dusting, last night I made these little Pinecone Nests. This is Miss Winterberrie.Pineconenest1

She sits on a little nest of vintage buttons. They must be kept warm, you know.

Pineconenest3_1And this is Miss Twilit Snow.

They're sort of a mini, wintry version of the Cagelets (which I am working on for the site update Monday). More of these will be up on the site, too. My mini-break holiday weekend is *O*V*E*R* and it's back to work around here. Lots and lots to finish and photograph. New postcards, too. I'll show you those tomorrow. As mentioned, I'm hoping for Cagelets, Sweater Redux bags, Friendly Birds, possibly sock friends and new stockings, but it just depends. I'll try for it all.

Wow. It's freezing in the house! How exciting. C'mon flakey little flakes! I need you!


I'm jealous! I will live vicariously through your lovely blog, since we don't get snow in these parts.
It's going to be in the 40's tonight and I'm thrilled. Sounds perfect for making Ina's chicken hash.
Enjoy your flakes!

we have snow too!! the mountains look beautiful and there's blue sky -- it doesn't get much better!!!

Oh man, send your wishes my way. Today it is supposed to be high of 73, tomorrow morning a high of 60, but by tomorrow night rain with a low of *****18**** so turning into sleet and snow. I am hoping for oodles and oodles.. that way I can stay home on Thursday... I have an idea for all of my sweetgum balls that I am just itching to try.... and I need to finish up some purses so I can finally open up my Etsy shop.

But yeah for you and the snow. Overcast days when it is cold always get my creative juices flowing- only in the winter.. in the summer, totally different story. In the spring and summer those kind of days put me in some hybernation funk.

Love your pinecone mini caglets : )

Ooh, drive out to the coast! Here in Astoria we got about 4". Enough (with a little piracy from the neighbor's yard) to make a couple of snowmen yesterday. Then it snowed overnight and coated everything once more. It's all white, all the way to the river.

Oh, love the pine cone nests! So sweet.


I just talked to mom in PDX who said it was "snowing."

Your post is so timely as I've been so, so grateful all day today that the snow season here hasn't started yet.

I need the flakey flakes too! Alas, we will never get snow before Christmas in these parts. My goodness if we did I would do little jigs all around the roads. Also, it would make the front page of ALL the press, thats how unexpected it would be. The pinecone nests are wonderful. You must be so pleased with them.

Cherry xx

I love the pinecone ornaments! It's -32C here today, but at least the sun is shining :) We're staying put in our warm house.

This weekend I'm hoping to pick up supplies to make some of your gumdrop wreaths with the kids.

oh those ornies are so delish!

Ack!! I love the little nests. So cute. My God woman... you are amazing!
In CO we have had unusually high temps but the 'high' is going to be 27 tommorrow. Brrr...

Come on over and be snowbound with us! There's nearly a foot. Driving home in the snow last night, seeing glittery sparkles in the headlight beams, I just kept thinking that it's finally time to get all the glitter out.
I have VERY vague recollections of Timberline Lodge and Saint Bernards from when I must have been really little, not skiing yet, which would put me at 2 or 3 years old.
Sweet birdies.

Snow!! Its so warm here today (Washington DC) that I ran up to school without a jacket! I'm so jealous; I love snow!

Those birds are sooo cute! *sigh* You make the loveliest little things. :)

ohhhh Snoooww!!! Yay for you Alicia!! You deserve it!! Did both you and Andy wear your pj's inside out last night?? That has been known to work!! :)

Miss Winterberrie is the sweetest!!! Oh you continue to be the most dazzling thing ever!! I love your brain + heart!! What a fabulous combination!!

Cannot wait for the update!! Yippee!!

Happy Winter to you!!
xoxo Jenny

Oh, those birds & nests are delightful!!!!!

Can you see it? I can... it's 11:04 am and it's starting to snow again. Faux finishing can wait! I'm going out and catching snow flakes on my tongue. Care to join me?

I love those little pinecone nests! What a clever idea.

Your pinecone nests are so incredible! Simply lovely.

i hope it snows when i am there in a few weeks!!!

At the very least... take a dinner trip to Camp 18! I see there's another Astoria commenter above and her words echo mine! Oh, and Santa got my letter too!

I never tire of your photos Alicia. True eye candy!

I am amazed at the new ideas you continue to have! Love the nest and birds.

i'm sorry to be redundant, but i love the pinecone nests, too.

Snow...FUN FUN FUN!!!

Love your little nesties. Can't wait to see what more you have in store:)

I'm not going to comment on my jealousy over your dusting of snow, as I'm a little miffed at our 63 degree weather today....
But those pinecones nests, on the otherhand, are killing me! they're fantastic alicia. such a sweet little momma bird sitting on her nest of treasures. lovely.

lucky you to have a direct line to santa!

those pincone nests are so darn cute!

I'm asking Santa for one of those pinecone nests, your brain is just full of creativity these days!

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