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PompomsSock yarn. It's the coolest stuff, especially the stuff that automatically fairisles (that's a verb, right?). If it takes you a year to knit a pair of socks like it does me, maybe you'll want to make some pom-poms with the yarn. Remember this conversation I had with my sis about these? It seems funny now that she totally wasn't getting why I would take a picture. I love that. Cracks me up. Especially since we had had many, many, many conversations about how much each of us hated taking pictures prior. Anyway, some of these little choco-pinks are from the rest of that skein. (Info's in the comments over there, too.)

Then there were these socks. My socks of shame. I never finished the second one. It's halfway done. And I've started another pair for him. I didn't know that knitting socks on 0s was best. For me, anyway. Nice and smooth. I barely know anything about socks. I'm not really a knitter. Everyone's making socks. It's very inspiring. I'm too lazy to go link them up here but you've seen 'em. Siri, Jane, Amanda. I want more time for sock knitting. I just got more yarn for a pair like this that Siri made (and oh my goodness if you'd like to see some amazing knitting and a ton of absolutely gorgeous hand-knitted socks look at her photos — they make me want to be a better knitter, seriously). But I'm already starting to panic about not having enough time to relax this winter. Why do I do that. Chill out dude. I can't. I can. I can't. I can.

I hope I can.

Here is my dream. I'm sitting on a comfy chair-and-a-half [note: I don't actually have a chair-and-a-half, so a comfy chair would do, but a chair-and-a-half would be even better], in front of the fireplace, sipping hot chai, knitting a sock, corgi at my feet. I'm all caught up with all my work, it's pouring outside but I don't care. Perhaps there is an apple pie in the oven and the dishwasher is going. Even better, there would be something yummy bubbling in the crock pot so I wouldn't have to get up and make dinner, either. The phone's not ringing. The computer is off. Music is on. What should I listen to? I don't even know. Doesn't that sound awesome? If only, if only it would snow. What kind of music sounds like snow?

A few weeks ago I was spending the morning with my niece after a sleepover and I said, "Oh, I'm so excited, I only have one thing to do today, it's going to be so great!" She looked over at me to see if I was kidding. I think she thought I had to be kidding. She's polite, though, so she said nothing and continued to embroider her puppy with balloons. I realized that doing one thing in a whole day did not sound like a good thing to a seven-year-old. I started laughing and said, "You probably don't think that sounds like a good day. You're probably happier when you do about seventeen things in one day, right?" And she got very relieved and excited and said, "Try fifteen hundred!" And I said, "Yes, you take after your grandma, not your Aunt Alicia." I think my mom has met her match in that one. It definitely skipped a generation. If my niece decides to become self-employed, this will serve her well. I think the greatest asset to self-employment is enjoying driving your car around town running errands/picking up stuff/looking for things you saw once and need more of, as I did all day yesterday. If you're considering leaving the cubicle, I hope this sounds fun to you because I swear this is about 75% of what I do. And if you live in a city with Urban Growth Boundaries I hope you live on the edge of town and not in the middle of it, because all your stores will be miles and miles away. Anyway. I'm just sayin'. Loving to drive fourteen places in one day is very helpful if you would like to be a soccer mom or a self-employed handcrafter.

Pom garlands are cute. You don't have to have a pom-pom maker to make pom-poms but it's a lot of fun to use the contraption. I got mine from Mariko, here. I got another simpler pom-pom making kit yesterday at Michael's, to make bigger poms. I want to make HUGE ones. Making yarn into poms is helpful psychologically because you feel like you're using up your stash though you needn't count any stitches or worry about things falling off needles to do it. And then you have these great, cheerful, innocently sweet fluffballs to string together (just thread a yarn through the centers) or attach to your ice skates. You can even pretend that they're snowballs.


Pretty cute!

Chris Howard says: November 15, 2006 at 09:00 AM

The pom pom garland idea is VERY cute and I can't wait to see it all done.

I know what you mean about the running around. I feel like I've been running since September and I just keep wondering when will I get to slow down? To make matters even worse, I have jury duty next Monday (not only the Monday that is the week of Thanksgiving but also my hubby's birthday). How on earth am I going to host Thanksgiving when I have to worry with doing my civic duty? Bleh, for the first time in my life I'm really ready for Fall to be over, I need the rest.

And snow sounds best with jazz.

I know some would disagree but, really, the good thing about socks as gifts is that you can wrap the finished one and give it to him this year and then do the same when you finish the other one, next year or the year after that. I've done it before.
Your dream-scene sounds perfect, particularly the part about actually having a dishwasher. The only time knitting around here resembles anything close to that is after everyone else is in bed and then I stay up too late and end up bleary and cranky the next day from lack of sleep, faced with a pile of dishes ignored from the night before. Knitting here usually happens in tiny bits of time in front of the computer, at the dinner table while the boys do school work or finish up their meals, in the passenger seat of the car, in the bathtub, anywhere and everywhere but rarely in a chair-and-a-half.
Funny, I was thinking about your dishwasher the other day, believe it or not, wondering how the photographers either fit or omit dishwashers in their kitchen shots. I guess they look better than a pile of dishes and pots and pans precariously stacked in a dish drainer...unless they're pretty and artfully arranged like yours would probably be.
I'm doing my darndest to hold off pulling out the two different kinds of pom pom makers I've picked up over the past couple of months. Snowballs are in the plans and as for sock yarn leftovers, well, let me know when you run out.
Thanks again, Alicia.

Your winter scene sounds nice. Music that sounds like snow? If it's the holidays, the soundtrack to the Charlie Brown Christmas special. If it's after the holidays, Sufjan Steven's Illinois album. I don't know why that sounds like snow to me, but it does. It certainly doesn't sound like summer -- that much I know.

Yes, I'm running too. But stopping today and clearing my worktable, to happily make Thanksgiving "stuff". I may have to incorporated some of these poms, I hadn't thought of using sock yarn, lord knows I have tons of it (unused, of course).

God, I want a dog!!!

forgot to mention that I miss you lots!!! xo

I love the whole relax scene, but let me tell you I crave to do that, but know it is not in my nature. I have to be doing 1500 things at once. I should have been a personal shopper/errand runner.... Anyway, music, let's see.... The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the world, a holdiay cd of all the old but good songs (Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, you get the point), or if you are feeling lively before XMAS and need some energy, RuPaul Ho Ho Ho.. extremely fun and fast paced.

I cannot knit socks. I do not think I have the patience for it. I would be way to afraid I would make a mistake and not be able to find the darn problem. I do have a book with some cool crocheted socks (and some cool sock yarn) that I need to try.. in my free time.. when I get some...

Sounds like you're in that cozy holiday mood. Me too, and my mood is being encouraged by the constant driving rain that's keeping me housebound and warm. We now have multiple mini-lakes in front of our house where there used to be a street. My entertainment is watching the traffic hit each lake with a big Sploosh!

I am definitely a one-thing-per-day person. I would love your chair-and-a-half. May I also reading a book or a magazine (Martha Stewart?) while I knit? I like to multi-task my stimuli.

Great idea for all my sock yarn remnants! xoxo ~ nikki

Every so often I get my girls to make pom poms.Keeps them quiet for ages!

Oh wow. I decided to make pompons yesterday for no particular reason, thinking that I'd eventually find a place to use them.

This leads me to confirm my theory that the blogosphere has a collective unconscious.

Maybe I should write my thesis about that instead. I'm sure my supervisor would just looove it. heh

i love making pompons! it's so zen.
i worked on a pompon story for Adorn magazine and we had to make zillions. it was so fun.

oh yes! for our ice skates! i had forgotten about that look... thanks! (off to mariko and kelly's to place an order!)

I would say you qualify for a knitter! Your blog is very beautiful and your writing is wonderful. George Winston is great snow music! Maybe all handcrafters have that same dream..I sure do! Lovely blog.

I have been trying to become self-employed since March, really working toward getting out of the cubicle (actually I have an office but same dif)and then all of a sudden my husband became unemployed on Friday and gets to try to be self-employed before me because now I really CAN'T be self-employed...out of state collecge tuition and all. Anyway reading your blogs helps me get through my cubicle days.

Snowy music: you need Danny Elfman circa Edward Scizzorhands and Sleepy Hollow. Trust me.

your conversation with Arden made me smile.

Alicia, I've been reading your blog for several months, and many times I've wanted to make my presence known. Many times I thought, Hey, we're a lot alike! I really enjoy reading about your creative process. Your work is beautiful and inspiring.

The CD I always reach for first when the snow starts to fall is "A Charlie Brown Christmas," with music by Vince Guaraldi. I highly recommend hot chocolate and a plate of shortbread cookies to go with.

Snowy music. Do Make Say Think. &Yet &Yet.

the perfect music for a snowfall is Kings of Convenience 'Quiet is the New Loud.' soft and pretty.

Your dream sounds so lovely.

Love the poms! I make animals out of them a la Tasha Tudor. I have one on my blog called a cut wool bunny. They are lots of fun:-) I admire all the lovely things you make.

These would look so sweet on a Christmas tree. Must add them to my ever growing list.

My suggestion for music that sounds like snow comes from one of the holiday albums from Mannheim Steamroller. The song is called "Still, Still, Still". It's beautiful and soft and begins quietly and slowly builds the way snow piles up in drifts when it's been snowing all day long. It also reminds me of angels singing. Hope you can get the chance to listen to it sometime.

Wow, how funny that when I pulled up this page I was greeted buy happy little poms today? I have been thinking about poms all day! I saw the most adorable pom wreath in a holiday magazine I just picked up and am pretty much obsessed with it. I must have one and have one I will by the end of the week! Even though I have been to the craft store a bizzillion times this week (truly. A bizzillion) I will be going back for the perfect pom yarn.

Pom garland? WHY didn't I think of that??

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