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Studio2_1 I didn't really tell anyone, but I did enter two photos of my studio in the Apartment Therapy Fall Colors Contest last month (and thank you to those of you who are regular AT readers who voted or commented! That was fun, wasn't it?). I am so excited this morning because I went over and looked (thanks for the head's up, too) and saw that I got an honorable mention from one of the judges, fabric and accessories designer Stephanie Waddell. I was so nervous about doing it in the first place because I wasn't sure if I could handle any mean comments or anything, but it was fine. And, jeez, Stephanie just said the nicest things. Gol. Thank you, Stephanie.

Valance I was feeling kind of blue this morning — this rain — but honestly, how sweet. How exciting! And we six honorable mentions get a present from Crate & Barrel. What is it gonna be? I can hardly stand it!

The studio has had its picture taken a lot lately, as you know. I took some myself and talked about the room back in May, and made a Flickr set here. I wish it was still clean like it was then, but that's okay. It's been a busy place lately, about to get busier. (And, FYI, the Posie web site update will probably happen next week so I can get some more Sock Corgs and Wool Roses made — and thank you to everyone who ordered postcards yesterday! These, too, will probably be available again on the web site when I do the update. I'm planning to send a newsletter out to my mailing list — the first in almost a year, I've been so bad about those — so I've got some work to get done real quick. I suddenly feel behind again.)

Oh, and this valance is made from a sheet!

Thank you everybody, Stephanie, Apartment Therapy!


Simply beautiful. So happy you won! You are such an inspiration! I can't wait till you update your Posie site -- my daughter has one of your sock bunnies and just loves it so I would love to get her one of the Sock Corgs for Christmas! Can't wait!


Chris Howard says: November 07, 2006 at 08:51 AM

Crap, I can't remember if I subscribed to your mailing list or not... hmmmm...

Oh well, congratulations on your honorable mention. I think you should have won, but I guess I'm a bit biased. I like the more comfy homey feel you have compared to the glitzy-new-york-apartment look that no doubt won.

You GO girl! Let us know what your Crate & Barrel loot is!

Beautiful photos...I've used the same sheet in some of my patchwork quilts- I love its color combination!

oooooooh YAY!! I know you must be buzzing today!! Congrats Alicia!! Stephanie was spot on!!! ..with every word and thought!

Your studio is the most PERFECTLY SWEET space ever!! An extension of you!

I cannot wait to get my post cards!! ....and for your site update!! Yippee!!

Have a great day!!!
xoxo Jenny

Congratulations, isn't it nice to be appreciated?

That is so wonderful, your honorable mention and these wonderful pics of your studio. I just want to come live in it

I'm a huge fan of your work and everyday I take a look at your blog (I have a link from my blog to your blog).
I'm going to tell you a secrete shuuuu I voted for you in Apartment Therapy.

Congrats, Alicia! You've got such a FAB studio, it's just a beautiful space! Happy Days! :o)

Your studio is already a winner as it inspires you to create such crafty goodness.
Thanks for the link to the Apartment Therapy I love love love it!!

Yee Haa!! Congratulations on Honorable Mention. I just absolutely love your sewing room and the cinder blocks just say to me that this is a real, working place. I adore their function and also that you don't try to hide them. Rock On!

LOVE your studio! I am so painting my studio walls the same color!
Thanks for all your awesome links!
Again, your pics are so calming, soothing and cozy and warm...
You are such a gift to the blog world!

As I have told you (obsequiously x 3) I love your photos, so would love postcards of many of them. Congrats on the award. OHMYGOD for the first time I'm noticing the rug!!! How fab is that? I'm looking for a new rug as a matter of fact.. see that's why need these photos to look at, my lact of attention to detail.

But on an unrelated side note, where do you acquire your leather purse handles? At Quilt Market I saw the Hobby & Land booth with TONS of cool handles and wondered if you would share your info. (but if you don't want to, that's ok too) I liked the ones on your darling sweater purses.

"Lact" of attention to detail, uh duh, clearly there is a lack of something.

Yay for you! I was on the AT site earlier and saw your honorable mention. (No surprise there.) At the very last minute, I entered a pic of our living room, and it made it onto the site. My room is sort of retro-midcentury and I felt I was really setting myself up for some snarky comments, but in fact, people were really very nice. As a fellow MFA-er, I know you've sat in your share of workshops, and to me, entering the contest felt a lot like that: the flaws that I knew about but somehow hoped would pass under the radar were, of course, the first things noted and criticized. But it was fun, and if I'm lucky, maybe I'll at least get an AT book out of the deal! (The picture I entered is still up on my blog's first page, for you curious souls.)

I have the pillow cases that go with your valance/sheet. I had those sheets as a little girl!

Love your studio!

I love seeing photos of your studio. It looks like such a happy and welcoming sweet! I enjoy stopping in here to check out what you have been up to. Thanks for being such a great source of inspiration.

oooh well done you x

Congrats on the honorable mention! I am a regular reader of your blog & Apartment Therapy, so it was pretty cool to see pics of your studio on there & get to vote for you!

Cripes! I got so busy with my "terrible" two year old yesterday that I missed out on the postcards!! So sad.

I have an almost three year-old little boy and 12 month old girl and at this stage in life they are Fun but difficult! And your little site here has been my naptime treat for the last few months. THANK YOU! :)

PS are you staying dry there? I have heard there is lots of flooding occuring in your corner of the coast.

Congratulations, Alicia. Your studio is my inspiration as I start to get my new one set up.

Oh, how awesome....congratulations!

Your studio is just gorgeous !!! Congratulations !

sighhh.... love this.

These are the Posie Pix I live for...

but you were my all-time winner already..
so no surprise for me..

gorgeous photos as always..with or without bright daylight.. enjoy your day.. imagine it is sunny =))

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