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Xmaspostcards1I love Christmas. It occurred to me yesterday that part of the reason for my stress during the season is simply that I have too many things I want to do, and not enough time in the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas to do them. So I'm starting, quietly, now.

Last year I wrapped my presents like this and made these. This year I turned those photos into postcards, for me and for you. I'm so excited about these I can't even tell you. Studio Craft is in four whole days (!!!), and I'll have packs of these available there — five of each of the two photos, with five bright red enevelopes and five yards of the super-special red-and-white-striped string for making tags or wrapping boxes or whatever you want. Each pack will be $10 plus $2 shipping. However many sets I have left after Studio Craft will be on sale here, right on the blog, on Tuesday Monday, November 7 6, at 2 p.m. PST. I'll also be doing special orders of large quantities (100 and over) — please leave a comment here on this post and I'll get back to you with details, if you're interested.

I was thinking about my post on Monday and rereading some of the comments, which really contributed significantly to that discussion. It's funny — for me that Annie Dillard passage has always been less about using backstory to bolster mediocre work and more about the idea that an important component of excellent work is that its making also seem effortless. I think both of those ideas are in there, the second probably less pronounced but, for me, more interesting. Mediocre work — not much of a mystery, unless there's a good story behind it, maybe, and I'll listen to that, if I've got time. Yes.

But the amazing work. That I'm curious about. I mean, intuitively, we know that it doesn't "just happen," but sometimes we subconsciously may assume. Stephanie said that we often brush off compliments, and minimize our efforts when we are complimented, trained to keep our cool about the stuff. I'm just suggesting that, although I appreciate watching Michelle Kwan spin through another effortless triple-axle, I do really want to question it more often, inquire about what it took to be able to do that, and have patience for the telling. Otherwise I worry that I might just come to think of all acts and works of wonder as results of some kind of magic, or, worse, I might forget to "wonder" about them at all, and come to expect such things to be unknowable to me — much as I expect that the answer to the number of drops in the lake is a number I've not only never heard of but could never comprehend. If I took the time to listen, maybe I would. I know I'd appreciate the lake more, somehow, imagining. If Martha sent me a Christmas card, I'd like to think I wouldn't need it to be smudged, somehow, to really appreciate it.

Now, I'm not saying I should get a gold medal or anything, but I am proud of my postcards, I must say. I love them. My first-ever postcards and they came out great! I'm psyched.


your pictures always have a unique blue and pink coloring to them. i always know it's you when i see the pics on other blogs, and i think you have the most beautiful home and make the best crafts!

I think your cards are so lovely. I wish I wasn't so jealous of your mad crafty skills!

Your postcards are ADORABLE! I love them. I just got my first 'greeting cards' printed from my photos for holiday gifts and I was um, slightly, giddy upon opening them. So fun. Enjoy Studio Craft!! Wish I could fly on over for the day!

your cards are wonderful, and i too would like to send good wishes for a great StudioCraft weekend. i got a little lump in my throat when i saw the santa mug, we had those when i was growing up... had totally forgotten them until today, thanks.

Eek! Your postcards are amazing! Really amazing! Can't wait to snatch some up on Saturday.

Love the postcards. What a wonderful idea!

And I cannot believe you have that Santa mug... I have a whole set of them. They were my mother's, and I somehow finagled my way into obtaining them all : )

please please tell me where you got that super special red + white string??? i have been looking for that stuff in bulk forever!

Beautiful... I hope I can grab some up after StudioCraft. :)

Love you love your photos etc... I think you should make a picture book of all your photos.. Ijust love looking and feel inspired. Glad I'm back to catch up on all my people!

sally's gonna be snatching everything. you gotta watch her.

per my last comment: sorry. i got distracted.

Awwwwww -- so cute! Can't wait for Saturday, see you there!

Your post cards are darling! And your doing better than me on the printing issue. I think I'm going to wrong printers, they seem to know less about digital printing than myself. If you have any advise please feel free to tell me..LOL

i do love those postcards. i'll come over november 7th to see if you've got leftovers. i honestly doubt it though.

i just love your stuff. it makes me so happy to come here daily and feast my eyes on all the wonderful colors and ideas you have. keep up the good work.

Well i'm excited too! I love them, I can't wait to snatch one up!

beautiful, and I say its about time you turned your photos into postcards!

i love your postcards and i'm particularly happy to see the christmas stocking i was lucky enough to purchase last year in one of them. this year, alas, i don't feel as optimistic. i fear that after studio craft (my countdown is 5 days since i'm on the east coast) all of you lovely crafters will have this to offer

but, good luck, have fun and all of that merry stuff. i really mean it, really i do.

cheers ... cindy

LOVE your pics and postcards!
You have an amazingly, talented, gifted eye for what looks and feels right. Your pics make me feel so good!
Love the banner you have now too!

Hello, I've recently found your blog and I just wanted to say I think its fabulous. Love your writing, photography, crafts,... everything.

Love love love the postcards! I hope I can get a set!

I agree with your comments on Monday. We don't need the backstory on every little thing, but we need to be appreciative when someone has truly put their hearts into the effort of those few wonderful creations of those that pour their hearts into the creation process.

love those bright cheerful colors alicia. really inspirational and fun!

For me, the process and product of creativity is about my connection with the Divine. When I'm tuned in to the laws of nature (after a walk or some quiet reflection) the ideas just flow and the process is easy. When I'm more stressed, I may want to make something, but find that I'm hampered by various obstacles.

I think that the process of creation is a personal one, and an evolutionary one. I want to make something, and I'm driven by my vision of the finished product. I like to share my process with like minds, and my desire to do so is something that helps my own evolution. By sharing it and describing it, I'm seeing my process from a different perspective...that of my supposed audience. This perspective helps me understand and appreciate myself more.

Working on a project is so intimate and personal, and then when I'm done I seem to need to back up and see my creation in its environment.

It's all very noble and evolutionary :)

Well, you certainly should be proud of your postcards. They are beautiful, and your little vignette today just increased my happy (pre-)Christmas spirit by at least 50%. A small portion of that was due to the twine alone, though. I love that twine! :0)

I love that light blue with red -- that's how I do my Christmases around here, too. It just feels happy. I'll be getting started a little early, too: shhh.

I do love your work and those postcards are super.

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