Scallop-y Saturday

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Cabinet1_4Wow, if I'd known that two days on the sofa would've resulted in this kind of productivity I would've gotten the sniffles a lot sooner. These are my Scallop Buntings. I made lots of them yesterday. They've long been a regular part of the Posie product line but they've been sold out for a while. Again, these are going to Studio Craft, but I will be updating the Posie web site quickly after that, and lots of this stuff will be for sale for you out-of-towners. I'm going to do a big update all at once, so don't worry — there will be lots of stuff.

Cabinet4_1I want these for all my shelf edges, especially the upstairs bookshelves. I like them. They're just held up with little tacks. They're actually about four feet long, with about 9" ties on each end. You can use them as little swoopy banner things, too, like hung over a table for a birthday party, or maybe across a window. Maybe I'll set up a photo of that when I do my crocheted birthday cake. That would be adorable. Or I could see them swooped across the mantle in Christmas-y colors, too.

Cabinet5_2I'm sad that I missed the pumpkin-carving party I was supposed to go to yesterday. I even had my little wood-carving kit ready and everything, because I've been so wanting to make a pumpkin like these. Boo. It was the most gorgeous day here in Portland, too. Well, I really needed to slow down a bit. I've been acting totally hyper for a month, so it actually feels good to be grounded. I'm just sad that our Woman in White and The Moonstone DVDs haven't arrived yet, even though we ordered them weeks ago. Need to check on those. Halloween is almost here and, as I said, mystery-master Wilkie Collins is just about the only thing I like re: October 31st.


SO cute- I love them!

We are having weather in the high 80's here :< I would LOVE some rainy, cool your blog!

Chris Howard says: October 22, 2006 at 07:02 AM

Wow, the last time I was sick all I did was curl up on the sofa watching episodes of "Rome" on DVD. It amazes me how productive you can be even when you are feeling under the weather. I've been thinking of banners a bit too. Now don't tell anyone cause this is a secret...but I think when all of Hilary's Stitchettes come out I am going to make them into a big banner. I think that would look really cool, don't you?

To all the Posie readers who posted sympathy for my tree loss, thank you. It really did break my heart when they brought our tree down, and it makes me feel good to know that there are other people out there like me who care about the "little things". Sadly the city has NOT replaced our old tree with a new one as promised. I probably need to get on the phone and harass them a bit.

I love them.. the colours are beautiful .. and I love the dogs too.. they look stylish with their scarves.. and funny-faced..good company..
I am sorry for the tree.. regarding to it's was real history..
why and how on earth could it have cracked.. it looks so sturdy..
enjoy your weekend..

ooh, scallop bunting! Carved pumpkins! Wilkie Collins! it's all too much for me. You have cheered me up enormously in the midst of my house-moving hell. thanks!

Pretty-Pretty! What a great way to brighten up a room with colour, and bring a smile to one's face. You're on a roll! :)

Adorable, lovely, can't wait to see them in person. I know I, myself, started slow for Studio Craft, then quickly got inspired and built up speed. I can't wait to see everyone's goods all vignetted up! Feel better!

Wish I was going to be a studio craft myself. Or at your antiques booth, or possibly just being an old lady stalker peeking in the windows in my inappropriate way! Have a lovely day.

Lovely bunting! Very festive! And the doggies are darling. Woof!

Don't miss "The Innocents" with Debra Kerr if you are a Wilkie Collins fan. The movie is based on "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James, who got his idea from Wilkie Collins' writings. It is by far the scariest movie I have ever seen! You'll love it!

Aw, I love the scallops, so much nicer than the pointy flags that I've seen people make. Much softer-less sports day.

I really enjoy reading about your life, and seeing your photos. You have such a wonderful colour sense. I also love crafts, and have a creative writing degree-and can relate to a lot of your talk about the post-creative writing life.

I wish your shop was still open so that I could come up to Portland sometime to visit it!

Great bunting, such a refreshing change form the pointy stuff and yes, your puppy dogs do look like college students. V. cute.

Nancy Cook says: October 22, 2006 at 01:58 PM

the scallop bunting is very cute. can you recommend a good quality shear for the zig zag?

feel better!

so lovely! and multipurpose!
and all those puppins from a few days back?
goodness gracious, what a big and adorable litter...


i know i have said this before, but today i just feel i have to say it rock, your style rocks, your creativeness rocks, your projects rock and your blog rocks. so...thank you.

lovely colors- they are going to be a huge hit. I guess that's what happens when you get a little Beverly Hills 90210 in your system!!

I have to second that Wilkie Collins plug - love, love, love his stuff. And this is the perfect time of year for it!

You HAVE to make some of the scallop buntings for your shop, I'll simply die if I can't buy one!

I love the bunting! The scallops are so sweet (though I do like the pointy ones, too ;) ) and the doggies are super, super cute. I cannot wait fpr the Posie shop to be updated so I can snap up a little bit of everything if I'm lucky.

Since finding your blog I have been a daily reader. I love your style, colors, the goodies you make-everything! Keep up the great work!

Hello Alicia!

I don't comment on anything very often, but your blog has given so much lately I just wanted to thank you.

You're wonderful!

That is all :)

My gosh....How do I catch this crafting virus you have? I wouldn't mind getting "sick" like this!!

This must be some rare Portland type sickness....we don't get "sick" like that here in NJ!!

Your scallops are beyond sweet!! Nothing says Story Book life more!! Love em!!!

xoxo Jenny

Hi A.! My good friend, who I turned on to your blog, was very inspired by these! She is now making some for her mom and sister as Christmas gifts. Spreading the goodness of buntings far and wide :)

All of your sock puppies have me wilting with cuteness. Those faces! Oh gosh, so adorable!

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