Plaid, Polka Dots, and a Little Calico

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Coats2The Coat Challenge. Lisa, are you ready? Anyone else playing? I had no idea I had so much plaid. In addition to these two, here are the rest of my coats. I swear, this is it. This one is a raincoat, from Nordstrom Rack, bought by my little sister who decided she didn't actually like it but that I would, and I do. It's a little too fitted to be truly casual, but if you wear it open it's pretty cute.

Coats7This is the one that my dad always liked. It's J. Crew, maybe six years ago. I wore this to visit my dad in the hospital around the time of his last Thanksgiving, so I'll probably always keep this coat, no matter what. It's also pretty classic, so I don't expect that it will ever go out of style.

Coats5Okay, this one is from Boden, maybe two years ago now? I love this coat. I never really wear it buttoned, so it's a bit misleading in this photo — I'm more of a let-it-flap-open-and-get-cold sort. This is the one I usually wear if I'm wearing anything other than sweatpants, which is . . . not that often, really. Note to self: Really must start dressing better. Seriously.

Coats6I made this one. Probably five years ago. It was a Vogue pattern, and rated "difficult," or whatever, and it was. Getting little tiny snaps to line up properly together on big fluffy wool is a pain in the arse. The fabric was better suited to fluffy blanket than coat. The thing never really fit. I doubt I wore it once. By the time I tried it on and saw how it looked I was so bummed I didn't even put in one of the pockets, so there is a huge hole in the side of it. The entire thing is lined in that slippery, shiny polyester lining stuff. Blagh. Good times. I wish it had worked. I always liked this fabric. It got turned into many of these. I actually wish I had kept one of those bags, but I didn't. Maybe I should cut up the coat and make a bag. Anyway, moving on.

Coats4This . . . this is a lotta coat. You have to either be very, very secure with yourself or very, very cold, and since I have not recently been either of those, I haven't worn this. But I love it. It seriously weighs like fifteen pounds. Goodwill. Probably seven years ago now. Note 3/4 sleeves and giant buttons.

Coats8_1Ah. The Princess Alicia. Also from Boden. I love this coat. Alas, almost every coat you see here is fairly impractical in Portland, Oregon, where the required uniform is polarfleece or Gore-Tex, not fancy-coat wool that gets wet, etc. Oh well. I'm nothing if not impractical and poorly prepared for weather. I still live as if any day, any day now, it will snow. I wait in patient, gleeful anticipation of that day all year, and if it happens? When it happens? (That one day a year) I will have the perfect coat.

Coats1And here's that little bitta calico I promised. You know it's fall when any random piece of wool turns into a warm kitty nest before you can say "Bridget!"


kitty is such a cutie! :o)
my faves are the plaid coats. the plaid blue and the plaid boden coats. i am the same way--i have a bunch of nice coats and outfits for occasions that come but once a year. when it snows...even less likely in SF, CA. when someone gets married. when i get a job that requires a suit. ha! forget that last one. :o)

Delightful coat post. Love all of them. Particularly the Princess. And as usual, love the writing.

I love the polka dotted coat! The orange plaid has to go though, it reminds me of an old tattered couch that my cat has clawed to pieces. You mentioned Goodwill and that is kind of where it looks like it has been for quite some time. I hope I am not offending you because all the other coats are beautiful. I love them especially the polka dotted one and the brown, pink, camel what do you call it? Large plaid? Love them. What a way to welcome fall/winter with all your choices. Now let's see your scarves! ;)

All the coats are lovely, but I like the 'calico' the best.

Ahhh the Boden posh coat. I have one of those. It isn't really practical in England either. Unless you live one of those lives where you go from fabulous car to fabulous party with a fabulous man carrying a fabulous umbrella.

wonderful parade of coats with the perfect touch at the end. oh how i would love to shop boden, hopefully the wallet will allow that one day. i think i will try to snap some coat pictures today, and by some i really mean two. foo.

Okay, I love the red coat. That is awesome.

I may have to join this coat challenge. I am a coat and handbag collector. I have one coat that is so impractical, I never have a place to wear it. It was my grandmother's (she was born in 1899 and married in 1926, and the coat is from around the 1930's). It is a mid length, 3/4 sleeve beaver coat. Now talk about WARM. She had a stole as well, but it was just too worn out to keep. We do have pictures of me wrapped in it when I was a little girl though (as all princesses should have their grandmother's fur coats).

That is it. When I get home this evening, I am going to take pictures of my coats (and Emma's) as well. Note: most of her really cute ones are ones that I have crocheted, thus too warm for here in Oklahoma and not practical for a child that comes in the house looking like the mud monster.

And by all means, if you are not going to use the coat you made, I would cut it up and make a purse you will love!

Hmmm, it seems I love them all. It also seems I need to get out there and buy some more coats!

OK, so now I have serious coat envy, Alicia!! They are all gorgeous - I cannot play this game, I don't have any outer garment worthy of display in such a beautiful way! :)

What? Note to yourself to start dressing better? Each time I saw you in the store you looked absolutely adorable! And your blogs about sewing dresses, etc... seems you wake up, get dressed in an adorable outfit and don one of your sweet aprons. Is this a mental image I've created myself? I seriously doubt anyone dresses as poorly as I do. In the last 3.5 years of owning a faux finishing business I have gotten so lazy about my appearance. Of course the stress of being an entrepreneur hasn't done me any favors in the stress eating department (gaining several/many pounds). I dream of Clinton and Stacy rushing in a flurry of fabulous clothing and leaving me strikingly beautiful... even in clothes covered with paint. If you even remotely liked making things straying from your own designs, I would commission you to make me look fabulous! I bet even your sweats are cute.

You must seriously be thinking of someone else.

LOL!!!!! Maybe, maybe not! :)

I have that J Crew zip-up coat too! Gosh, I can't believe it's 6 years old, but thinking back it has to be 5 or 6 years, wow! I'm too young to have a coat that long, that's a quarter of my life.

I love it though. Your coats are great, I am thoroughly jealous, some girls are addict to shoes, but I am addicted to jackets.

Ack -- I have to defend the red plaid coat!! I love it! Love the texture, love the buttons.

This was a nice break from my painting project. It's so nice to see that Posie has been updated when I sit down to check a few blogs. I'd add to your coat check, but I don't have much of a collection. (Though I did get a great deal on a DKNY coat at the end of the season last year!)

I vote for the spotty Boden and the first coat at the top - you are so lucky to have all these lovely coats!

Woo hoo! I have uploaded the pics of my coats and had great fun remembering the stories behind them all. I had no idea my coats held that many memories in them.
Thank you for letting me join in!
Cherry xx

I love all of them! I now feel inspired to go thrifting for cute vintage coats or to get a hold of a Boden catalog...

I love all of your coats!! If you lived where I do, you could wear them everyday in the winter. It gets so cold and snowy. And hey, our kitties look almost identical in the face. Weird how that happens.

oh oh oh oh oh! i don't know which one to love more... the heavy red one... the polka dot... and the one that you made! how sad that it doesn't fit b/c it is stunning....

wow! i have coat envy... and i have plenty... you'll see soon enough!

Oh that post made me smile! I love coats, too. My favourite was a pink tweed one I had when I was 10 that my dad bought me at a posh store in Hong Kong - it had a button-on cape like Sherlock Holmes would have. I loved that coat. It ALMOST makes me glad that we moved to Toronto from Vancouver so that I could really "enjoy" coat weather. Who am I kidding?!

What I want to know is what kind of scarves you have to go with all those beautiful coats....I mean you can't profess to be a coat lover who wears her coats open if you don't do the scarf thing as well, can you?

So much coat goodness going on here today. I'm with Hannah, maybe one day my wallet will also let me shop Boden but so far it's not cooperating. There is no way I could take part in the coat challenge. I own--get ready for this whopping number--one. Just one, and it's not very exciting.

That dress you made is so dang cute. I can totally see you in it. Be sure to wear it, you need to.

I have coat envy! Living in Florida there just isn't the need to collect these wonderful things!They are too cute for words!
I hope you don't mind Alicia, but I added you under my favorite blogs list on my new blog.. you have inspired me so much! I've had so much fun visiting you! I'm going to have to try to visit Portland sometime soon!

oops! (see I'm just learning)meant to sign with my "right" name... "deardaisycottage"

OK, NOW look what you've done.
I just ordered the wool plaid pea coat from Boden...weeee! Now I can't wait for it to get here and for cold weather. Maybe I'll post my fab toile raincoat this week :)

Loved seeing your coats!

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