Beach and Ball

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Audrey3_1Oh, ocean!

Audrey2_2Give me some waves and a ball and I'm happy all afternoon.

Audrey1_2Oh, and a bit of shade for when I get hot.

Audrey4_1Later, we'll build a bonfire.

Audrey5_1And yes, there will be a ball.

Audrey6_1But really it's about the bonfire.

Audrey9_2Did you know the Oregon coast is owned by all Oregonians?

Audrey8_2When she gets tired, she apparently prefers to use the table and chair legs as a pillow.

Flowers2_3 Flowers_3

The next morning, we leave her home and go to get some breakfast.

Flowers4_1But dogs are everywhere we go.

Flowers3_1We are friends to all.

Audrey7But there is always one we love best.


Well they're all cute but that last photo is just adorable - such big eyes!

Lucky, lucky Audrey!!!

Did you get her from Carolyn Cannon, by any chance?

How lovely that the beach belongs to everyone.

I love seeing pictures of her running, those wee little legs.

What a cute dog. She looks sweet. I miss the beach so much. I'm trying to talk myself into going to Florence for a few weeks before it gets cold. I hope!

The very best post ever. Thanks for making me smile.

Your beach vacation looks lovely! Much nicer than ours (ours involved my puppy puking up my sister's thong). What part of the coast do you normally visit (looks like Cannon Beach?) and how long do you stay? It looks like you have the perfect little trips, though in reality I know how windy and cold it can be there! (We love Depoe Bay!) Okay, this comment is going on too long. Anyway, beautiful pictures!

Happy dog photos--yay!

OMG! she is just too cute!
especially the action shots--on the beach running, napping-in-action, leaning on table/chair legs, close-up cuteness!
and your vacation pics were super! have a great weekend!

Wonderful, wonderful photos - but isn't she just gorgeous with those beautiful doleful eyes.

Love that last picture of Audrey.

Audrey has got to be the cutest dog in the world... everytime you post pictures of her on your blog, Emma makes me keep going back to them becaues she wants to see Audrey : )

Oh yes, doggy vacations are the absolute BEST! A ball, some water to plop your belly into, a little treeside shade for naps....isn't that what we all live for?
Love the photo of Audrey dozing against the table leg. We joke that our Ikea chairs were made for our puppies - big enough to curl up on, with a wooden armrest to put a doggy chin on. It sure doesn't look comfy to me, but they love it!

So great! My favorite is the "Later we'll build a bonfire" picture! She looks so truly ecstatic!

OK, I think I've met my cuteness quota for the day! (Handily!)

You are so lucky to have a beach a reasonable drive away! (It would be about 24-hour drive for me.) How I'd love a beach bonfire right now...

Audrey is such a sweetheart!

Such a sweet Ode to Audrey.

Give Audrey a biscuit from me!

Audrey, can you come teach Kyla the boston terrorist (I mean terrier) to be so well behaved at the beach and not terrorize the tourists and try to eat all the crabs and roll in stinky seaweed? :)

Oh that dog has the sweetest face. Dogs are the best!

wonderful pictures! oh how i wish i was out there on the beach right this second!!!

I cannot WAIT until we get a dog!!!!! AW, so so so adorable! We're getting a bedlington terrier this winter. My husband is allergic to dogs, unfortunately, otherwise we'd get one from the pound, but bedlingtons are adorable and hypoallergenic. CAN'T WAIT!

Awesome photos! Your baby looks like she is having a great time!

I'm always so happy to see a new post from you!!

and she is the cutest of them all... but i must confess that i have always had a weakness for the expressive omniscience of the corgi eyes and the corgi brows

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