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Early morning. Fall has descended on the neighborhood in a tussle of leaf and cloud. I woke up cold cold cold. I looked up and saw my new/old coat on the dressform in my bedroom and thought, "Ah! Almost! Almost time for you!" I found her at Goodwill a few weeks ago. She is just a teensy bit tight on me but I think I can live with it. Here's the full-length view.

Plaidcoat2_1 I love coats so much. I have a bit of a problem, and seem to want a new one every single year. When I lived with my parents I several times left the house inappropriately dressed for weather, and would, shivering, somehow find myself at Nordstrom, coat shopping. The third time it happened my father said, "You are not leaving this house unless you are wearing a coat, hat, scarf, and gloves and you'd better come home with the same ones you left in." Coats at Goodwill are way cooler and cheaper than coats at Nordy's so I don't think he'd mind anymore. He actually liked coats a lot too, and used to comment on mine in a way that always pleased me.

Plaidcoat3I have many coats. These are two of my vintage ones but I have several new ones from Boden that are beautiful, look old, but fit perfectly and are gorgeously finished, as all their things are. I'll go dig them out soon, when I switch around the closets for the new season. These happened to be where I could see them. I like this pale green one, with its 3/4 sleeves. The background here is actually our bedroom, which is also pale blue/gray with red accents (shocker). It's fun to keep coats on the dressform. I actually have two dressforms that don't really fit in my studio anymore — one used to be in the shop. Maybe I'll put the other at the antique booth and throw something on her if there's room — I have about twenty or more vintage aprons — but it's pretty tight, space-wise. Pictures of it all tomorrow, I promise. I never made it over there yesterday.


Both coats are beautiful and I love the idea of the dressform in the bedroom. What a great addiction and since they are from Goodwill, it is almost harmless.
Can't wait to see the pictures of your booth!

I have coat envy.

oooh, i love coats too. i just bought a short blue one at pin me clothing on n miss ave while i was there. made me love portland even more! that top one is a doosey!

oh my gosh, alicia, i tried that coat on (i think it was the gw on powell?), but it wasn't quite me. it is, however, quite you.

Oooh...I love my coats, too! The first year we moved into our second floor apartment, the fire alarm in the apartment below us went off one night during dinner. Quickly my husband scooped up our cat into his kitty carrier and grabbed our passports, calling back to me, "C'mon, we have to leave the apartment!" He turned around and found me lugging all my camera gear and three favourite velvet coats down the stairs! Yes, I know , I should've known better but they are lovely coats. :)

Oh another coat addict. It seems you find shoe fanatics everywhere but coats? I too have way to many coats old and new (and beautiful vintage forties and fifties from my grand..)

Oh I would so have bought that first one too.. My husband tries to impose a one in one out policy but I am not giving in..

Always love your photos and commentary.

Green with coat envy here. Vintage and more than one Boden coat! If I didn't like you I'd call you a spoilt brat! :-)

Oh I love your coats! The Goodwill stores in Portland are much better than the ones around Tulsa. Maybe we will get some better stuff later on in the fall. I just love that green one : )
I actually went to Salvation Army today and bought two things... a wool plaid skirt and a silk skirt. Both will become cute little purses (well, the silk one will become several silk purses).

I think I am going to have to go to Portland just to go to Goodwill. I could always ship everything home

cute coats! I'm always on the lookout for good coats when thrifting. Even in the summer, there I am in the coat aisle, trying on something wool.

I love your beautiful coats. Can't wait to see photos of your booth :)

Closet coataholic here (sorry, couldn't resist). : )

I still can't believe the gorgeous vintage Pendleton coats I scored before leaving California. Hardly (if at all) worn--I suppose because it was never cold enough. Now they hibernate in my closet because inevitably if I wear anything around the farm even for an hour or two it instantly becomes "farm garb." And I love the coats too much to do that to them. Which is really dumb now that I'm writing it all out, as it would be better to wear and love (and probably destroy) them than to have them hidden away for the rest of my life. Well, I'm glad that's settled. I've slowly been going that route with many of my other 'treasures,' but not the coats. Thanks! Looks like I am going to be one stylin' farmgirl slogging through the mud and slipping across the ice toward the sheep barn this winter, LOL. : )

the coats are beautiful!

I think I've fallen in love with your blog.

And those coats are delicious. Makes me pine for cooler climes.

Oh I love coats too. Your two are lovely. I hate to admit it but every extra sunny day that comes to London lately I find myself wishing it would properly become autumn just so I can get out not just my winter coats but all clothes as well. You've made me start thinking now... Maybe I need another new coat too.

I love Boden, too. They have great stuff and such cool photos in their catalogs. Love these coats, too. Bet you look smashing in them!! Happy coat wearing!

I love coats too..although I would call myself a bag-a-holic instead. But I think its only because Sydney is not really cold enough to have all those layers on. Well maybe if you are in a corporate job and catch the train to work. BUt not really when your a Mum who is still in her PJs at 8:00am! Winter is more short jacket and jeans here.

Ooooh, love the top coat! I want to go coat shopping now but it's coming into summer here now. Hmmm, maybe they'll be cheaper now, i think i should go look.

these are so lovely. i have a problem with coats. i always want more. although i'm very reserved in my purchasing of coats... i am always reaching, touching and oohing over them in my own little way. gorgeous.

Hello Alicia!!! My name is Jenny,and I have been... I guess what you'd call a lurker?..(for a very very long time now)....your blog has served as such an incredible place of inspiration as well as an escape from some tough bumps in the road of our life! Both Aaron and I think you are an incredible soul!! your writing is just incredible, and the "wizard behind the curtain" is just so humble and honest!! I cannot tell you enough how much I/We LOVE your blog, it has actually and truly served as a medicine for me over the past few months! I thank you so so much!! Happy new wall color to you!! Best Wishes for fabulous and fun, Fall dinners around the fireplace! Lots of Love to you..Andy..and Auds!,
xoxo a Big Big fan!! Jenny!

Lovely! I have my grandmother's old coat & I wish it fit me - for now I'll just have to enjoy looking at it in the closet. A dressform is a fantastic idea, too to display items on.

I am so thrilled that coat season is coming. After seeing your coats I may just need a new one myself this year! Or two!

Looks like coat addiction is a common affliction. I have it too. I have several great vintage coats from my grandmother, including two curly black lambswool and a leather one trimmed with fur. I just discovered your blog and love it.

Sweet coats. Wish it was cooler here in Southern California. We don't have many chances to wear beauties like those!

oh how i have a coat addiction too... and from one serious addict to another - yours are gorgeous....

should we have a coat-off?

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